Should Giroud stop moaning about being on the Arsenal bench?

Poor old Olivier Giroud, he has been Arsenal’s top scorer for three years in a row, but he has never been truly admired by many of the home crowd, in fact he has been vilified as the reason for us not winning the title last season after failing to score for 15 games in a row.

But this season, Wenger has changed everything. Other than buying Lucas Perez, Le Prof has also moved Alexis Sanchez into the middle where he has excelled, and obviously his mythical “toe injury” has meant that Olivier has not featured hardly at all!

But last week, with Arsenal failing to break down a packed Sunderland defence, Giroud was brought on and miraculously scored with both of his first touches. The French striker thought that would be enough for him to earn a starting spot against Tottenham but he was consigned to the bench again.

Giroud hinted that he is not going to be happy if this continues to be a regular occurrence. “The coach told me that he admires me for my strength of character.” Oli said. “I know that he supports me. But still…it mustn’t last too long or happen too often. Over time, it wears you down,”

“Against Sunderland, I scored with my first two touches. That’s not going to happen every day. I had hoped to play against Spurs because I’d had two good games. I was a little bit disappointed, but I’m not the sort of person to just give up.

“……”When I watched Arsenal from the stands, I saw a team that was playing well and that was having a very good start to the season, and I said to myself that the train was leaving without me and that I mustn’t get too far behind.”

It may be a bit too late for him to suddenly be first choice again, but as Wenger keeps saying there are 25 players in the squad and every single one will have a say in how our season goes (except maybe Sanogo and Debuchy!). All it will take is a injury to Alexis and, with Lucas sidelined until Christmas, then Giroud will be thrust back into the limelight.

He needs to stop demonstrating his frustration and just keep fit so he will be available when called upon. Maybe he should have a chat with some other loyal Arsenal players, like Kieran Gibbs, Mohamed Elneny and Gabriel, who have played even less than Giroud. But you don’t hear them moaning…..



  1. paul35mm says:

    Ever since Olivier Giroud was signed Arsenal supporters have been demanding Arsenal sign a world class striker. They haven’t, though not from lack of trying. In the time that he’s been with Arsenal Giroud has Averaged 20 goals per season in all competitions. Recently he gave an interview where he said he wouldn’t extend his contract if he wasn’t playing.

    First, that’s not complaining. Second, Arsenal supporters should be overjoyed. The hated Giroud wants to leave. Which only proves how incredibly stupid most sports fans are. 20 goal scorers are rarer than hen’s teeth. Last season, having started half the teams league games Giroud scored 16 league goals. The rest of his appearances were from the bench, which in Wenger World means brief cameos of 15 minutes or less. Giroud scored more per minute from open play last year than everyone in the league except Sergio Aguero.

    Arsenal fans got what they all wanted. Sanchez is playing up top. Perez got cup starts until he was injured. Giroud was nailed to the bench. No player of Giroud’s ability is going to sit on the bench and be happy. For four years Giroud has been Arsenal’s whipping boy and he’s had it. You can’t blame him. If he was a real whiner he’d demand to go in January. In his place I would. In Serie A, La Liga or Ligue 1 he’d score 30 goals a year.

    He’s unselfish, a rarity among strikers, he’s physical, durable, and mentally strong. He plays in the cups, Champions League, and in the Premier League and scores. He creates goals for others. He’s produced more goals for Arsenal than any other player except Ozil and his reward is a seat on the bench in favor of Alex Iwobi.

    That’s right. Iwobi. Because Sanchez can score from out wide. Wenger has moved Giroud to the bench to make room for Iwobi, who has scored no goals produced few assists, made few goals, and plays crap defense. He’s a good young player with power and flair, but he’s done nothing to justify his place in the team.

    Comparing Giroud to Gibbs, Elneny, and Gabriel is silly. None of those players have produced for Arsenal to the same standard as Giroud. All of them have shown critical flaws in their games; Gibbs is injury prone, Elneny lacks size and does not push the ball into the attack quickly enough, and Gabriel has shown a real penchant for the rash challenge, as well as being a little brittle himself. Giroud is a warrior, he produces, and he’s far more deserving than Ramsey, Iwobi, and Walcott; all players who are seeing more opportunities than he is.

    1. Wilshegz says:

      you know what ll happen if Giroud starts upfront?
      it’s gonna kill the tempo of our attack we gonna be one-dimensional and outta the title race.
      the only way he can be useful to the team is to come in the 2nd half from bench for aerial balls.

      Iwobi is the playmaker in the team with Ozil going forward and he brings balance and control to our play.
      unless we sign a Neymar or Reus,Draxler is see no reason why Iwobi should be benched.

    2. Jim A says:

      Great post. I have been OG’s biggest supporter for 4 years. If anyone has played the game, they know that going up for an aerial and maintaining the possession is something that is of great value. He does much more than score goals. His track back in the CL to win the ball which was passed to Ozil for his wonder goal is a prime example.

    3. Vlad says:

      Wow. Could not have said any better myself. I’m not a Giroud lover, nor I’m a Giroud hater. I appreciate his contributions, but at the same time I understand the need for something different depending on how the opposition is set up against us. In some games I think he’s invaluable, and in some I prefer him to come off the bench. Point is that I think Giroud is a great squad player, and unlike many, I’d hate to see him go.

  2. Wilshegz says:

    he should stick to the bench and if he keeps making cameo appearances like on Sunday losing all aerial battles and the one he got unmarked he literally passed to Lloris then sell him to WestHam or any average side.
    spoilt Brat

  3. Uzi Ozil says:

    It is up to Wenger to keep everyone happy but realistically, you can’t put everyone in one shoe.. .you can’t make everyone happy but you have to try.

    Giroud has been our main striker for four seasons now I think so he is not used to coming from the bench but the team has been doing well so far. I remember some fans saying He is one of those players Wenger loves. We will be glad if we win a major trophy with this current set up. (Sanchez leading the attack while Giroud holding his own as Sub. And starter in some games)

    Giroud will definitely hold his own this season. He will start some games. We can play Sanchez and Giroud in a 442 formation. We can also go with Sanchez Giroud and Walcott as our front three. That’s why I said it depends on how Wenger keeps the shape of the team.

    Iwobi is young yes, but he has played some good football so far this season. His defending ain’t the best and it’s OK to have one or two bad games for his age but he has really impressed me compared to some young players in the team like OX.

    Do I want Giroud to leave in January? No.

    Should he start most games this season? No.. He will start some. For now, Sanchez is leading the attack well but there are games we need to start Giroud. (Wengers Headache).

    Looking forward in having Santi and that guy Welbeck back….. Not forgetting Perez and BFG.

  4. Trudeau says:

    The day any Arsenal player is happy not to start is the day they should be moved along. I’ve got absolutely no problem with him not being happy about being in the bench and wouldn’t characterise it as “moaning”

  5. Jansen says:

    Wenger finally recognized last season in an interview that the modern game had progressed to ever faster strikers and central defenders.

    To me this meant the end of the starting places for Giroud and Mert.

    I think Giroud should adjust to the new reality, Sanchez is the preferred central striker for Wenger and is more talented than Giroud.

    I don’t see Wenger bench Sanchez to keep Giroud happy.

  6. LiveSA says:

    As for me I have had enough of Giroud’s misses, he had his chance

  7. Jansen says:

    I hope Wenger sells him this summer, although I don’t think he will fetch a lot.

    Have not stopped dreaming about a second speedy striker of high quality.

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