Giroud RIGHT about Arsenal title hopes…BUT…

We have all accepted that the Premier League title will not be coming to Arsenal this season, including Arsene Wenger, the fans, and the players. But this is no time to be feeling down about things, although it is clear that a slow start has really cost us.

But we can look forward to next season with a great deal of positivity, and that is just what our France international striker Olivier Giroud is doing. As a report on the official Arsenal website shows. The 29-year old feels that the Gunners have shown in the second half of the season that we are as strong as anyone and, just like me, he believes that all the injury problems the boss had to cope with were a major factor in the early season struggles.

Giroud said, “Hopefully if we can have less injuries, keep the same group and with maybe one or two new players, we will have a great season next year.

“We have to finish this one first, and to get second and win the FA Cup would be a great season. It has been a few years since we finished second and if we can do it we can see an improvement, which is great.

“But the championship is not finished, which is why we need to focus in the last five games to keep second place.

“I know we can still improve ourselves and that is what we have been doing since I signed for Arsenal. I am proud about it and pleased with that.

“I just want to carry on like that, and I know if we keep our best players and this determination with the team spirit, we are going to join next season’s title race.”

I am not sure if that line about our best players is specifically referring to the Theo Walcott or Jack Wilshire transfer rumours but I think it is time for us all to have a bit more faith in our manager and trust his judgement in the transfer market.

After all, Giroud is a prime example of Wenger seeing something that many don´t and having faith in his signings. It is paying off and I´m sure that we will see some more quality players joining the club this summer. With a very strong squad already, that should see Arsenal either winning the title or getting a lot closer, but here comes the but….

More injury problems next season or any period where the team loses its focus and form could spell disaster so we need to be right on our game from day one until the end. Will that be enough Gooners?

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  1. arsenal369 says:

    I sound like an old record but Wenger needs to stop playing ramsey out of position! in the past it has destroyed great players and its not helping the team at all!

    1. FFFanatic says:

      Wenger also played Ramsey out of position consistently in order to get him into form before his stormer of a season last year. If that Chelsea game was anything to go by his time on the wing playing 1 on 1 against a defender has improved his touch and distribution and he looks like he’d be devestating in tight areas back in the middle now. Just saying that it’s been proven to NOT destroy Ramsey but actually aid him. It’s a pain in the ass when our team needs width and him and Alexis aren’t providing it.

      1. SaveArsenal says:

        How can you say that Ramsey being played out of position made him a better player?
        He could have been playing well all the time in his natural position.

        Wenger’s fooling with players natural positions’ is insanity, all those games with Ramsey out of position and us losing was just stupid management, nothing more.

        If Wenger wants to teach a player some skills the training ground is the place, NOT a competitive match.

  2. Mesut O-healed says:

    Our 2014 run this season compared to our 2015 run this season is like night and day. In the fall we struggled with injury after injury. But at least during that period we acquired more players and have seen members improve which has made our 2015 form brilliant. Just sad that it was also a little too late for the battle to win the league.

    I believe if we remain healthy we can beat any one. The real problem for me like you mentioned is the mentality to remain focus the entire season. Up to the players to do so.

    1. Darwin says:

      agree. and its almost depressing and sometimes unbelievable to see the number of our players injured. I hope Shad continues his impressive work and the fitness issue is behind us.

    2. galen says:

      How can we remain healthy with thesame staff? We got new physios and still had a record injury this season. jack ozil Giroud rambo ospina etc. the list is long . they all out for atleast 3 months each.
      THE MEDICAL TEAM MUST GO. I can’t believe we have accept such incompetence. Guadiola question the bayern DR. Why can’t arsenal question the medical team? Enough is enough.

      We are too much of a family club. Some department are not performing and yet we keep them. U can never win the league when all your key players are injured.

      Next year sanchez could be next on the list of 4 months injuries. Ozil Giroud paulista they never got injured. At arsenal injuries are like tea for the British.

      people didnt take note. paulista didnt even make the bench against chelsea. i guess he had a hamstring or muscle or sickness. Am tired of the injury excuses.

  3. Darwin says:

    As Arsene said, PL rewards consistency, and thus Chelsea are leading and will win the league. Chelsea had a very good start and thus they can play as they want (boring, anti-football etc.) right now because they can.

    Lets get one thing clear, Mourinho is a master in calculations. He is very good in macro management of points, and they leading the table from the beginning just put the league in his hands. If Jose is lagging in a table, the probability of him influencing the table reduces drastically. Because things are (somewhat) out of his hands. But he is one of those guys, who will rarely slip any advantage. Thus in order to do well and win a league in the future, we have to start well like last year and then MAINTAIN the consistency or atleast get results closest to the prime/high points gathering period.

  4. galen says:

    yes Giroud is right. I know people will say we have heard it all before. I will keep on saying this. the earlier we sack the medical team the better. our biggest problem is injuries. when ever the squad has been fit we have barely lost games over the last 2 seasons. It is sam shit over and over again.
    Ozil hardly ever got injured at madrid now he misses 4 months every season. gabrielle paulista just came. he had zero injury record at Villareal and now he is picking up Muscle injuries all over the place.

    1)Why is Ozil always injured
    2)rambo muscle problems
    3)Ox cannot play 2 games on a row without hamstring
    4)Jack is now mates with the physio
    5)Paulista just came and he gets injured all the time.
    6) Even Giroud was out for 3 months
    7) diaby is like a new signing
    8) Gibbs is Mr hamstring
    9) BOSS achilles are aching
    10) arteta has been out al season
    11) Debuchy first season out for 7 months.
    12) ospina out for 3 months this season.


    If the Dr of bayern can resign over ribery rubben and alaba injuries the the entire Arsenal medical team should officially step down.

    You can Buy Lacazette Cavani kongdobia and morgan Schiniderlin. But the moment u trust them into the hands of our medical staff they will all get injured.


    cesc hazard matic terry ivanovic azilpueta Curtois ZUMA had no record of injuries for chelsea all year.

    1. Darwin says:

      yup, and to consider Jose hardly changes his 1st team. Hazard played all the matches i guess. So no mater who we sign, unless he is fit, he is as good as not signed.

  5. galen says:

    are our players weak?

    is the medical staff shit?

    are our traing methods wrong?

    we were top of physio room from september to march. If we don’t fix this problem we are doom. The DR must go. before Flamini leaves the dr’s are the fist people that should quit.

    1. juhislihis says:

      I dont think our players are weak. The contrary too much muscle mass will increase the risk of injuries. Look at Richards with huge upper body mass resulting in dodgy knees.

      I believe the fault lies at training methods. They must be ancient as I recall Mr Forsythe quoting. A lot of hamstring problems would indicate lack of proper warm up or recovery from training/past matches.

  6. muda says:

    2nd and FA makes league and UCL semi next season. #COYG

  7. YingYang69 says:

    Chelsea will draw all remaining games then we go and win all of ours handsomely, that is how Arsenal will win the crown.

  8. Fab says:

    Thiery Henry said arsenal needs 4 players to win the PL noted GK, CB, DM and ST, though some fans tried to ignored his opinion for me he is 100% correct. Ospina is doing well but he needs a help from someone with the same quality or even better than him. Per mete slug as his name explain, he is slow and can’t copy with the pace of the PL, so he should be replaced. In the DM position i am very impressed with the way Le coq operates, he is absolutely crazy but we need someone to come up in case he is injured or needs a rest, here Flamin should be shown his way. Giroud is doing very well as the King said but my worry is that he looks like his performance always depends on the performance of the entire team, he can not kill the game on his own and this is what the legend noticed. If you want to win the league your ST should sometime be capable of doing the magical, fooling defenders and able to penetrate in a tight defense. Giroud seemed not capable of doing those, his fricks, backheels, and hold up play are so good but not enough when playing with a team having 11 players in their own goal and i think this is where the King got it all.

  9. goonerwineverything says:

    what is going on with our youth teams they dont seem to be winning many games these days, we are a club that try to pride itself on our youth set up producing quality but we dont seem to be moving forward and winning things at youth level.
    but we do have a lot of great British players coming through though that is the only bonus maybe we need a shake up at the academy level, jonker needs to completely revamp it(scouting, coaching, and training techniques) and bring up to the next level,
    and make sure our future is secure in our academy setup he seems to have good experience at doing this, as he was a major player in revamping the holland national youth setup so if he can vastly improve the academy in the next few years this would be a bonus.

    maybe he should review the coaching set up at academy level and hire in the top coaches(the dutch coaches he has hired are not doing that fantastic atm)at youth level, and get that winning mentality in the youth teams we should maybe look at improving our british scouting network.
    that is how Southampton always seem to get all the good player to there academy maybe we should be looking to hiring some of there key staff to improve our academy overall maybe jonker can go to holland or anywhere in Europe and get some of there best youth coaches they have to help.
    i think getting veiera(highly regarded in this area) in as a coach would help the setup also and maybe get remi garde as he has work in lyons youth set up(help bring through lacazette) we need some fresh blood in the academy coaching to pep things up maybe a new first team manager would bring a better ideas to the academy, setup also we will see its our future so it should be a major priority to the club. COYG

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