Giroud says to look at his statistics – not his critics

Oliver Giroud has come under fire from Arsenal fans and pundits alike in his four years as the Gunners main striker, but especially this campaign just ended as we failed to catch Leicester in the title race. A hat-trick in the last League game against Aston Villa meant that Giroud equalled his best tally of 16 (EPL) goals for the season, and 24 in all competitions, but that is not really good enough for a top team like Arsenal, especially with Ozil creating chances in the hundreds…..

All the Arsenal rumours this summer are saying that Wenger intends to bring in a top class striker this summer, after Giroud’s 14 game drought derailed the Gunners title bid, so Telefoot asked Olly what he thought about all the criticism he had received. He replied: “Those things do not make you happy. In terms of what I can say about the minority of journalists and so-called specialists, I am concentrating solely on my statistics this season.”

Giroud also said that he had had a discussion with the France boss Didier Deschamps in March when he was sometimes left on the bench for Arsenal, and he added: “I had a discussion with him in March, during a period where I was playing less. It was important for me, he made it clear that he believed in me.”

For Giroud’s sake (and France’s) we hope that that hat-trick has signalled a return to form for our centre-forward, because if they are serious about having a favourites chance of winning the Euros they need Olly knocking in his chances….

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  1. The most important stat that cost us is he went 15 games without scoring a single goal showing he’s not good enough to be main striker and NO scoring a hat-trick against an already relegated Aston Villa who were the worst team in the league does not signal a return to form!

    1. I’m a fan of giroud, and I still think we need another striker. Give him competition. Olly had an OK season overall and scoring 24 goals is not that bad. I think he deserves to be our backup striker

  2. Why can’t any1 understand that he is not class never will be. I think we should go out buy 2 top strikers don’t care what they cost then use him and the Oz to buy stones from Everton. They have a striker that won’t play for them anymore so do a dam deal and get all this sorted over the next month. We will lose the best players if we don’t do it now.

  3. In a way, Giroud is similar to Walcott,
    Giroud plays well during the transfer window periods and Walcott plays well during contract negotiations!
    Surely, there’s no coincidence there? ?

    The solution:
    The transfer window needs to stay open, through out the season and Walcott needs to be on a weekly renewable contract! ? ? ?

  4. I really really hope that I don’t see him play for Arsenal next season … I had enough …

  5. We have been here before with Olivier Giroud, the worst mistake we fans will make again will be to allow Arsene Wenger keep Giroud as our main Striker. We need to pressure Wenger to bring in a top experienced Striker then Giroud can support. Zlatan /Higuain will be my most preferred Choice, cos he’d cherish Ozil, Sanchez assists. And we have Champs Lge & London life to lure him with. Giroud is good for a supporting role.
    Don’t take chances again, next season will be tough. Sign a Striker!!!!

  6. Yea…….we could go through his statistics all day……. But he’s still not good enough!

    He wants stats?…..fine…

    Pace = ??
    shots on target = ??
    Dribbles = ??
    Take ons =??
    Goal ratio =??
    Headers =??
    Ball control =??
    Potency =??

    In how many of these areas can he boast of?

    1. Hahaha ?
      I’m guessing that Giroud’s take on’s and dribbles,
      are still 100 % intact … Off the field of play! ??

  7. Could be worse, we could’ve signed Balotelli. Us fans showed ourselves up on that one.

    1. @Trevor
      Exactly. Many here were shouting loud for us to get him. Stating that AW could tame him and bring out his potential, blah, blah blah…

      1. Hahaha ? That’s still a possibility……… what? ? ?

        And Yes… I was one of those many! ? ?

        Give Bad boy teli a teddy bear and a box of fireworks and he’ll happily be your 30+ goal a season, striker! ???

    2. @Trevor……Never wanted Balotelli myself……. Just like i’m not wanting Benzema right now

    3. @NYG……. Hahaha…….. And u weren’t one of those who believed in wenger’s taming ability?

      You of all people?

      1. @SA
        Not on your life dude. I think Balo is out to lunch, regardless of his so called potential…

  8. I’m not saying Arsenal will win the UCL anytime soon. But sometimes you don’t have to be the best to win UCL. Athletico Madrid, Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Juventus were better teams than Real this season. Lucky for Real they only needed to play one of them to win the trophy.

    I wanted Athletico to win yesterday, been supporting them from QF onwards, ad watching all of their UCL games since QF round started.

    Simeone should stay, they will soon be moving to a new stadium and get more revenue, also bigger player will be attracted to Athletico now. For sure they have become a bigger club than Arsenal and doing things the right way.

    1. @HA559
      Watching the match last night, it became obvious. Real had Atletico’s number. Atletico had no plan B to go to because, Real outplayed them with their own game style… The pressure got to them and it showed. Their midfield buckled, their front men were nowhere to be seen. Torres, to me is their weak link. Simeone must feel he needs him for aerial play, but to me dude has none. Carrasco and their defense, kept them in the match. And just like us, they bottled it. And some might say”hey, at least they made it to the finals” So did we at one time. But the runners up aren’t the one’s crowned Champions…

  9. I noticed that Benzema has caught the ‘Giroud bug’,
    Sticking his tongue out, when missing a one-on -one chance in last night’s champions league final… Does that mean he could be heading to Arsenal, in the summer? ?
    I hope not!.. But I reckon that it could happen, what with the reports from the Gabon coach, which stated that Aubameyang missed their latest international friendly due to the players process of changing clubs!.. Don’t get your hopes up, fellow Gooner’s, apparently Aubameyang already had some agreement with joining Real Madrid in place… Which now means that Benzema will be available!
    With his tail between his legs, Instagram photo’s and clown references to those that thought he was heading to the Emirates, last summer! … ? and every other summer ?
    Surely, he can now go ? himself! ???

    Hey! Wenger … Don’t even think about it! ?
    I would rather have Sanogo back then Benzema ? and that’s saying something! ?

    1. Interesting scenario, however there might be a wrench in that plan:

      Borussia Dortmund CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke has laughed off suggestions Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is set to leave the club.

      Gabon coach Jorge Costa was quoted as saying on Saturday that the 26-year-old had asked not to be selected for the friendly against Mauritania because he is close to a transfer, with clubs such as Real Madrid and Manchester United believed to be keeping a close eye on the prolific attacker’s situation following his sublime performances in 2015-16.

      However, Dortmund have made it clear there is no truth in suggestions Aubameyang is on his way out of the Signal Iduna Park. “Is Aubameyang set to leave? That’s b******t,” Watzke told Sport Bild when questioned about a potential transfer.

  10. maybe we should just sign Zlatan. Scoring 38 league goals at 34 years. What Giroud does with a ball, Zlatan can do with an Orange. Dare to be Zlatan.

  11. I hope we wont be waiting too long for signings, or even another signing. I hate when the season is about to start and we’re all still speculating. I think it probably makes the most sense – Benzema being the secret striker talks, that’s if talks are true. We done the same last season only for Benzema to piss all over us, and then he went and pissed himself. Really hope it’s not him, but Wenger will know him in some capacity and we know he rates him. Also Wenger likes given chances where others might think twice. I reckon Hernandez would do well at Arsenal, I think he and Ozil could work a great understanding. But he’s not Wengers ideal type of player, at least I don’t think he is.

    1. Does anyone knows how Carlos Vela is doing? has he improved since leaving Arsenal? Since we can’t get A list Strikers like Lewandosky, Suarez and Aubumeyang, maybe we can look at bringing back Vela. Just desperate for a Striker.

  12. Here are some stats, minutes played per non penalty premier league goal.
    Aguero, 118
    Giroud, 162
    Kane, 168
    Vardy, 165
    Lukaku, 186

    Surprisingly giroud comes out well compared to the likes of kane and vardy. One thing we have to remember is that five of kane and vardy goals were penalties. Arsenal were only awarded two penalties in the PL this season in total.

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