Giroud shows he still isn’t ready to start for Arsenal!

Arsenal finished off a fantastic day of Premier League football, by putting three past London rivals Chelsea in a fantastic performance for the Gunners. All three goals were scored in the first half at the Emirates, in a game which Arsenal completely dominated with a strong and passionate team performance.

Everything was on point for the Gunners today, whether it be the passing, the creation of chances, the tackling and the shooting. Wenger seemed to have the right tactics to beat this new era of Chelsea side down to a tee. However one thing that continues to question many is his decision on substitutions or more specifically Olivier Giroud!

It’s a subject that has been raised before this season, in the fact that many don’t understand what an earth is going on with the French international striker at the moment. Giroud doesn’t seem to be able to put any effort into his work rate on the pitch, he looks slow, lazy and effortless in his attempts to move forward with the ball.

Arsenal admittedly found the second half against Chelsea much harder than the first, but the football was still very much free flowing and we were creating chance after chance. The introduction of Olivier Giroud however saw our attack break down as if we had lost a man on the pitch. His positioning was all over the place, he looked lacklustre in his attempts to keep the ball and ultimately he gave the ball away more times during his short cameo appearance, than most players over the 90 minutes.

Giroud was completely off the ball today in his short appearance and sadly for the Frenchman, it’s been that way for at least the last few games. Giroud returned late back to Arsenal training this season, after receiving an extended holiday break after the Euros. But that break ended over a month ago now and he just hasn’t looked to regain his full fitness since. Giroud seems unfit and disinterested so far this season and his lack of minutes over the campaign can only be put down to his own fault.

With Lucas Perez now on the team and Alexis Sanchez grabbing the goals as a converted striker, I think Giroud needs to really step up his game and realise that if he isn’t careful, the likelihood of ever being Arsenal’s first choice striker again may soon be falling out of his hands.



  1. Durand says:

    Nice point about effort/work rate. Giroud looks out of form and seems to be a passenger at the moment. Theo apparently got the memo; he looks a monster now.

    I’ve slated Walcott often on here, but he deserves nothing but praise for his performances so far this season.

    Ox, Ramsey, Giroud, sorry boys, enjoy the view from the bench. All 3 should really be concerned;

    Iwobi > Ox looks to be permanent

    Well done to all, let’s keep up the defensive pressure and the quick decisive passing

  2. El Blaze says:

    As it stands based on current form, Sanchez is our top striker with Perez as sub, Giroud would likely end up as third option and gladly so.

  3. Gworm says:

    Giroud has been out with an injured toe. It looked as if it hasn’t healed. He did ping one delightful pass around the corner but otherwise just wasn’t at the races. Don’t be too quick to write him off though. A fit, sharp Giroud is a really useful option in certain matches.

    1. Luko Bratzi says:

      Here we go again doing another Walcott slagging on a player that is not quite fit. He is still a top striker in a different way. Give him time, let’s talk on the positives this game has given the Fans to enjoy what’s to come .. Hopefully CB

  4. goona says:

    He is very match fit but is sulking.I saw it when he got the red card,it reminded me of that match when we beat Man city at the Emirates then Mancini put Balotelli but the boy was so uninterested committed a foul on Alex Song for fun in front of the Ref!
    If Giroud does not change/improve his attitude especially now that we are winning without him he may find life very uncomfortable at the Emirates,Ask Lord Bendtner

  5. Zimbo gunner says:

    Giroud will have his uses this season, right now Alexis is looking better and better in every game in the striker role but there will be games when we will need Giroud. The teams that park the bus against us will be the matches where having a target man might be useful.

    In previous seasons Giroud has an amazing run of goals and assists but then burns out. He has been well rested at the beginning of the season, keeping him fresh throughout the season is key and will certainly aid our title challenge.

  6. kamn288 says:

    You just hope that Giroud reaches those 100 goals for Arsenal. 20 gaols is plausible. Players are really doing well but again it depends on Iwobi more than anyone else along with Walcott. Perez is the next player in contention for starting 11 when matches come thick and fast.

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