Giroud stats prove Arsenal MUST start him NOT Welbeck at Stoke!

Despite the fact that Olivier Giroud only came on to the pitch for Arsenal last night with 25 minutes left on the clock, meaning he played for about half an hour with the injury time added, I think the France international forward was a good candidate for the best player in an Arsenal shirt. The Southampton keeper Frasier Forster easily deserved his Man of the Match award.

Giroud turned the tide of the game in our favour and was involved in the build up to the late winner from Alexis Sanchez. Just a minute before the Chilean star scored his 14th goal of the season from six yards out, Giroud had neatly grabbed the Gunners all three points with a great header that looked in until Forster produced a breathtaking save that recalled the famous moment when Pele was denied by Gordon Banks.

That was one of three attempts by the Frenchman, with his two on target the same as Danny Welbeck managed in his 81 minutes. Giroud’s stats compared to Welbeck’s show just how much of a difference he made, with 16 passes compared to 19, passing accuracy of 88 percent compared to 79, three shot assists to one, 26 touches to 36 and he made the same amount of tackles as our new striker in his short time on the pitch.

Maybe Welbeck is feeling the weight of so many games or maybe the solid Southampton defence was just too good at keeping him quiet. The 23-year old is still young and relatively inexperienced in the centre forward role and I’m sure he will keep improving. But Giroud is the in form player and Arsene Wenger must surely start with him in the middle when we travel to Stoke on Saturday.

Stoke have lost their last three games so they will be even more defensive than normal and with the likes of Shawcross in their team, it will definitely be a physical battle, more suited to Giroud than to Welbeck. Arsenal will still have plenty of pace on the flanks, perhaps with Welbeck starting there, but maybe Chamberlain instead. Giroud, however, must start in the middle. Do you agree Gooners?

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          1. The horse from Manure? Please… Have some self respect! He’s basically Sanogo three years in advance, except Sanogo can still become better than Welbeck.

            He’s English, thats the only trait he has.

      1. I agree. Arsenal fans were screaming “Giroud OUT”
        Now the same morons are screaming “Play Giroud”

        The internet has let the morons out the closet. They spew nonsense on Twitter by the second.

        Now you twats are back to screaming “Ramsey out”. Two weeks ago it was “Santi OUT, now is is “Saint Santi”

        WTF do you “fans” want? Who is the latest “??? OUT”

        1. u sound angry…

          does boobie wanna cuddle?

          come here cupcake i made your favourite….aob on a stick

          1. Now that’s an article. How many games have we won without Wilshere. I like Welbeck but he doesn’t get in behind defenders or keep ball that well.

      2. Yes fickle for sure. We will always scapegoat players/managers because overall we want to get the best out of our beloved club.

        Frankly, I can’t even think of a Gunner who wasn’t in the hot seat before… maybe Koscielny? Probably not though

    1. Giroud came on with fresh legs at the end of a fast paced match against a 10 man team, had Welbeck done the same I am sure the stats would have been similar.
      Giroud looks to be playing better but stupid article based on variables.

  1. giroud is like danny giving him 90 mins every game an he will do good, not great.
    poor runs an good runs.

    diego costa
    sergio aguero

    thats what were dealing with….
    (what about sanchez muff u tw*t, umm hes a midfielder, but yes i am a tw*t)

  2. Arsene will never use tactics that will utilize Welbeck, his rigid tactics is suited to Giroud. Welbeck would likely be a flop for us under Arsene. Welbeck will score again the next time he plays for England.

        1. ArseneIsYourDaddy…..whose’s daddy?… should say “My daddy”….. You don’t get to decide who daddies us all …. L()L

        2. @ muffdiver….. “WELBACK” ? …..well i think this one plays for Siroco Fc in Guadeloupe 1st division …..L()L

      1. You can say whatever! The fact remains that Arsene cannot utilize Welbeck. It does not mean he will not score a few goals here and there.

  3. Giroud is a different type of striker. His link up play and creating space( is that the reason Ramsey was next to the post for the assist yesterday? And almost had a one two with OG to put it away late.)
    Any player that goes up in the middle of the pitch to try to win goal kicks with defenders hanging on his shoulder gets praise from me. Pretty soon our keeper will search out where OG is on goal kicks. Boy what a leg Martinez has. As many have said with pace Sanchez, Welbeck, or Ox,Theo on the sides of OG our attack becomes difficult to defend.

  4. Hello every1, I’m new here but want to say I’m happy to finally be able 2 comment,thanx to Pat,
    Off topic- de gea and foster looking so great in goal isn’t cos they are gr8t,its cos our attackers need more shooting practice and finishing lessons,if Diego Costa or aguera or RVP or even sturridge were leading our attack,those GK would have had fewer saves and arsenal more goals considerin all those chances and attempts!

    I think Giroud plays betta as a sub,but since Welbeck isn’t offering much in goals,OG gets my nod,it’s wengers headache to select the team,im only interested in the win.

  5. The way I see it, we are gonna have a scrappy, nail-biting match at Stroke City no matter what lineup Wenger puts forth. As long as we leave that place with a win, the kids will be all right.

  6. It would be nice to see a list of Arsenal`s injured players, what their problems are and when they are expected to be available again so that the fans can see at a glance what the player status is.
    On the Stoke match…it`s one that always concerns me, it`s not one to introduce players like Walcott and others returning from injury but I have to agree Giroud is my choice in the centre.
    By the way what is happening to Ozil?

  7. “Forster produced a breathtaking save that recalled the famous moment when Pele was denied by Gordon Banks” How in gods name is Forsters save anything like Banks? Have you ever seen the save or just heard it was a great save and decided to use it in your scribbling?

  8. We have lost the ability to counter attack with players like Wilshere, Ramsey and Cazorla. They’re too slow, and first look backwards for a teammate to pass to rather than forward. With very few exceptions, nobody is prepared to take on a defender and muscle into the penalty area. With Pires, Bergkamp and Overmars, the ball was in the back of the net before the opposing backs were even back in their own half. Walcott, Bellerin, OX – bring them on and let OG stand on the feet of the CB. Then we’ll get some goals.

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