Giroud – The Arsenal PLAYERS may lack commitment – But DO NOT blame Wenger!

There have been hundreds of posts on JustArsenal from AKBs and AOBs regularly this season, but it seems that the Arsenal players are totally 100% behind Le Boss. Yes we know that the squad has been severely depleted by injuries but Olivier Giroud (who was one of those that have missed a good part of the season) says that there has been nothing wrong with the attitude of Wenger, but does believe that the commitment of the players could have been questioned at times.

Giroud said in an exclusive interview in the Mail: ‘Talent is not sufficient and every team needs to fight to be competitive,’ he said. ‘We had a lack of commitment and we have seen it on the video and we made mistakes like we are young players. We have seen it but we want to learn from them and not do it again.

‘We know that we are strong, we have a good squad, that we have a lot of qualities in the squad but without sometimes commitment. And maybe when you are not at 100 per cent sometimes, then you pay.’

The French striker thinks that the attitude of the booing fans after the Stoke defeat was definitely a harsh reaction against Wenger. He said: ‘We heard the people, the supposed Arsenal fans criticise some of us, especially the boss,’

‘It was sad. I’m not sure he deserved it. It’s always like that when you lose a game. You have to question yourself, of course. But you can’t say we have to change everything. He is the man for this situation and we aren’t even wondering if he is or not.’

‘Of course, it is because they want us to win our games. We play for Arsenal and we are a big team and they quite demanding with us and we understand that they are disappointed as well. That’s why we want to show our strength and our reaction.’

‘We will show solidarity and answer on the pitch. It gives us more strength to fight together. We are a pack and when someone attacks the pack everyone wants to defend our interest and our team-mates, our boss.

‘We are all together. It was a really bad start at Stoke, especially when you are aware that we’re going to have a lot of duels in the air. It’s even more disappointing but for fans and for us, we will bounce back as soon as possible. We have a great opportunity to do it at home against Newcastle. We want to reach the top four as soon as possible.’

The fans don’t need to be told that we have had one of our worst starts to the season under Wenger, but Giroud thinks that it is still much too early to write off the Gunners. ‘It’s never too late because there are two-thirds of the season to go, even if Chelsea had a fantastic start, Man City as well. We need to improve on certain points and that’s why we need to focus on our game and come back in the next one.

‘We’ve kept our best players for two or three years since I came. The fans wanted some more top players and the boss heard them and tried to bring in Mesut (Ozil) and Alexis (Sanchez) and the other signings. We all want to reach a high performance level and win some more trophies.

‘That’s why it is a great beginning of a great story with the FA Cup win last year and the Community Shield. And this year we need time to build a great team but in the squad we have the quality and the quantity so I’m not worrying about our comeback.’

So there you have it! Don’t give up on Wenger or the team for this season. As soon as our injury list gets shorter (as surely it must at some point!) the team are determined to work together to get us back up the table and challenging for the title.

Na Na Na Giroud!

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  1. Fickle plastic fans, i wonder why they don’t just stop supporting or going to matches to rend they frustrations, than do barbaric, foolish thing, wenger losses a match after 3 straight wins with an injury depleted squad and u boo him? That’s sick

    1. Off topic…

      “We have to play somebody with almost no experience or somebody who is not used to playing in the position.”___Wenger

      But to be frank, aren’t such comments damn annoying and embarrassing? He could have rectified all these problems before the start of the season. It was very obvious we needed reinforcements at the back, but he neglected the pertinent.

      The problems are obvious, but saying all these senseless things in the press is damn embarrassing. First he says, “We won’t buy if everybody is fit.” Has everybody been ever fit at Arsenal?

      Now he says, “We have to play somebody with almost no experience or somebody who is not used to playing in the position.” Why should we now use someone “with ALMOST NO EXPeRIENCE or SOMEBODY WHO IS NOT USED TO PLAYING IN THE POSITION”, when he could have rectified all this long before now? It wasn’t like we all did not see this coming. It’s embarrassing. Now he’s put us all in a mess.

      I don’t wish the club ill, I pray we go above 4th (Jesus, I hate playoffs).

      1. Before now, I’d have been very relaxed about today’s game against Newcastle. I’d have said to myself, “Thank God, it’s just Newcastle.” But NOOO!!!! Now even Newcastle seem a big club and they scare me. They’ve even done to Maureen what Arsene has never been able to.

      2. Hey kick-Ass….isn’t this situation the same for lvg? He has had to play kids in defence, despite the fact he bought rojo, shaw and blind? At one stage he had one defender in rojo available and yet several days ago he said I’m not buying anyone in January! Injury issues are unpredictable and Wenger is not alone having this current problem.

    2. If there’s anyone fickle and plastic it’s you. These fans love Arsenal and unlike some they know there is still life after Wenger.

    3. the good thing is that giroud has all the necessary comittment. Especially when he misses free headers when some kid grabs the ball from the jaws of death, fails to control the ball on aregular basis, lacks game reading game in game out, chases sanchez while he (AS17) is dribbling past defenders insted of running in to space to receive the ball and even fails to get the rebound only for AS17 to chase the ball again, misses seaters minute after minute and oh i almost forget masters the art of celebrating others goals.

      1. sooo true. i cant believe hes saying to the whole world that he and hes teammates lack of commitment. its a SHAME!!!!

        i’ve never seen him scoring an IMPORTANT GOAL for us. maybe the goal against everton and t-h-a-t-s i-t.
        mourinho would never play or buy a player like giroud and thats a fact. mourinho wants to win games NO METTER WHAT. and yes i hate this guy like all of you.

    4. You call those that demand that Arsene do better “fickle” when you are as deluded as the arrogant and stubborn man himself.
      You are regressive and dont care.

      As for Giroud. You players lack commitment because your step dad isnt doing his job. Alexis seems the only person with spirit, I hope you remember he came from a place where mediocrity is never accepted.

    1. Giroud should just shut up and work on his right foot. After all, they say he is as good as Suarez and Messsi.

  2. What do u excpect the players to say “that wenger is a bad coach and should leave?…arsenal players are not happy its so obvious…giroud sanogo flamini per maybe happy because dey knw when wenger leaves no other coach will play them for arsenal…podolski ozil cazorla rosicky campbell akpom are not happy

  3. Wenger brought in all the players we have at Arsenal so if they lack commitment He is fully to blame for it!

  4. Giroud (also a Frenchman) is sticking up for, and sucking up to, the man who currently determines his future. Please forgive me if I think his viewpoint may be more than a little biased.

  5. Arsenal players.
    Be happy. Don’t worry.
    Keep da faith mon.
    This season we WILL win
    the Premier League.
    2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015…

  6. This is crazy. The players are 100% behind the manager, but they lack commitment. Is there something wrong or is it just me? Please analyse this someone anyone. Wenger disease is killing us. Now the players sound like Wenger? Trying to take the focus off him will not work.

  7. Am so sad cause we love this great club arsenal and to us its not a bussiness module but our heart our family our life, but the club is taking it like just a money making franchise, we might return the favor by paying our tickets and demanding trophys because thats what we the fans want

  8. From 2005 -2014 we have sacrificed our happiness for the club who continously lied 2 us now we should demand the club makin us happy by giving us trophys even if it means sacking the manager

  9. Even though I think giroud is talking bullshit, I like the apologetic tone. He talks like a player -fan. He doesn’t say, “you’re a fan, f@#king support your team” like henry did, he says I know it’s hard, but there’s no other way.I’ll take that, and if Wenger and the board were this humble, a lot more folks would have gotten off their backs

  10. Apparently 75% of Arsenal fans
    are happy with 4th place.
    Peter Heil – Wood said “only
    ignorent people criticise Wenger”.
    He also said the board doesn’t listen
    to the hot heads

  11. Who are we playing in midfield today with Ramsey, Wilshere, Arteta, Özil and (seemingly) Rosicky all out? I’d guess Cazorla will play as CM with Flamini and Alexis as CAM? That formation would accommodate Podolski on the left wing too, not exactly a strong defensive side though..

  12. Why is it that half of you knobs who are Wenger out fans, react as you do??? Giroud defends Arsene and states the squads desire to improve. Not so surprising really.

    However just like when a fan on here says something pro Wenger you can’t cope and collectively attack. Last week when Giroud returned from injury, he was great, Welbeck should start from the bench cos Girouds back etc….now today, you’re attacking him.

    Many of you don’t just disagree….you attack his character, his motivation, his ability. He is an Arsenal player you twats, cos he doesn’t agree with YOUR views, who the fcuk do you idiots think YOU are??

    It’s like Wenger is a disease. Anyone infected must be dealt with. Please none of you slagging off the players, come on here in the next few weeks saying how fcuking great they were in the next few games. Your opinions effectively no longer have any credibility.

    It’s been said 10000 times here before by most fans….you guys have little class, no respect and your over inflated self egos have exceeded any sense of reality.

  13. @gooner1000
    it’s my earnest hope that Wenger would give me an opportunity to turn around and say how f***king great the team is, hell I’ll even gladly take the shit AKBs alone know how to spew…
    But remember it should only follow consistent great performances, scrapping lucky one goal wins against mediocre teams like anderletch, westbrom etc don’t count. The home wins against Southampton and Dortmund were ok, but that were the least we expected.

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