Giroud thrives on the increased pressure

The Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud knows all about being criticized in the press (or on forums like JustArsenal!) when he is not scoring goals. It took the Frenchman a couple of years to really get to grip with the Premiership game, and his failure to score in big games, not to mention his hotel-room antics before matches, made him an easy target for journalists and armchair pundits.

The French international rode the abuse and has improved his game out of all recognition after his absence through injury this season, but one bad game against Monaco brought out the boo boys yet again. Giroud was very glad that Wenger gave him a chance to bounce back against Everton and he subsequently scored the opening goal.

“I knew that almost all the eyes would be on me and my performance, so I tried to do my best and it was a better day for me,” Giroud said on
“I thank the boss for giving me the chance to answer. I am pleased with that reaction and I felt really relieved after the game because it had been a little weight on my shoulders.

“Nowadays you have to deal with that pressure. There is more media now, and social media as well – it is more than in the 1990s. But I like pressure and the boys do as well.

“I try to keep my distance from it in the good moments and the bad moments too. Everything is amplified when you play well and everything is amplified when you miss one game.

“Everything is questioned. It is part of a sportsman today and you have to deal with that.”

Giroud has since scored in nearly every game since that day and still he gets the criticism (even from our own Thierry Henry) saying that Arsenal won’t win the title with Giroud as our main man. What does this man have to do to get praise for his work?

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  1. Giroud can’t win us titles that’s fact,even with his 14 goals we are a whopping 13 points behind Chelsea the champions in order to really challenge for title we need more than him!!

    1. LOud!!!

      I’d like to apologise to this guy if I’ve wrong him before. I solemnly do promise to like him henceforth, no matter what. He’s cool and always makes sense and I really do envy him. I have said all this and I’d say even more: I personally love KickAssFan.

    2. ohh stop it!!
      ‘That’s a fact’ no it isn’t. It’s your opinion. Big difference!!

      And in response to your previous comments
      Giroud – 1511mins 14 goals – GPM 107.98
      Aguero – 2173mins 21 goals – GPM 103.48
      BOTH have been elite…

      Yeah we are 13 points behind chelsea. The majority of those points were when Giroud wasn’t even on the pitch!!

  2. We can win things with G rude leading the line, but we really need another capable type of goal scoring striker to compete and deputize, I heard that Lacazette is very good and so young @23. 30goals in 37games. Why not him??

    1. We can’t win The Champions League or EPL with Giroud leading the line,he only has 14 league goals it’s not a 20 goal season,he still lacks big match temperament in the game that mattered the first leg against Monaco he missed sitters!

      1. you completely neglect the fact that he was injured for nearly half the season. his scoring record since return has been easily on track for a 20-25 goal season.

  3. Here is where life gets more difficult than FIFA15.
    Let us call this the whiny Gooner game.

    List every striker who has scored more than 20 goals in any league this season.
    Now make a list of those from that list who are actually AVAILABLE.
    Available includes work permit issues too.
    Try getting them for 60% of an Oil club wages.
    How many left on your list?

    1. Available?every player is available at the right price,Lacazette has 26 goals in 30 games if Wenger puts 35mil on the table there’s no way Lyon will refuse,for progress to be made hard line decisions need to be taken!

      1. What makes you think Lyon will sell their star player? Cuz Wenger says so?
        Did Liverpool sell us Suarez?
        Unless a team is skint, they will only sell when they want, not when they are dictated to.

      2. you’re aware Giroud scored 28 goals in the league winning Montpellier side with a far weaker squad than Lyon’s??
        Ligue 1 goals does not equate to premier league goals.
        Lacazette is quality. But performing in Ligue 1 is a lot different to the PL, the defending, physicality and pace is on another level.

        1. You are aware that Montpellier played Giroud as their target man, not as a part of the link-up play Wenger puts him to? Give him the same role Wenger gave RVP and i’m sure Giroud will be going at 25+ goals per season.

        2. You’re lying Giroud scored 21 Ligue 1 goals in the title winning season not 28 as you state,he’s never had a single league season where he’s scored 25 goals or more!

  4. No 6-3, 5-1, 6-0,
    3-0 this season.
    2-0 at Chelsea the worst.
    Just a bad start and those damn injuries.
    Arsenal of May 2015 is a tough nut to crack.

  5. I too live under the constant pressure of being handsome so completely understand where Giroud is coming from

  6. Shitroud is just not good enough… if he strives under pressure he should be scoring against big clubs…..

    we need a world class striker to led us next season…

    1. Any other worldclass striker will score tones of goals for us, O.G. is good, but not good enof.

      1. I am craving a WC stricker at Arsenal too but for Hafiz to call OG names like Shitroud is just unacceptable and classless to say the list.

        The guys works so hard and you can tell he wants to succeed its not his fault his not Ibra, TH14 or Ronaldo (the real Ronaldo and not the cry baby).

        Even small clubs like Liverpool don’t call there 16M striker with less than 5 goals such names.

        Lets criticize fairly and lets not heap more praise on who we don’t have than what we have coz you never know they might be watching too and are seeing what you say about our own.

        Funny thing is on other teams platforms they actually praise OG’s goal return and attributes.

  7. Arsenal has a big squad.
    Team 1
    Ospina Bellerin Koz Mertz Monreal
    Coquelin Ramsey Ox Ozil Sanchez Giroud.

    Szcz? Debuchi Gabe Chambers Gibbs
    Schneiderlin? Wilshere Wallcot Cazorla Rosicky Wellbeck

    Res. Martinez Hayden Ajayi Arteta Bielik
    Diaby Crowley Zealalem Podolski Niles
    Campbell Wellington Sanogo Akpom Graciar.

  8. mmmmm I think many people underestimate our squad hay…

    I believe we have a sanchez/hazard hybride under our noses. THE OX. Iv watched him closely this season, all he needs is goals and assists(end product), than I believe we’ll have one of the most dangerous wingers in Europe.
    Welbeck…mmmmmm, he has the tools to be a top striker, I get the feeling his to scared to shoot, or something.He has pace, physic, and heigh. If Henry can pay oxy and welbs a visit for 3 sessions, I think it’ll have a effect.
    Walcot(scatches head) his probably my 2nd best player, but the system we using aint benefit him, as he does not defend. On form, his as lethal as robben I tel u, (yes robben), his pace and directness strike fear in anyone, (ask guadiola)

    I think we need 2 players only. ST and DM. Ónce we have that, I believe we’ll win the EPL and CL. yes (CL). im pretty confident bout this new arsenal. No injuries, and staying consistent, then I believe the likes of Bayern and Barca will start looking over their shoulder.


  9. #Haterswillalwayshate
    Giroud for me has been amazing this season. Now don’t blame him for we losing the title,we lost it cus of our poor defending during the first half of the season. Henry might be our legend,doesn’t mean i’ll follow his ass everywhere he goes and everything he says.. I see some of ya’ll saying £35 million pounds will get Lacazette. yea and if we do and he finds it hard to cope with the EPL? i bet we’ll then blame wenger for signing him, He’s good i don’t deny that fact but now changing our attacking style and learning to adapt to the gameplay of a new striker? whats wrong with our attack this season?? Nothing,but yea we need a classy striker so Giroud will get his ass up and never bow down, i dont think we need a striker on the claim that we ain’t going places with Giroud.
    he scores,he doesnt scores, haters will always be there hating.
    and P.S: I SO MUCH HATE THE FACT THAT WE BLAME OUR PLAYERS CUS OF LITTLE THINGS, Truth be spoken i have never seen fans of other clubs fussing as much as we do always.. why cant Arsenal fans just live without worries for some day, sit relax and stay behind their own players??

    Same with ya’ll wanting cech, dont forget he played with a very back four who always covered his ass. And you think he’ll do better than Ospina who doesnt have that same back four Cech had??

  10. Giroud doesn’t score against the big teams? He’s scored against mancity, manutd and Liverpool this season. Aguero hasn’t scored against chelsea, but he is world class.
    Arsenal CAN win the league with Giroud.

    1. I think we are a bit too hard on Giroud, I believe Henry comment was off. I can’t see what most of you guys see in ozil he is poor and way behind Ramsay and Cazorla. with that said I don’t think this current arsenal team can win the EPL next season and I believe even Wenger himself is not too sure who he will sign because he is not sure who is leaving. I believe we will loose Walcott, Wilshere to Man City however, these players must go:
      If we get 70m for those players we can spend an additional 40m on top talents. I personally would love to see a fit Diaby in this team, I believe we need just 3 players for us to have a top squad and for me that’s the spine of the team.

      1) Defensive midfielder and a Defender a top one.
      2). A additional striker (since scoring is not what welbeck is in the team for)
      3). And yes a Goal Keeper ospina doing ok but I still believe we can do better but when Degea went to United he was very very poor so that’s marginal I am not too sure.

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