Giroud to get new Arsenal contract (and Arteta)

Despite Olivier Giroud’s broken ankle, it seems that Arsenal are in the process of offering the Frenchman a new contract to keep him at the club until 2018. Wenger has brought in Alexis Sanchez and Danny Welbeck this summer to increase the Gunners attacking options but it seems that Arsene Wenger still considers Giroud to be part of his plans for the future once he recovers in the New Year.

The Mail is also reporting that the ageing Mikel Arteta will also be offered a one-year extension to his present contract. This is an unusual move for Wenger as he is not known for giving many contracts to the over 30’s and Arteta passed 32 before the end of last season.

Some good news from the Arsenal camp is that Theo Walcott is approaching fitness again, and his return to the side is being pencilled in for the match against Tottenham in a couple of weeks time. His last match for the Gunners was against the same opponents way back in early January. Let’s all hope that Theo returns to his best form very quickly as I would love to see him in a dream forward line alongside Sanchez and Welbeck….

Lastly this morning, I would like to draw your attention to the Rainbow Laces campaign to kick homophobia out of football, supported by some very funny Arsenal stars. Have a look…..

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  1. first we sign the wrong players

    2nd we keep players and play them in u21 instead of releasing them

    then we offer contracts to players that do not perform

    1. Giroud has scored 40 goals since he has been here. Why shouldnt he receive a new contract? Isn’t he at least worthy of being a back up striker?

        1. No worldclass player would be prepared to play as backup unless they are being given ridiculous amounts of money

            1. Giroud is a great player to rotate with welbeck. They will have to fight it out for the starting eleven. And that is exactly what we have been missing. COMPETITION upfront

  2. Is it necessary to give Giroud an extension?
    Why not let him play out his contract and then decide?
    It is not like a lot of clubs are looking for his service, and in fact, there is NO OTHER CLUB is interested in him and he won’t leave if a contract is given to him when the current one expires.
    Now he is in his prime at 27 (will be 28 at the end of this month), and he can’t beat any defender in the EPL. What can he do at the age of 30 when he starts to decline physically?
    If we believe a more mobile striker will fit us more, this contract extension only makes little sense. 2 years later and we still can’t find a better striker?
    Only Wenger will do this kind of business. French.

    1. there will be clubs looking after him, plus he has only improved since his arrival. Unlucky for him to get an injury or else he would have scored another 25+ goals this season. Remember he scored 23 goals last season and that is a good goal scoring record for a season. not bad at all

      1. what club?
        did any club show any interest in Giroud?
        Thumb me down but you still can’t change the fact. Nobody wants Giroud except Wenger and Arsenal.

        1. Exactly!
          Giroud squanders so many chances and other teams (the mid table teams who might be interested in him) simply don’t create as many chances for him to squander.

    1. Well I am a season ticket holder, home and away, plus a shareholder and I am well happy with both getting new contracts, totally deserved. Why not give your captain, the best passer of the ball at the club a new 1 year deal. His fitness levels are monitored and if they are at the right levels that should be good enough. As for giroud it’s a no brainer, he has scored the most goals in the last 2 seasons and keeping him in contract, protects his value, which is around the £20m mark at least.

      Now diaby getting a new contract is another matter, if he gets one it should be on pay as you play basis.

  3. The only “good news” in there is that Arteta’s extension is only one year. Arteta as a squad player would be OK. But the problem is Arteta is a crutch that Wenger will use as a excuse to avoid buying a CDM. I’d much rather see Arteta’s contract run out so Wenger is forced to find a replacement. Good things happen when Wenger has no choice and must find a replacement (see Chambers and Debouchy).

  4. I guess it is good too hold them down. Imagine if we didn’t renew Giroud’s contract and he hit amazing form when he came back from injury, won the golden boot then left on a free to utd.

  5. I dont think you lot realise what Arteta brings to the team. Calmness, composure and passing just to name a few…. Get behind the boys!!!

  6. Giroud and Arteta the heart
    and soul of Arsenal. Really?
    Replacing Bendtner with Sanchez
    has cost 35 million Quid.
    Replacing Sagna and Jenkinson with
    Debuchy and Chambers has cost 28 mill.
    Bringing in cover for Giroud with
    Wellbeck has cost 16 million Quid.
    This last purchase stopped us
    buying a top class DM or CB.
    So Arteta and Flamini must suffice.
    42 mill Ozil was predicted
    to attract the world’s best strikers.
    Wellbeck? Campbell?
    Park Bendtner Chamakh Girvinho
    Arshavin Ryo Adebayor Vela
    Reyes one year wonder RVP.
    Not exactly hall of famers 🙁
    Campbell appears out of favour
    Sanogo Chamberlain and Podolski
    run tepid and cold while Walcott
    is still injured. Diaby is always injured
    while Rosicky plays one game in 5.
    There is a plan right?
    It can only get better.

  7. @atid, giroud worth atleast 20mill lol
    Thing arteta is good at is putting that shiny gel on his hair immaculate I must say lol.

    Bk to football terms, lets not beat around the bush Arteta isnot a D.M never has been never will be(That lies with the Stubborn manager) at 32 absolute no need to extend is contract & mark my words making him captain waa one of the worst decisions EVER its basically a “scrooge tactic” purely not to buy a C.D.M he has no leadership qualities NONE.

    GIROUD – iv always said yes as a 2nd striker id have all day long but to challenge for prem,champs league first choice really??
    Hes out for a while who knows if he will get over his injury, he is turning 28 not 22. But hes french and another of wenger favourites purely on that he will probley get another 5years never mind 2 lol.

    Id even go as far to say that welbeck is actually better then giroud, 16mill 23yrs old, pretty certain injury free he will keep giroud our of the team.

    1. @Mo1-

      You seen the match Marseille at home in the group stages?
      Assuming you did, you remember one moment of madness?

      We were 1-0 up after Jack put us up in the 1st minute. Than came a bizarre incident, when Arsenal got a penalty for contact.
      Arteta was on the field. Our designated penalty-taker.
      Prior to the match, goals and assists from Mesut Özil had dried up in the previous matches.(5 or 6 matches i think)

      To boost his morale, Arteta said Mesut to take kick (he missed eventually yet we won 2-0).

      He could have boosted his stats up by by one more penalty but he didn’t. That’s precisely what a captain does.

      I would have Arteta captain my team everyday of the week over Rooney.

      One last question:
      Arteta was pretty good Free Kick taker at Everton. He converted 1/4 th chances.
      Ever wonder why he gave it up for Arsenal?

      If you think the answer is because he is sh*t than i think i have wasted a good five minutes replying to you.

      1. Nice confusing momemt for me here-
        I confused Giroud with Arteta.

        In the Marseille game it was Giroud who gave up his penalty to Mesut, not Arteta.

        Arteta was on the bench that day.

        I stand corrected. And apologize for mistaken identity.

          1. But if you remember the Munich match, when Mesut missed the crucial penalty and press quizzed Wenger as to why Mesut took the kick instead of Santi, Wenger said:
            1st Arteta
            2nd Giroud
            3rd Mesut.
            And since Giroud and Arteta wasn’t playing that day, Mesut took the kick.

      2. Arteta speaks multiple languages (5 i think) and is a very mature and well respected figure in the dressing room, probably our best captain off the field in a very long time, honestly i can see why hes captain.

  8. Giroud deserves an extension. Arteta is our captain and one of the best passer in the epl. Why not? They deserve one. Dont slate giroud. Respect him for what he does. He gives his best. A epl striker who scored 23 Goals overall in a season is worth 20mil. He has a lot to offer . When these guys is not playing we feel their value and importance. Both arteta n giroud loves the club,gives their best. I dont care if we praise him . But dont slate him. Just give some well deserved #respect..

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