Giroud wants encouragement – not jeers!

The Arsenal and France striker Olivier Giroud has had to contend with much criticism over the last four years since he arrived at the Emirates, but he still manages to put in his performances and score the occasional goal 🙂

But now that Karim Benzema has been left out of the France squad for being a despicable person and Giroud is named as Didier Deschamp’s main man, our Olly has now had to put up with the same abuse from his fellow countrymen as well.

He admits that he is growing used to the jeers, but with France aiming to win the Euro2016 tournament on their home turf, Giroud was sort of hoping that the fans would actually be supporting him at this crucial time. He said: “You know that I have gone through stages in my career that have been quite complicated, so these things don’t hurt me much, but it is true that it is a shame.

“Being French, playing in France, if we miss a chance we want the fans to encourage us. They are also there for that – especially as I scored a goal with my only shot.

“So I do not understand it much but what was important was that we won, and that I continue that personal run of scoring.”

His boss is backing Giroud, and was at pains to point out that it was only a minority that were abusing Olivier. “It’s definitely a minority (of fans) and it’s obviously unfair,” Deschamps said. “Until proven otherwise he scores goals for us which is what we ask him to do. I’m counting on him as does the team.”

Okay at Arsenal, Giroud went a whole three months without finding the net, but strangely, for France, he has scored five goals in his last six games, which makes the abuse even harder to understand. The Euros is Olly’s big chance to finally silence his critics and I would live to see him with the trophy and end up as top scorer.

Arsenal fans will still jeer him though…..


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  1. Its soul destroying been jeered by your own fans, more so your people but it has more to do with the final selection than Giroud himself, French folks were more upset with Deschamp than Giroud for leaving Benzema and Arfa.Atem out of the squqand Giroud just happen to be the lightening rod for their anger, just like he is with us when we blame him for the collective failures of the while team and Wenger….when Arsenal fans moan about him its not just because he is at best average, we are mostly venting our anger at Wenger for not getting the upgrade we need, so its unfortunate he cops the abuse that should be reserved for other people…having said all that its also fair to mention Arsenal and by large Wenger had given him more support and encouragement to last him a life time even if he is Methuselah, I doubt if there is any striker in the whole world who will go 15 matches without troubling the net and still retain his spot, even Messi and Ronaldo will nit complain if they are benched after going on such barren run,

    1. Kane went first eight games this season for tottenham without scoring and only got one goal in his first fourteen games. In the same period giroud scored six goals.

      1. And still he ended up scoring more goals in the season than Giroud. Just shows how weak we becom after the christmas feast.

        Strikers are important. Look at Tottenhams position before Kane starting scoring. When he started to score they started to climb the table. Another reason why we need a striker that can score more than 20 a season in the BPL.

  2. Giroud is a good striker more especially under pressure, sign a competition for him and things will be easier for him.

    1. All footballers get jeered.
      Even Ronaldo at Madrid
      regularly gets jeered.
      The better you are the
      more you get jeered.
      Playing in front of thousands at the ground and millions on TV
      is hopefully some small consolation for poor old Olivier.
      Being adored by women and being paid 100k per week
      whether he plays or not probably eases the pain.
      He could always retire and work in McDonalds for 7 quid an hour 🙂

  3. Giroud is nothing but a big headache to arsenal. It’s my prayer he totally mess up this euro or else Wenger will find an excuse not to sign even a lizard. We not ready for any drama next season.
    It’s high we get rid of Giroud and move on.

    1. I understand your sentiment but to get rid of giroud without a proven replacement plus adequate cover for rotation/injuries is a recipe for disaster.

    2. My friend that will not matter. Wenger plays people not based on merit but favourism and something else. Look at Campbell for example, he lit up the world cup starting every game for his country yet he was benched by Wenger and played as a substitue a handful of times.

  4. no player deserve fan encouragement to perform, evry profesional should be encourage to do his job right. dis players earnings per week is more than what some if not most people ear on monthly basis. players are treated like gods and so needs no xtra motivation to perform. but in case of Giroud I feel fans went too much and its absurd to me because this guy is doin his job at his decent best. its not his fault that he isn’t skillful and very pacey. its just his decent level and we have to accept it like that. if we need more from his let’s get another rather than jeerin or abusin him

  5. Giroud can win us the PL next season. I think its very bad that he went 14 to 15 games without goal. He is not like that. Had he scored 5 goals in that period, which he is easily capable of, the he would have scored 21 Pl goals, which would have been really good for us.
    he needs a player to Rival him
    If we get some one like Hugiun or Abyu or some one then great

    1. Are you having a laugh???
      Giroud couldnt win us a handbag fight as the frontline striker, He just aint number one material and thats beeen proven , he’s not a player Id sell cos he does give every game a lot of effort but he is clearly NOT the man to lead the lineand the sooner that you all come to terms with this the better off we’ll all be
      If he stays as number 1 and we win the EPL next season Ill eat my hat and walk naked round the emirates with a sausage up my Ar$e al la akatie Hopkins style. lol

  6. No jeers from me. I just wish people understood the strategy playing with a target man vs. a mobile striker who doesn’t play back to goal.

  7. Giroud needs encouragement????
    WTF??? he gets paid circa 100 grand a week !!!!!!! stuff your encouragement where the sun dont shine is my response to this. He is a professional footballer and he is just NOT good enough and thats that
    If he wants encouragement he can go see a life coach and if thats the case he has no place in a professional football team.
    I more annoyed at the author of the article than at OG its not he’s fault he’s not good enough but its AW and a whole load of fans fault that he’s been kept on as no1 striker when he really aint good anough to be so.

  8. “AW and a whole load of fans fault that he’s been kept on as no1 striker when he really aint good anough to be so.”

    Giroud was bought as cover for RvP, RvP left a short while after Giroud had been signed.

    The following year Arsenal FC make a mess over the Suarez deal.

    The following year Wenger had Welbroke bought for him while Wenger only wanted him on loan for 12 months… We had spent close to £100 million in this transfer window!
    Cech as only signing… Well we did spend close to £100mil the previous year and we bought a CF in Welbroke.

    Worth keeping in mind that Ozil, Alexis and Cech all said they spoke with Wenger prior to signing and Wenger convinced them to join, I think it is fair to say those 3 have been more of a success at Arsenal than Welbroke who the board bought?

  9. Initially yes Wenger brought in Giroud and at that time he seemed like a good idea but in the ensuing four years he has missed more chances than he has ever scored and yet we have persisted in him, He has had droughts at the most calamitous of times and yet he’s still the front man with AW pushing fr him to come good and yet he still hasnt, there are a huge chunk of fans who believe that he will still be the man to lead the line next season and with AW looking like he wont be buying in another striker (he has already stated that Giroud will lead the line next season) does anybody seriously think he can do the job we require of him?
    The fans who back him and AW are wrong, he’s NOT the man to lead the line and AW has been wrong for keep trying with him and the fans that back AW’s decision to do so are also wrong the results are the results and they are not good enough.

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