Giroud will leave Arsenal if the right offer comes along

Arsene Wenger has stated that Olivier Giroud will not be leaving Arsenal in January whatever happens, but it would appear that he has changed his tune since the summer – when he asked the French Number 9 to find a new club after the arrival of Alexandre Lacazette.

Despite many rumours of offers it would appear that the only club that came close to signing Oli was Everton, but Giroud decided at the last minute that he didn’t fancy moving to Merseyside after meeting Ronald Koeman.

Didier Deschamps has told Giroud that he will need to play more to get to the World Cup, and the 30 year-old agrees with the France manager, but would only move if the ‘right opportunity’ presents itself, which obviously doesn’t include Everton.

Speaking to L’Equipe, Giroud said: “I have the World Cup at the back of my mind weekly, almost daily. Each time I go onto the pitch, it’s to be more clinical and keep on track for the World Cup.”

When directly asked if he could leave Arsenal in January, he replied: “During international get-togethers, the coach usually warns me about that.

“He has told me the things he wanted to tell me, which is totally logical and I understand. He wants me to play more.

“If I wasn’t able to leave this summer, it was because of the opportunities I had.

“It wouldn’t have been good to leave for leaving’s sake, but it’s certain that eventually, even in January, I’m going to have to ask myself the question again.

“It won’t be easy to find the right solution and take the right decision, but we’ll look at the opportunities.”

So, despite Wenger’s assertions that Giroud will not be sold, it would seem that Giroud believes the choice is up to him instead…



  1. Mobella says:

    Only Wenger can explain why he is not playing. The same way he needs to explain why he sub Lacazzete every match and leave Sanchez on when he is not playing well and it is certain he is leaving. He needs to give players that want to stay more playing time and plan for the future.

    1. jon fox says:

      Sound common sense, so you can be sure Wenger will not listen or take notice. After all, why change his habits of the last decade!

  2. shark says:

    It will not be a problem for Giroud to miss the World Cup. He is their only tall striker. Wenger will lie again that Giroud needed to leave because he wanted badly to play at World Cup.

  3. Robin Vanpayslip says:


  4. tas says:

    If Arsen Lets OG go then he has to do the same to Welback Wallcot Wilshere so no chance of AW supporting his country man above the team

    1. He let Gabriel leave for game time, he might release Giroud as well. Giroud won’t make the France squad if he keeps sitting on the bench so he should leave Wenger doesn’t seem interested in fitting him and Lacazette together…

      1. tas says:

        Gabriel just never settled in Arsenal and we have many same or better then him in the team but OG has something special that wee need when other teams park the bus and that is his ability to score goals with his head

  5. GB says:

    Giroud won’t be going anywhere. He is too important to the team. Without him I hate to think where we would be.

  6. ClassyGunner says:

    Giroud, does really well for France. For us, he has chipped in with numerous priceless contributions time and again. He may not be world class, but he is a really good player to have in your side.
    We never really looked to use his world-class aerial ability, never put in decent crosses. We hardly ever had him and Laca starting in tandem, the formation that he usually excels in.
    While world class players threw tantrums, OG concentrated on producing something, however little, for the team.

    Olivier, if you choose to go elsewhere, I will understand, however I will be very sad to see you go.

  7. Vlad says:

    Big Ollie fan here. Always was, even when some of the so-called fans were calling for his head. Does he have his limitations? He sure does. But the guy is the ultimate team player. And not only that but he plays with hunger, desire, and heart every single minute that he’s on the pitch which is extremely rare these days. Would hate to see him go but would totally understand it. This is probably his best chance of participating and possibly winning a World Cup, and it’s every player’s dream. I wish him luck.

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