Giroud wins Puskas award for best skills – Is he so bad? (plus video)

Poor old Olivier Giroud gets called many things on the Just Arsenal website, from donkey to lamp-post, but he always seems to pop up with crucial goals when you least expect them. He has scored 100 goals for the Gunners over his 5 year career and many of them have come near the end of a game when we need them the most, but Gooners have been calling for him to be replaced every year no matter how he performs.

But the French international (who keeps Lacazette on the bench for his country) scored a famous amazing Scorpion Kick last year against Crystal Palace which has been declared as the top most skillful goal of the whole year.

Here it is…..

Whilst picking up his FIFA Puskas award trophy Giroud gave the normal fawning speech that trophy winners usually give when they have the spotlight on them. Giroud said: “It’s an honour for me. I’m delighted to receive the trophy in front of all these legends.

“Thanks to those who voted for me and congratulations to the other nominees.

“Without my team-mates I couldn’t have scored. While I would also like to dedicate this to my father.”

With a speech like that he could be a Hollywood star when he retires, he already is an accomplished male model! But not just yet because surely he will continue knocking in 20 goals a season from the bench for the next couple of years.

Congrats Olivier!

Sam P


  1. ruelando says:

    Well done to a player who gives his all for arsenal

  2. Mogunna says:

    Giroud is a special team player and can score some stunning goal oua nowhere; special player iin a team for that beside a real harrasser for defense he obliges to work real hard, most funny is like when GK, CF or anyone just throws the damn dall any damn where on the field, he is always the one catching it, even our players can’t stop him…So bog up to that OG, Original gangstaa! that’s some bloody bandit goal OG, they didn’t had a chance to look at that Belgrade one, be 2 in top 3. For next year I guess, get another bandit and do 2 on top 3 this time. OG has that eye, when its in, its crazy… A true team and mainly club player; we got a great award tonight. Then, all for one goalshoes how scoring is key and so hot! Big up OG and all team, Mr Wenger tooo… He really has a team management where a Ozil flops and he is there , there and there, and Oz still outa it; think uts oZver , no coach Weng is special for that…He doesn’t let down his teamates.

  3. David Rusa says:

    Giroud’s award has exposed the hypocrisy and bias of the Premier League and FA because his goal was not recognised in England. Can you imagine that! Many of us who watched that goal had expected it to win at least goal of the month if not of the year only to be disappointed. It is only Arsenal fans who voted it the best goal. Now justice has been done. Musician Jimmy Cliff sang that you can’t keep a good man down. Congratulations Olivier.

    1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

      Congratulations to Giroud; in my view a loyal, dependable (rarely injured) and underrated Arsenal player. He would score a lot more goals if his team mates played to his strengths and placed more crosses into the box.
      By the way Griessmann is the player keeping Lacazette out of the French first 11, not Giroud. Giroud and Lacazette are different types of strikers.

      1. GunnerJack says:

        Yes – just as Griezmann and Giroud play well together for France you would think that Lacazette and Giroud would do the same job for Arsenal as Lacazette and Griezmann are very similar. However, with all his stupid experimenting, Wenger has not yet thought of this one. As it’s the most obvious experiment to try I can’t see Wenger ever thinking about it. Perhaps the tea lady can give him a hint.

        1. Skills1000 says:

          Congrats Giroud. A fantastic goal.In our 343 formation. We can play a front three of Giroud Lacazette and Sanchez/Ozil in some games. I’m Optimistic of a succesful season. We need to score more goals. Our away form has to improve.

      2. Break-on-through says:

        David, I think some of the blame lies with Arsenal fans. The twitter ones to be precise, they’ve been high-jacking poles rather than giving an honest opinion, biased (unknowingly) is one thing but not giving a fiddlers f**k is another altogether. It would make them second guess any information they collect, there would also be a case for payback if they believe we take advantage. The Puskas award itself would be riddled in bias, the panel (chose the contenders) had three of them hailing from the British isles. The voting itself is done by the fans, and we all know Giroud is maybe our most celebrated player in the last ten years. There was a Barcelona player in the running but he was not a fan favorite and those fans are immune to being awed!. Celtic have a large fan base but allot of it is Irish and most of them support a prem team 1st and Celtic 2nd. An African might get Africans behind him but allot of our fan base is haling from Africa too. Or do you have to be from Europe to vote. Anyways, I think it’s a questionable award. The FA decision was still no more or less the joke that it was, A Carroll was just taking the piss.

    2. Gooner Craig says:

      I accidentally thumbed down, when meant to thumb up. I completely agree bro. Media has always been biased towards AFC. Screw all of them haters

      1. Gooner Craig says:


  4. John says:

    Giroud not only scores goals but helps with defense during set pieces……..he brings a lot to the team…….

  5. Arsenogenic says:

    Congratulations Ollie! That was very well deserved. Amazing that the FA did not think that highly of the unbelievable talent on display, on that day particular day against Crystal Palace.

    Imagine that some call that man a donkey or a lamp post. Those calling that gorgeous man names are asses, in my opinion!

  6. say-ma-name says:

    All hail the SCORPION KING, Olivier Giroud!!! Well deserved.

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