Giroud won’t start for Arsenal at Watford – and a FULL injury update

Arsenal have had an awful start to the season without a recognised centre-forward, and have gained just one point from their first two games. It was thought that for tomorrow’s game at Watford we would at least have Olivier Giroud up front while we await the arrival of Lucas Perez, but Arsene Wenger has revealed that the Frenchman is still not fully fit and ready to go.

“Giroud is still a little fraction behind physically.” Wenger said on

So the question is will Wenger persist with Sanchez as centre-forward or will he give Walcott one more chance, or perhaps a combination of the two?

As for our other injuries, Wenger revealed that both Ramsey and Iwobi may be ready after the upcoming international games. “They are progressing well. Will it be immediately after the break [that they are back]? That’s what we’ll have to see in the next two weeks.”

Our two missing defenders Gabriel and Jenkinson, are both being forecast to return in around six weeks. This is what Wenger said when asked about Gabriel: “He’s progressing very well. He’s ahead of schedule. We said six to eight weeks and we think it could be six.

“Carl Jenkinson, we plan six weeks from today. He had to do his shoulders as well – sometimes when a guy has weaknesses and he has a big injury, you take advantage of the fact that he has a big injury to sort out the short ones. That’s what we did with him. He had the two shoulders done [too]. He went through a tough time, Carl. But he’s brave, conscientious, motivated and I think he will come back well.”

It is interesting that Wenger has said that Chambers will be going out on loan, so I wonder if Jenkinson will be kept at Arsenal after his recovery?

Our othertwo injuries, Mertesacker and Welbeck are not expected back before Christmas, so Wenger has little choice but to field Koscielny and Holding again tomorrow. But once Mustafi arrives and settles in we would then only have Holding as backup until Gabriel recovers….



  1. Just glad our defence is finally looking in good shape i can only see kos and the crew getting better with the addition on mustafi….i love our mid field uption best we’ve had in a while….up top im satisfied… not what we expected in perez but i think hes a great addition what i see is a guy with pace and someone who like closing down players i see him and Alexis clicking like Alexis click with vargas for chilli…vargas is not what we would call world class but for chilli let’s be honest him and sanchez gets it done….hoping for a win tomorrow…COYG

  2. I still believe Gabriel has potential to be world class abd even outhone Koscielny in some matches e.g home and away to Everton.He’s playing exactly like how koscielny played and I think they’ll have the same story.

  3. I hope we could wrk out a deal to send chambers to Newcastle i think benitez would really make him a better player anhe should be able to play every week in a hard championship….also would like to keep akpon around the swad i think he should be rewarded for his preseanon wrk i think giving a chance in the carling cup he would get a few goals in and he can learn everyday from our senior players

  4. I’m also praying that Perez gets all the chance to dislodge Giroud from the starting eleven.The guy has failed time and time again .The funny thing is people think Walcott has failed and feel that Giroud should be given more chances to the lead the line.But once again Theo Walcott’s total goals in totality of all his matches at Arsenal will even tell you he’s not average for a winger though he is.Wenger is a breastfeeder at Arsenal and breastfeeds a lot of the players too many times which doesn’t get the best out of them.At times some players must be benched but no he decides to breastfeed them.The funny people don’t know about Perez transfer is that he’s our hope.You know why because since Giroud will under perform again and Perez is the one everyone here is looking up to do something special in his first season.If Perez fails then to be honest we are doomed.

  5. This is bad news if it’s the case. Alexis is a real threat from the wing, up front he looks lost. Not only are we weakening ourselves up top, but also out wide. Giroud came on in the last game, so Id be very surprised not to see him.

    1. “Anyone is better than Giroud”
      Last season he scored 16 goals and was 6th top scorer in the league
      He scored more goals than Alexis, Theo or any Arsenal Player

        1. Was the same as Diego Costa though. No one is talking about but everyone says Costa is miles ahead of Giroud.

  6. Lucas Perez? Never heard of him! Rumor has it he had once agreed personal terms with Everton. Then he might be a good one. Everton and Liverpool are two clubs very good at scouting I believe. Haven’t said that he is surely not the top top player that Wenger always talks about!! Well that Lucas Perez may need time to adapt and we may end up winning nothing this season again!!

      1. Aren’t they? I mean they’re good at scouting players but always fail to get them loool. Just no one wants to play for Liverpool lol

  7. O-G not fit yet but bet you he will piss off to be with the French team for the internationals. But we might as well just stick with the same team because he needs 20 chances to score none. This is madness all the top teams have new players and they are settled in but AW says its so dam hard. Spend the money on the right players. If a club have a top player they want top money that’s life. You think how much we have spent in the last 10 years to other clubs. Yeah buying this stadium set us back a little but if you don’t buy the big players what’s the point to having this big stadium

  8. Walcott is awful, and doesn’t deserve another chance. Sanchez has been upfront for our opening two games, and I barely saw him. This my sound crazy, but why doesn’t Wenger give Akpom a chance as he’s an out and out striker? He scored something like 4 in 5 in pre season, despite not getting much game time.

    1. I’ve thought about it too. I think Akpom and Sanchez will be a crazy combination up front especially in a 442. PS: Walcott is not awful. Just needs to return to full fitness and confidence.

      1. TW is a great player but AW drains the confidence out of him. Sorry but AW is the problem because he won’t play a 442

        1. so where does Ozil fit in to this 442 idea?

          Walcott has had enough chances, all he has is pace.

          Giroud scores goals and gets assists, he is the most undervalued striker in the prem. His link up play is second to none. He doesnt have the raw ability to change a game like other strikers but when the team is playing well he is very effective.

    2. Everyone and I really mean it, everyone deserves a second chance. Even you deserve a second chance and I am saying this not knowing you personally. Why being so mean? Why being so negative?

  9. It would be good to try combinations with 2 upfront this season. with Mustafi and Kos we have an excellent defensive pairing. Add a good DM to the mix in Coq or Xhaka and we can send the fullbacks to attack with much more confidence.

    4-3-1-2 with Ozil behind the two strikers and a trio of midfielders behind him could be a better solution for the players we have. Santi, Xhaka, Ramsey for home games where we are playing on the attack and maybe xhaka, Coq and Elnanny when we are in a more defensive formation.
    All in all, Snachez -Perez or Sanchez-Giroud or even Sanchez -Wallcot up front is better than playing with a single striker and two wingers IMHO.

      1. Why Budd? and I am genuinely curious to understand. I think Ramsey or Cazorla are better options then Jack.

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