Giroud works hard but Wenger still has concerns

Olivier Giroud scored his first ever hat-trick for Arsenal against Olympiakos and the French striker is understandably basking in the glory this week. Wenger admitted that Ollie is very very good at what he does in certain situations. “If you go on counter-attack of course he is not the kind of player that you want or select first,” Wenger said. “That is why when we played against Bayern, I chose [Theo] Walcott because you know you play more in your own half and you have to go out quickly.

“But when you dominate the game and need presence in the box there is no better player than Olivier. He gives everything in every session, he is not a guy who plays within himself, but he has a good stamina, good power. When you stand next to him as a defender, it is difficult to get in front of him because he is very strong.

“I believe as well because he is not an electric type of player, he gets less spectacular actions and less credit as well [because of that]. You see a guy who is electric and you say ‘that is fantastic’. But the kind of header he scored for the first goal [at Olympiacos], you do not get so much credit.

“Olivier wants to work more,” he continued. “You need to show that you don’t lose your confidence, but he’s ready to put a shift in and to work harder. I like the career of a guy who has come down and comes up again.

“That shows you that he has mental strength. Life was not easy for him in sport because he was in small clubs and came up and plays at Arsenal. That means he has the mental strength. Mental selection is the most difficult when you go down and then come up again and he has that strength.”

Giroud has made it hard for Walcott to displace him since the Englishman returned from injury, but from those statements I would expect Theo to start against Man City. But Wenger also admitted that, despite his brilliant performance against Olympiakos, there is one other thing that worries him about him Giroud. “For him it was a perfect night and on top of that, he scored a very important penalty, because that killed the game.” Le prof said.

“My main concern is that he shows that he has the quality and the consistency [now]. Olivier had periods, I think especially at the end of last season, where he couldn’t score. Then he lost his confidence a little bit.

“This season, he didn’t start. He benefits from two things now. First, he had a rest for a good period of the season. Secondly, when Olivier is confronted with difficult moments, he responds in a very positive way. He worked even harder and I think that made him stronger.”

I for one am very pleased that Giroud has forced his way back into the team. He just seems to pop up with a goal during every game now, but I also think that it was important that he got his first-ever hat-trick. The last one may have only been a penalty but he has at last got over that mental block that made him nervous after his second goal. Hopefully he’ll start getting them on a regular basis now? Starting tomorrow at Villa perhaps……

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  1. now please can we cut the Giroud praise shut? let him focus and plan to improve more..Good thing he’s not English else the media would’ve killed him with over hyping. sorry but the English media is also among the very good reasons young players fail to live up to standard

  2. Few weeks to thhe Match between BOURNEMOUTH and MAN-UTD

    Manure were given The BOURNE NOTICE

    few Hours b4 kick-off, there were given The BOURNE ULTIMATUM

    at Full time … With the score at 2:1 ….manure witnessed The BOURNE SUPREMACY

    where was Lois Van girL in all of this?

  3. Oh La La! ArsenaL have completed the signing of Steve waLsh from Leicester city……he will play in the scouting department and wear the vacant Number 9 jersey! L()L

    1. lol….I know. His first hatrick and he has also been playing for 3.5 seasons as the main striker now. Now that is impressive and exciting. I am sure he deserves a statue next to Henry. haha….some fans are ridiculous.

        1. Look at the opposition and what is at stake…its not high pressure.
          Its a game to get to the round of 16 which we will be drawn against a heavyweight and lose….and did I mention, this was against Olympiakos. Its not like we played Bayern Munich or Barcelona and needed to win to get through. High pressure games are games against top clubs or in cup competitions rounds like Quarter finals and above against rivals that measure up in quality or have more quality than we do. Olympiakos in the EPL will be a team just above the relegation zone. Can you expect a hatrick from Giroud against a team like Norwich City in a game to determine if we made top 4? Yes, its feasible. Its not impressive.

          1. yeah you’re right….
            oh wait!! it’s exactly like he scored when we were playing Bayern and needed to score to get through! how short is your memory??

  4. Theo when playing RW makes his runs centrally as does Alexis on the left when we counter. Olivier at the moment is the best at getting a goal from his head in the league. Set pieces happen throughout the game and like our 1st goal against Bayern we were lucky he came on in time. When we are full strength those 3 should be our front attackers. I also think that Cambell belongs in the mix.

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