Giroud’s agent confirms Arsenal striker will suit Napoli

Giroud offered to Napoli?

Arsenal are supposedly in the market for a new striker and one name that has popped up on more than one occasion is Gonzalo Higuain. In fact the Argentinean has been linked with Arsenal for the past few years and The Gunners were ‘apparently’ close to signing him before his transfer from Real Madrid to Napoli.

Many expect current frontman Olivier Giroud to remain at Arsenal this summer, with any incomers being competition for the French forward, rather than being a replacement. Giroud’s agent on the other hand supposedly has other ideas, with Manuello telling the media that his client may be involved in a swap deal with Gonzalo Higuain. Manuello told Italian radio station Radio Crc: “As of today Giroud is an Arsenal forward. If they were to ask him to leave, then we’d evaluate the situation. There would be no fear for Olivier to go to Napoli, as we’re talking about a magnificent place.

In Naples my client could have a wonderful lifestyle, not to mention that Maurizio Sarri’s style of football would get the best out of a striker like him.”

It seems that Giroud’s agent is trying to stir a few rumours round in the pot and any truth to the matter remains to be seen. However I don’t think it would be wise at all to see Giroud leave this summer, no matter how frustrated you get because of him. Giroud is a good striker when he gets the service that plays to his strengths. The problem is, is that Arsenal do not always play in a style that suits him and so we don’t really get the best out of Giroud capabilities. Furthermore Giroud is a valuable option for Arsenal, just not as a first choice striker.

In my opinion Higuain wouldn’t be all too good for Arsenal either, despite his goalscoring record at Napoli. I think Higuain has more power that Giroud, but does he offer too much more than Giroud in terms of pace and hold up play? I think he would struggle with the pace of Premier League defenders much like Giroud does.

However if Arsenal do sign him, I hope to be proven wrong.


  1. This would be a terrible deal, Higuain is really not that much better than giroud, and certainly not worth an additional $50 mil

      1. But have you looked closely at the stats?

        Higuain is very slightly better than Giroud, certainly not £50m and £50k a week better, especially when both are injured one is certainly not better than the other.

        We need an extra striker, not just one instead of another. Now if it was £50m plus Sanogo then that is different.

        1. i agree with you on 50 mill plus giroud is insane. we must keep him- 20 goals a season guaranteed.

          but just watch higuains goals on utube for last season. they are not lacazette tap ins in a inferior league , gonazlo is an incredible player.

          have no idea about him atid if your saying that.

          that being said napoli know the money in this league an they squeeze the pound, so with wengers crusty wallet- never happen sorry folks

          1. Breaking news!
            Apparently Wenger has pulled the plug on signing Higuain because of the leaked news regarding Thursdays meeting with Napoli. ?
            What a miserable old ?!!

            I’m sure that admin will do an article about this, as metro have also covered this piece of news.

            1. First make up a story about signing higuain and swop giroud, with high level meeting on thursday. Then release a story that the non existent meeting has been cancelled because details have leaked.

              And us mugs read this rubbish

  2. So Giroud’s agent is a football manager that he knows what kinda style will suit his client???
    Or is he singing the song Giroud has sang into his ears?????

    Either way, if we lose Giroud because of Higuain and wenger signs only Higuain without an additional scoring winger like Sanchez,then it is our loss as that’s is not a major improvement….

    1. Has diplomatic answer written all over it!!
      If I was a footballer though… The weather and women (don’t act like Giroud wouldn’t slay it!!) in Naples would definitely be a selling point over London…

        1. essex birds? admin ur letting the side down.
          aint you seen the latinas in south london??

          hot diggedy damn

            1. Hahaha ? Yes.. a portion of chips and shes anybodys! ?
              And if you throw a penny down any alleyway, Sharon pops out! ?

  3. I beg to differ
    Higuain is considerably beter than Giroud
    A prolific striker, faster, better finisher
    Excellent Striker and an upgrade to Giroud
    Ideally, I would keep Giroud too

    One season he scored 29 goals for Real Madrid
    Last season he scored 38 goals for Napoli
    Higuain has scored over 20 total goals in a season 6 times

    Yes there is always a risk bringing foreign players to the PL but Higuain represents a better risk than Morata who hasn’t scored more than 10 goals or Lacazette who has had one 20 plus goal season in the French League

    His release clause figure is too much though at £79 million
    But if Higuain wants to leave and wants to join us and Wenger wants him, then we can try our best to haggle a lower deal

    I say give him a chance

    1. I forgot to mention that Ozil and Higuain would love playing together
      Higuain will love assistance from the best CAM in the PL
      Ozil will love being less frustrated and seeing more goals in the net

      But as I am typing this I am reading that Wenger has backed out because he is angry that negotiations meeting with apoli was leaked to the press (according to an Italian Journalist- so just a rumour)

      1. naples is no joke. they play dirty

        wenger had his shot at higuain. he got blindsided with the chance of buying suarez, kept gonzalo on ice with a low offer,
        napoli swooped in with offer of 10 more- off gonzalo went

        no suarez no gonzalo- if wenger had put ten more on either- he wouldnt have lost half the arsenal fan base cos he would have had a 30 goals a season striker an several titles in the bag.

        fine margins change destinys

        1. Ahaa my old Muff appreciating friend you know full well that Le Prof was Never really going to buy either of those two he was playing the smoke and mirrors game in order to save himself for Giroud lol
          Id love to see Higuain in an arsenal shirt he is way better than the french lamp post But I doubt this will happen I feel yet again that wenger is rolling out the reflective glass and starting his fires in order to mislead us all and then state that he WAS in for a top notch striker but it was spoiled by someone else and its not his fault

  4. Higuain is not only better than Giroud but he’s exponentially better than Giroud.If Giroud went to Napoli he wouldn’t last two seasons because the fans and the coach will be tired of him missing chances.I would’ve sold him long ago.But hey its just me.Do you Arsenal fans know that if Alex Iwobi was given the same chances as Giroud to play in centre forward role he would score so many goals.Iwobi is a natural cf he’s been wasted on the wing.

    1. It’s a shame people are thinking twice of swapping him and I would be shocked if Napoli considered him even in the swap deal.They’ll be making a mistake because he’s gonna be terrible over there.But hey it would be good for us.I’m just praying it goes through as soon as possible but I know it won’t.I pray Iwobi or Akpom is given their chance in cf role.But I know Akpom is gonna surprise everyone.He’s got quality.

  5. This is all media hype, reports in italian media are same as ours, 95% made up. What will agent say about something like this, “my client is an arsenal player and will not consider moving under any circumstances”. Of course not, his eyes will spin like cash registers and he will come out with a statement like he did

  6. Giroud’s agent be doing it for the money…… But aside that, do we really think swaping higuain for giroud is actually an improvement to the squad?

    We’d still be Lacking a back up striker (unless ofcourse wenger is foolishly considering Asano, sanogo , akpom or injured welbeck as backup)…

    What’s there to get say both Lacazette and Draxler / Lacazette and mahrez / Lacazette and griezmann or just go ahead and buy Aubameyang with the money to go…… Instead of this hapless thought of swap deal..

    The transfer window is so very annoying especially if “dull” is how we choose to play!

  7. Why are summer transfer windows such agony for arsenal.

    Why cannot we identify targets early and get the job done early. Then enjoy the euros and look forward to the new season.

    The reason we are all so anxious is because this looks like a repeat of last year.

    1. I suppose this year is a doddle compared to what we fear for next year. Sanchez and Ozil being sold because they have not signed new contacts, due to arsenals lack of ambition and not making the necessary signings this transfer window. Possibly out of champions league and having problems attracting players because of lack of ambition.

      Quote from Kroenke “We’re all working on that and that’s the big opportunity. Michael Jordan showed it – you can get paid a whole lot more if you can extend your brand. Manchester United showed it. They established benchmarks that people had thought heretofore unattainable, but their brand extension made people want to pay for it.”
      Perhaps Kroenke will then realise that manu were able to grow their brand because at the time they were winning things.

  8. We need to keep Giroud as a second striker but at tops not pay more than £45m for Higuain. Instead we should offload Walcott and Ox and use that money and more to buy Higuain.

    Then we will have a good strike force in
    Higuain, Giroud, Sanchez, Welbeck, Joel Campbell and Iwobi. That is a good forward 6 to win the league and go forward in QF or even further in UCL.

    In truth; with Higuain not wanting to renew the contract, Wenger will again wait until final day to see if Napoli reduce the asking price of £80m.

    1. If we offload too many homegrown players we won’t be able to sign non-homegrown players.

      I would say if we are to offload homegrown players it should be at least 2 of the 3 homegrown keepers – szczesney, martinez or macey.

      Then there’re other players in the non-homegrown Quota that could be moved on, sanogo, wellington, Debuchy for example.

      If we moved on 4 of those we would have room for 2 more signings. I would be fine if we moved on all 6 meaning we could make 4 new signings, of which none would have to be homegrown.

      1. True but lets be honest Theo is our biggest leach
        he does next to nothing all season and negotiates a better deal and then goes on to….thats right do next to nothing the following season.
        Id sell him in a heartbeat IF we could find someone to buy the Pr!ck.
        Trouble is Theo has been found out as being lazy unmotivated and basically Cr@p and as such noone would pay what we would seek for him so we are lumbered
        Sanogoals Ought to be got shot of too as he aint never going to cut it up front

  9. Firstly… The Giroud part of the story is BS.
    Our shortage of strikers is a bigger issue than our first choice striker. Yes, Higuain is an upgrade. But the physical demands and pace of the PL is immense. People highlight Giroud’s second half of the season (rightly so!) but in doing so just completely right off the first half of the season in which he was absolutely bossing it!! Fatigue leads to confidence issues which is why pretty much every season we see a pretty dramatic drop in form from the big frenchmen… There are only 2 PL strikers who have scored more goals than Giroud since his time in the PL. One is Lukaku (who doesn’t have Giroud’s hectic Arsenal schedule to worry about…) the other is Aguero (who gets plenty of time to freshen up on the injury table).
    Love him or hate him he’s had a substantial load to bear the last few seasons as pretty much our only, fit striker for 80% of the season…
    He has his limitations but just listen to the leagues CB’s and watch the guy. He gives opposing CB’s an absolute battering and opens space for others. Whether it’s coming on late and physically imposing himself against a tired defense that’s been given the runaround or starting (when in-form) and doing the same thing only for the tired out defense to brace themselves as we bring on that mobile striker we crave he has a big role to play for us.

    To summarize.. I find this deal (inclusive of Giroud) a bit ridiculous… It’d be 2 1/2 steps forwards and 2 steps back for what i imagine would pretty much deplete our transfer kitty.

  10. sell walcott to the highest p/l bidder (am sure west ham and liverpool would give us at least £20 million for him to say the least) and use that towards the higuain cash bid. and keep giroud. am sure wenger would go as high as £60 million in transfer cash plus walcott monies as extra to make it happen.

  11. Wenger wont sell Walcott under any circumstances he still thinks that Theo is the next Henry
    Only thing Theo has done in ten years is grow a beard.

  12. Sell Ox or Walcott instead. Keep Giroud as backup. Either way sign somebody good enough please! Our list of strikers at the moment are embarrassing. Sanogo is seriously in contention for playing time at the moment… That’s embarrassing. Arsenal need to suck it up and pay the freaking cash. Every summer we do this expecting clubs to give us discounts just because we want them. Doesn’t work like that. If Wenger wants to win EPL then he needs to start splashing the cash. Xhaka was a good start but pointless if we stop there.

    1. The question is not whether Wenger wants to win the PL but whether kroenke wishes to win the PL when he has told us he is not “involved” to win championships.

  13. I really don’t like that Girouds agent talked this up before any deal happened. When we were talking to Vardy Giroud says, yeah, I heard we were going to bring in one or two more strikers and that Vardy wants the move. Fair enough on the wanting move part, he got it wrong like the many others. But to put doubts about being the only striker we bring in, players don’t want to hear that three or four strikers could be at a club, Giroud wouldn’t. Giroud knows better than anyone that you don’t speak about transfer targets or ongoing negotiations. Now his agent went and confirmed that this was being thrown out there, in the early stages. They know better than that, especially how Arsene works, seriously beginning to think team Giroud is on a sabotage mission so he can try and prove people wrong one more time.

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