Giroud’s comments prove Arsenal are coasting in comfort zone

To win a Premier League title takes a lot of things to go right for you over the course of a long campaign, and while some of those things like a bit of luck along the way with the rub of the green and the decisions o0f the officials, along with a relatively injury free squad cannot be guaranteed, another thing that Arsenal seem to lack is not down to the whims of fortune, a winning mentality.

We have seen the Gunners fail to turn up in key games and crumble at crucial periods in the season and it is fairly obvious to all and sundry that this is not the way to become champions of England. I am seriously worried about Arsene Wenger carrying on, even though I have great respect for the Prof and what he has done for the club, because along with the stability that having a long term manager brings, there is the danger of stagnation and it appears that Arsenal are coasting along in a comfort zone right now.

Maybe the board are worried that a change of manager will cause the same sort of problems that we have seen at Manchester United post Fergie and to be fair they might be right, especially when Wenger has kept us in the top four year after year.

What is worse, though, is that the players also seem to be in this comfort zone and the recent comments of our striker Olivier Giroud on the managerial situation, reported by The Guardian, tells me that this is certainly the case.

Giroud said, “We want Arsène Wenger to renew his contract, to continue his adventure, because we support him. We hope we can win the Cup and that Arsenal qualify for the Champions League.”

We keep hearing about player power being behind the sacking of managers, even to the extent of Chelsea getting rid of Mourinho just a few months after he led them to the title. At Arsenal it seems to be the other way around. Why would players be happy to play under a manager who continually fails to bring them the success and silverware that the game is supposed to be all about?

Because it is easy and they get well paid without having to give everything perhaps?


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