Giroud’s Euro 2016 Golden Boot chase great news for Arsenal

Whatever you think about the striker situation at Arsenal with the France international Olivier Giroud, with some claiming the big man is simply not up to the job and some feeling that he just needs more help, I think we can all agree that Arsenal are much better off with a Giroud that is full of confidence than one who is not.

That is why Arsenal fans should be feeling very happy about the way that Euro 2016 has gone so far, unless you happen to be an England fan as well of course but let’s not go into that. Giroud went into this tournament with a lot of criticism ringing in his ears after enduring the longest barren spell in front of goal in an Arsenal shirt. And despite ending that run with a hat-trick on the final day and scoring for his country he was the target of some jeering from the French fans.

Things have really started to motor for the big man at the big tournament though, with two well taken goals in last night’s quarter-final win over Iceland taking him onto three for the tournament. As well as surely cementing his place in the France side Giroud is now right in the race for the Golden Boot, with only his team mate Antoine Griezmann ahead on four goals so far.

Giroud is tied on three with Bale, Payet and Morata but the Spaniard’s tournament is over and with the Arsenal striker leading the line for France who are now scoring freely I think he has a good chance of finishing on top. That would be a great boost for Arsenal to get our centre forward back buzzing and full of the confidence that could help him to start the Premier League title challenge with a bang.

Will he win it and what would it mean to Arsenal if he does?


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  1. For Arsenal to win the league they need a centre forward like griezmann, considering the players in the market Milik,Lacazette,Icardi or even Janssen can still join the club if a good offer is placed on them. Having CF removes the pressure off Giroud where teams will focus on the pace of the 2nd striker which has worked brilliantly. Make it happen Arsene!!!

    1. I think we have a centre forward like griezmann – alexis, plays in a front 2 for Chile and just got man of the tournament too.

  2. I really hope Giroud wins the
    Goalden boot award because
    some big clubs might put
    in some big bids for him 🙂
    OT. Euro 2016 has been as dull as the weather has been wet.
    Germany v France is the first and only game of any real interest.

  3. Watching France operate their attack with OG being the target man is beautiful football. He attacks every cross or lob in his vicinity with great results. If he can drop it off in the air to Payet or Griezman then you are in business because he has just opened up the space because the defender is now jostling with OG. Is Payet or Griezeman better than what we have?,then I say a definite yes because both players can use both feet and swirl around OG when a ball comes in or like yesterday when a ball came in to OG with back to goal and he let it go with a flick and Griezeman was off on a breakaway which he chipped the Iceland keeper.

    If OG gets crosses in he becomes very dangerous if not then goals from him and the attack struggle. Nacho and Bellerin seeing they are essentially our wide players must cross the ball with better results.
    I personally like Theo and hope his game can take off along with the Ox.

  4. No, it is not a good news at all …
    Now, Wenger will come and say we are OK, we have the a striker with a Golden Boot …

    1. There’s more chance of Arsenal signing a WC striker than Giroud winning the Golden boot, Especially With Germany up next.
      I reckon Ronaldo will win that, after he scores a Hat-trick against Wales. ? He has 2 goals already and even though he has been absolutely ? so far,he is long overdue to show some of that Real Madrid form that we have all come accustomed to… Plus the bias fact that I laid out £100 on Portugal to win this tournament before it started @ 16/1 ?

      1. Haha, I voted you down coz he might just do it but you made me laugh, I do love being biased too when I have a bet running. Good luck to you lets hope it’ll be your round when the tournament is over:D!

  5. ____________Giroud
    ______Draxler Ozil Sanchez
    ________Xhaka Cazorla
    Monreal Koscielny Gabriel Bellerin

    If we can’t get a striker, we should buy a tricky left winger instead, who can run off Giroud.

    1. Mahrez would be alot cheaper than Draxler and he is proven in the premier league, aswell as being alot less prone to injuries… just saying ?

      1. @FbG
        This makes more sense then going bankrupt over a CF….We all know Olivier is not a prolific striker. But he does hump his back off in order to supply the other front men who play with him. 2 pacy,clinical wide men and a tricky AM are harder to defend against than 1 lethargic targetman…Plus, it gives Ozil a choice of more mouths to feed.

    2. Cech
      Bellerin Chambers Koscielny Monreal
      Ramsey Xhaka Cazorla
      Giroud Alexis

      Jenkinson Mertesacker Gabriel Gibbs
      Wilshire Coquelin Elneny
      Walcott Campbell

  6. If Giroud wins the golden boot you can forget us getting a top striker or winger.

    Wenger will be happy with Giroud, Walcott, Akpom, Asano,, OX, Iwobi, Ramsey (RW(, Ozil (LW i f needed-

  7. It’s nice seeing any Arsenal player doing well at the Euros, but it’s a disaster for Arsenal! Certain players need replacing, and Giroud is one of them. I wouldn’t sell him, but we definitely need an upgrade, and someone more suited to our system.

    Wenger shouldn’t let a handful games confuse him into thinking we don’t need a top striker. Look at Giroud’s four years at Arsenal for proof of that, but sadly Wenger NEVER looks back at a season to figure out where it all went wrong, if he did, then the same mistakes wouldn’t repeat themselves year after year.

  8. Nothing is going to change Giroud into the striker who will succeed in the PL to the level we need him to. He is too slow and goes missing too often. Scoring two against Island is not unlike scoring three against Villa.

    I hope for him he scores against the Germans.

    From an Arsenal point of view I don’t think a golden boot for Giroud will change Wenger’s transfer plans one bit. I don’t think Wenger was ever going to bring in a replacement for Giroud.

  9. Thinking now..and i knw im get b hated fr this one…bt i think it would b worth it to get Van Persie up front…guys we welcomed Flamini back after he was the perfect partner to Cesc(in a season in nearly won the league) so why nt go fr Van 4mill its a good option..imagine his game kicks back into life i guarantee u guys will get over it…i hate the fact he left us fr ManU bt he wanted the league at a time when he wasnt sure hw muchh he had left in the tank..gv the guy a break

  10. Grizman is on 4 goals and he has a better chance of adding to his tally than OG. I’d really want OG to win it just for bragging right and hoping some clubs might just put in a bid for him.

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