“Give him the number 1” Positive fan reaction as Ramsdale keeps a clean sheet

Aaron Ramsdale kept a clean sheet in his first Premier League start as Arsenal beat Norwich City 1-0.

The Gunners had made a losing start to the campaign with three losses from their opening three league matches.

That was the worst start the club’s fans could have imagined after spending more than every Premier League club in the last transfer window.

The Gunners had also not scored a goal before their match against Norwich and headed into the game with a goal difference of -9.

They needed to beat the Canaries who were also on a similar three-game losing streak.

To do that, they had to play better than they have done all season and Mikel Arteta rang the changes to his lineup.

One of the changes he made was naming Ramsdale as his goalkeeper ahead of Bernd Leno.

The former Sheffield United man helped the Gunners to keep a clean sheet in the 1-0 win and the club made a post about his first league start on Twitter.

Fans filled the comments with some positive remarks, with some asking him to become their number one now.

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  1. I do not see any positive from their performance
    Keeper was untested for most of the game
    It was against a team we was to beat 7up
    Viera a considerable option for me

    1. Gabriel contributed towards the clean sheet more than Ramsdale with his excellent blocks. white did ok as well. The team fought together defensively.

  2. The perfect result really.
    1-0 means players will remained grounded.
    Fan expectations are kept low.
    Burnley start favourite against us next game.
    Ramsdale, Tomi, White get valuable game time. Partey gets back out there. Squad player Niles shows the decision to keep him was right. Two of our direct competitors for top 6 Spurs and Leicester lose. Westham another top 6 competitor draw. Our main striker scores. Willock fails to score fourth game in a row again showing the decision to sell was right.
    Back 5 look good already.
    Squad depth looking promising and with no Europe we will be fresher than our top 6 competitors
    3 DM now Partey Niles and Xhaka.
    Pressure eased on youngsters ESR +Martinelli.
    Our strike force can only improve.
    Strong reserve squad so expect a complete rotation v Wimbledon.
    Top 6 by Xmas for sure.

      1. 😂, imagine that,Burnley are now favourites against us! he is taking lowering your expectations to a new level,no Europe this season, I’ve got an idea for next season, let’s try no Europe,no domestic cups to keep our players fresh & rested and MA can have even more time on the training ground with the squad no??

      2. Whats wrong with his post?

        He is just backing team to do well. Thats every fans job and responsibility. He is doing it well.
        Is he over optimistic? Many players have played just 1-3 PL games for Arsenal. If we are giving final verdict on basis of 3 games then is it not over pessimistic?

        I am not a fan of MA. But hold nothing against players who were bought in last 14 months. They are not taking the squad backwards from where it already was. Who knows, new coach comes in Oct and team suddenly has different outlook!

    1. fairfan, you are a welcome breath of fresh air on this doomster ridden site.

      Lots of sensible points! I dissent on top six by Chritmas though; its too soon from where we are. But by May, PERHAPS!

      1. Lots of sensible points?Burnley are favourite against us,what a joke actually that’s not even funny but sad.

        1. “Burnley are favourite against us”

          Are you sure betting sites are giving better odds on Burnley beating us? Or is it usual pessimistic Arsenal fans claiming Arsenal favourites to loose?

    2. I think you better say that we only lost 3 games this season and will win and draw the remaining matches. We will give Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool, Leicester City and Tottenham very good fights by drawing or winning them.

      If you need either farsighted or nearsighted spectacles, I can sponsor you!

      Someone’s naivety has no boundaries!

  3. Ramsdale notably appears more vocal than Leno. 2 difference styles but I feel we need players gearing up the team. He did just that, notably when a free kick was cleared by the wall.
    Loud applause and cheering and high fives from the keeper.
    Top debut

    Also Tomiyasu had a top debut. No question the quality he has and attitude is what we need. A fighter.

    Gabriel and White had a good period training together during the international break and that showed today.
    I feel we can now see Tierney venture forward without a concern for the defence being exposed too much.

    Interesting move for MN in midfield, he did okay like Longoka.

    Overall some decent performances on show as the team get to know each other and learn about positioning, movement, timely runs…

    Cant expect it all to click in the first match together, I think in this case you look at the individual performances more and definitely a huge positive debut for Ramsdale
    (As well as a few others)

    1. You are a biased team supporter. The team was lost for most of the game . They were playing unnecessary long balls without directions and was praying for miracles .
      I do not know what side of the television you watched . Your verdict sounds more like for Manchester United performance than arsenal.
      I think you only see through 3 points

      1. Some people still don’t know that performances are more telling than results,you will not win many games by playing poorly,you might get a win here or there but over the season,you will not be competing at the top end of the table, that’s for sure!

  4. Ramsdale didn’t do anything special but he has to be No1 and he has to be better than Leno, bigger tests ahead than Norwich.

  5. the old adage about Keepers is that if you have two number 1’s, you have no number 1’s, so a definitive decision will likely have to be made…Leno certainly didn’t help himself with his chatter about his future inklings, albeit some of his words were taken out of context, or the fact that he hasn’t really improved in those areas of his game that are vitally important from a tactical standpoint, but there will be match-ups where his world-class shot-stopping might be dearly missed…beyond that, my biggest concern is that if we roll exclusively with Ramsdale, we might severely hamper our ability to get top dollar for Leno in the off-season, which might be a tough pill to swallow should funds be far more limited next summer than during our most recent window

  6. Let’s get behind our team and support it with the energy and commitment.
    Lets give MA the support he needs. Being negative about your own baby doesn’t make anyone a hero. It takes away the confidence.
    Gunners for life!

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