Gladbach slam early Arsenal transfer bid for Xhaka

There have been Arsenal transfer rumours for months about the possible summer signing of the Switzerland international midfield star Granit Xhaka. Over the last few weeks the reports have grown ever more confident in predicting that the talented 23-year old would be the first transfer acquisition of the summer for Arsenal.

In recent weeks the reports have all but declared the Xhaka to Arsenal move a done deal and the German press this week suggested that Arsene Wenger has already made a transfer bid for the central midfielder but the sporting director of his current club Borussia Monchengladback, Max Eberl, has moved quickly to slam such rumours, even though he also admits that his Bundesliga club is going to struggle to hold on to their young star if the right sort of offer from the right place comes in.

Sky Sports have reported Eberl as saying, “There is no official offer. But Granit Xhaka is an issue. It’s clear he has generated interest at other clubs.

“We have to wait and see what happens.”

Xhaka has already said this season that he dreams of playing in the English Premier League and it sounds like he will get his wish next season, but Arsenal are not the only EPL club linked with him, Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool being another and there are also the rumours linking Arsenal with the Leicester City and France star N’Golo Kante.

With Francis Coquelin and Mohamed Elneny already fighting for the deep lying midfield role, is a DM transfer really what we need this summer? And if so would you rather the boss went for Xhaka or Kante?


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  1. Nothing is a done deal until its on
    Its better not to get too excited
    One season Higuain was a “done deal” but never happened
    Last summer we didn’t sign any outfielder

    1. I fail to understand why are we not looking at William Carvalho? He is a tank of a player and would be the ideal upgrade for Coquelin in the DM role. Elneny or Xhaka are very similar in terms of playing style (although Xhaka seems much more talented). Hence more than Xhaka, we should sign a prober ball winner in the middle of the park like Carvalho.

  2. Just because we have decent players in that role doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still look to improve. I’m not going to pretend I watch the guy play, but a 6’1 physical presence in the heart of the midfield is what we’ve been lacking for years. At the age of just 23, he’s captain at Gladbach. So he’s a leader? We’ve been lacking that too.

    As for him or Kante, I’ve obviously watched Kante a lot more and Xhaka would be a pretty special talent to top Kante in that role.

    1. Id say, going by articles, that Xhaka is the better all round player, and we know Kante is tops at ball winning. If everything they said about Xhaka is true, well then Id want him more, a Kante beside him would be great though. Coq is a good ball winner himself, but would someone think to themselves ..?if only Coq could win one or two extra challenges a game, I think we’d be title favorites. Probably harsh of me, or it might actually make us that much better, I don’t know, but I believe myself that the difference in Arsenal would be very minimal. With that, I think Xhaka sounds like he’s the right way to go. Like you say, he’s tall, little nasty streak, and a leader who’s very good at everything he needs to be good at.

  3. Xhaka is indeed an excellent player! But until I see it on arsenal .com as a done deal I’ll believe it!

  4. Coquelin and Elneny are not deep lying playmaker (DLP) dude. Coq is a DM and I see Elneny more as B2B like Ramsey. Santi Cazorla is our only DLP. You can push Elneny, Rambo, or Jack to this DLP role but none of them as good as Santi.
    Arsene probably realize that he can’t let this DM role to Arteta or Flamini anymore (thank God).So, we’ll ultimately need another DM because it’s proven that Coq couldn’t pass one season without injury. He’ll need DM partner and competitor at once. Xhaka or Kante is available for the job. This an’t be easy, so Arsene must move quick.

    1. Bang on! Elneny is a proper B2B player like Ramsey or Wilshere. Santi wasn’t so but has slotted into that role well. So a proper DM is definitely needed. Xhaka can be our replacement for Ramsey or Wilshere, if we sell them.

  5. I will only celebrate once an official source from the club (Wenger) confirms the deal is on the cards! Thought I can’t stress enough how surprised I was seeing that the Xhaka deal was widespread across the internet: both reliable & garbage sources as well as a consensus on the fee.

    Now if that deal happens even if our midfield is staked does it have such a commending stature (physical & leadership)? I don’t think so and as a defensive midfielder he clearly trumps both Coquelin & Elneny and seems more complete too. But at the same Elneny has been a force at the end of the season even if a small sample!

    But Xhaka alone will not fix the issues of the squad!! Even with Welbeck injury that should not stop the club from looking at a Primary option to lead the line…somebody that players can trust & have confidence to finish the job in any situation (even if that is the only occasion of the game) that will make them stronger! I personally would keep Giroud as he showed more than Walcott & can be a super sub!!

    Finally we do have 4 defenders but Mertesacker isn’t getting any younger & his speed is a liability! Wenger has tried on many occasion to field Kos-Gab but injuries & suspensions has delayed there growth as a pair. If they do manage to play more next season Per (leader in the locker room & players listen to him) will find minutes hard to come by…will he still stay? Also Gabriel needs to show more commending performance! Chambers can be great but not enough game time. Probably might go on loan! Wenger will have to work hard on this one & get a young but great defender….

    I didn’t want to speculate on names but hard decisions for the boss specially in what could be his last…

    1. Gabriel’s utterly ridiculous decision making is far more of a liability than Mertz’s pace has, or ever will be…
      I’m all for a new CB but from what i’ve seen this season, he’s the most worrying of our CB’s. I’d honestly rather see what Chambers could do TBH.

      1. I hear you but…how can someone who was so good with Villarreal be like he has been with us?
        1) Being in and out is doesn’t help
        2) Not being accustomed to speaking english as well…even when you want to say something to your teammate (positioning) unless he speaks spanish/portuguese it becomes rather complicated
        3) Indeed he has been scary at times this season but he better turn a corner…

        Bayern has bought Hummels & I doubt they will go for someone else…some names are out there less experience and cache but have already proven big things and knocking at the door: Kostas (Roma), Marquinhos (PSG), Laporte (Bilbao), Gimenez/Lucas (Atletico), Stones (Everton)…competition for those will be fierce but get one of them and your set!

  6. Everything I read about Xhaka tells me he is a top top player. They say he is a decent orchestrator from deep, good at duels, hard working and tough in the tackle. He’s also slightly above six foot, a plus in my opinion. He sounds like he’s worth the buy out fee. Wonder what Elneny thinks of it, we bought Elneny for the same price Gladbch bought Xhaka. If he is our target we should make a move already. but we need to be careful that Gladbch aren’t just using AFCs name to generate business, all the sounds are that they want to sell.

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