Glen Hoddle insists Tottenham outshined Arsenal in the second half

Glen Hoddle has provided his analysis of Arsenal’s 2-2 draw against Tottenham this afternoon, emphasising that the Gunners were clearly outperformed in the latter part of the match.

Tottenham proved to be a formidable force, making life difficult for Mikel Arteta’s team, who found themselves unable to secure a victory against their local rivals.

Despite the absence of Harry Kane, Spurs have enjoyed a promising start to the season, a fact that was evident throughout the game. The Lilywhites managed to hold their own against Arteta’s men in most aspects of the match, while the pressure seemed to get the best of the Gunners in the second half, especially after losing Declan Rice.

Following Rice’s departure from the match, Arsenal encountered significant difficulties in their pursuit of a win, ultimately settling for a draw. Hoddle maintains that it was Tottenham who displayed superior performance in the second half.

He said on Premier League productions:

“Spurs controlled the second half. Arsenal were very disappointing in the second half but Spurs showed a lot of character. They showed they’re the real deal, going across there and getting a point in the manner they did.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Spurs will feel they deserved the point and we truly let them impress in the fixture. We were far below the level fans expected and have to make things better in our next game.

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      1. Isn’t it funny, GB how we can all see the same game but see it differently? I thought that later in the second half we were stronger than Spurs.

  1. Arsenal were very poor after the first 20 mins. We play so open and lack ideas, when we dont have the ball and when teams defend well and deep against us. This was supposed to show spuds up. I think it did the opposite.

  2. I don’t think they outshined. Jorghino receives the ball and has all the time but chooses to make a sloppish dribble. he’s not helped by experience at all.
    Secondly Havertz is brought on instead of ESR. Arteta will entually risk his job with insistence to have Havertz on the field. With him we struggle to make an oimpact all the time.

    let’s agree we signed the wrong player and give him time to make up his mind if he really wants the job or not. Havertz is NOT psychologically prepared right now.
    Smith Rowe has demonstrated his capabilities in the past. If Smith Rowe were playing for Brighton, we should be struggling to sign him by now for 100M

  3. Just got in from the game and have been reading the comments, here’s my take :
    .We were the better team for over twenty five minutes and bossed the game.
    They were the better side from then onwards to half time and it was inevitable that they were going to score, despite a superb save from Raya.

    They kicked Saka from pillar to post – got caught out by Gabriel, who should have scored for 2-0 but overall 1-1 was a fair half time scoreline.

    Second half was a different story – we were awful and kept giving the ball away.
    They were much quicker in all departments and we were playing sideways and backwards once again and getting nowhere.
    Why MA took Gabriel off and kept Nketiah on is a complete mystery to me, along with bringing ESR on to do what exactly, with just minutes to go???
    Jorginho made a schoolboy error, but didn’t put a foot wrong after that.
    We should have had another penalty that was missed by var and the referee and ended up grateful for the point against a side who, once they realized could win the game, outclassed us.

    Awful team selection to begin with, Viera is NOT ready yet – Nketiah was invisible and lucky not to have been sent off – Nelson was a waste of time and, at least, Havertz tried to influence the game – ESR was ignored once again – White, Saliba and Gabriel were great in their positions – Raya had no chance with either goal, but took too many risks at the back…. And the most sobering thoughts?
    The spuds were better than us and WILL be a force to be reckoned with.
    We will NOT win the CL or the PL if we play like this and select players who are out of their depth.

    So disappointing after the CL game and we are performing nowhere near as good as last season – wake up and smell the coffee!!!

    1. Excellent review of the game from the terraces ken1945. I had to miss out on going but my son and grandson went and had similar thoughts to you. I watched on tv and thought both Saliba and White were men of the match. I was really surprised Nketiah wasn’t sent off for the horrible tackle on their keeper.

  4. yep we hare down south are not to happy. MA should have rested Saka earlier on wed. day, tired legs.
    our boys lost concentration twice after they scored.The forst 2min after a goal is scored they defending team loose concentration. MA must work on it.the gunners are now dangerous

  5. So last year despite topping the league for the most part,we got no credits from pundits, medias, newspapers…. however for some reasons,this season after 6 PL games and no European football, according to those same people,the Spuds are no longer spursy,weak, bottlers…and are now the real deal .🤔
    Anyway the season has just started and is going to be a long one for every teams and even more competitive.there will be many more twists and turns, on top of that we’ll get injured players back.last season,we hit the ground running and faded away towards the end of the season.this season we may have had a slower start but as long as we keep collecting points while not playing our best football, hopefully around Christmas,we might finish strongly.if one thing,this team has shown us is that they learn from past mistakes .

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