Gnabry adds to Arsenal international woes – One to go

Arsenal fans now have just one more week of nail biting and tension to endure before we know that all of our players will be ready for the big push for the Premier League title next season. If all goes well, this time next week will see an injury free Alexis Sanchez celebrating a Copa America triumph with his Chile team mates and heading for a richly deserved summer holiday.

But the Gunners´ young German forward and winger, Serge Gnabry, was the latest one of our players to suffer disappointment this summer. Just like our England international defender Calum Chambers, Gnabry had no chance to help Germany avoid a hefty 5-0 drubbing at the hands of Portugal, as he was an unused sub in Germany´s final game of the under 21 Euro championship.

We will have to hope that Chambers and Gnabry can put their international disappointment to one side, or even better use it to spur them on to greater efforts in club football. At least they will be fit and fresh for Arsenal and I am sure that both young Gunners will be keen to make their mark on the first team.

It has hardly been a great summer for them as they may as well have been off on a beach somewhere. At least our right back Carl Jenkinson played every minute for the England under 21 side and he was one of the few bright spots in England´s latest tournament failure. That should do Jenks a lot of good as he looks set to spend another season on loan, where he should get plenty of first team football.

As long as Alexis gets through the next two Chile games unscathed though, I reckon we can be fairly pleased about the summer and optimistic about Arsenal´s chances in the coming months.

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    1. On what basis you make a statement this huge???what’s your source???do u know Vidal personally???

      1. i agree -im getting pissed off with this now.
        getting everyone’s hopes up, including mine….

    2. its not a done deal, until its confirmed i won’t believe it. It could just be Vidal’s agent trying to get a mega contract for him as it has 2yrs left kinda like what Ramos’ agent is doing.

    3. Chec isn’t even confirmed yet..let’s all just wait until the transfer window opens and stop getting excited about these media hype

    1. Gnabry was coming good till he picked up that injury last season, he almost broke into the first team. I excpect him to do so in a year or two. He would become an awesome right winger. We have so many talented players capable of playing on the right wing, ox/Theo/gnabry and yet we use Ramsey. I don’t get Wenger. Chambers did well when he played at cb, good performances. He is one for the future, but I think he has lots to offer this coming season…and Alexis will be just fine…do not worry

  1. Alexis is going to need a proper break at some point, if we’re to avoid losing him for longer. I think all that football plus the air miles gives us reasonable cause to suspect he might not be playing that much for us in August.

    However with signings plus increased optimism and an air of “feel good factor” around the club hopefully once he’s recuperated properly he’ll be hitting the ground running in a team that has hit the ground running.

  2. no more playing time for our academy in the first team if we really wanted to compete for the title, so better to send them out on loan

  3. Vidal is touch and go as he suffering from whiplash. But apart from that we are ready to rrrrrrrrumble!

      1. Vidal is not coming to arsenal. He will stay in Turin. I know someone who knows his agent. They are buddies, he said its all bullll s…..t. Don’t even count on it a bit. If I could bet against Vidal joining arsenal I would bet my entire savings on it.

  4. My favorite gooners on this site, muffdiver, budd, ny gunner, champagne charlie. I really like your comments makes much more sense than the 5 yr olds on this site.

    1. The best on the site that i remember is or was Sgt Pepper. I think thats what his name was, i loved how he defended our manager when he was most in need. Also has great general knowledge.

      Also i reckon Jonestown1 is possibly the most well educated man on the site, very decent vocabulary.

      A couple from the names you mentioned i agree on.

      1. Well said, lying but well said. The two i mentioned from his bunch, are up there within ten to twelve other names that i seek out because i enjoy there input. My honest answer would be that i have enjoyed reading comments from almost every gooner on here at one stage and another… also yours friend.

    1. Its a wait for it… Metro story. Metro are reporting that the man who first broke the Sanchez story has said on radio that Arsenal have tied Vidal down to a four year contract and are waiting til the copa finishes to announce it. He later tweeted it too.

  5. I’d say Sanchez should have the whole of July as his holiday, dude really needs his rest, worldcup, premierleague, copa america, there’s only so much the human body can take.

    1. human?! the guy is a mothaf***ing terminator but yeah he’s gotta cool off before the start of next season.

  6. I like Gnabry……His time will definitely come. Transfer news will be heated from next week till the season starts. I am optimistic. I love this club!

  7. This Vidal situation really is gathering momentum , hopefully it’s true ! To much talk from many different sources to have no truth I’d say, instead of the usual metro or mirror ! Fingers crossed

  8. Dreaming of our new line up.

    Bellerin, Gabriel, Koscielny, Monreal
    ———Vidal ———-Ramsey———
    —Alexis—–Walcott —–Ozil—–

    No need for an out and out cdm as we have 3 tacklers in Vidal, Wilshere & Ramsey. Coq to be used to secure lead or when more protection needed.#

    Pure 4–3-3 Wilshere in Pirlo role.

    1. Or even better,

      Bellerin, Gabriel, Koscielny, Monreal

      This is the one for me.. Where could we improve, Ricardo Rodriguez for Monreal, Hummels for Gabriel, Aubamayang for Walcott maybe….

      1. I concur.

        Don’t usually agree with people’s line ups but this formation play’s to the strengths of our squad and could easily rotate players. It would work just as well rotating with Le Coq, Santi, Ox, welbeck, Giroud. Plus it’s a hard working midfield packed with quality.

        1. The 2nd squad is the one I agree with. Also i’d say that would put Alexis almost in a free role able to drift all over the pitch causing havoc.

          1. What about the width. Ox Alexis Welbeck and Theo gives us best wing play. When Ramsey Cazorla or Ozil play out there almost everything comes back infield, becoming predictable. There are times it works but there has been many cases when we look lethargic.

            Theo for example, how often have we seen him receive an early ball and he breaks away for assist or goal. We would be almost taking that away from our threat.

        2. Your both leaving Cazorla out. You both crazy?

          Personally, don’t know if we even need Vidal, bring on the red thumbs haha

          1. Yes I am leaving Cazorla & Coq out, very good players. I am just imagining how we would line up with Vidal. Vidal plays along side Pogba with Pirlo in a registra role. How could Arsenal line up the same way.

            1. So your dropping Coq out, despite for the first time since Gilberto we have finally have defensive cover! Just don’t understand that mate

              1. If we have a midfield with 3 tough tackling midfielders with Wilshere, Ramsey & Vidal we don’t need an out and out CDM. You see Madrid or Barcelona playing with one? Coquelin still useful for situations we need him, when we need to go to a more defensive 4-2-3-1. However if we want goals we need to play a more attack minded 4-4-2.

                Or should we ditch Vidal?

                1. Only one problem, wilshere looses more balls than he tackles for them. And he’d need the technical discipline to hold on to the ball in that deep role, something coq is better at…

        3. yes it is 4-4-2 like we played at invincibles. 2 strikers allows us to rotate the front a lot more. Ramsey and Oxlade can rotate. Wilshere/Coquelin rotate Pirlo role. Ozil/Cazorla rotate ACM role. Vidal and Wilshere can rotate. This line up gives us maximum flexibility.

          Do we always need to play 4-2-3-1 like we do most of our games?

      2. Ok I see some thumbs down over the second one. Same players slightly different positions. The thumbs down must be about my suggested improvements. If i go by the rumours we are linked with striker, left back and centre back. So based upon the 4-4-2 i suggested where could we improve further.

        To me Ricardo Rodriguez is an upgrade over Monreal, we have been linked with other left backs but this guy is the top.

        Gabriel is fine but I see more rumours linking us with other potential centre backs. To me Hummels is still what Arsenal lacks, a true leader at the heart of defence.

        Striker wise I am not sure yet which one will really improve Arsenal and is available. Aubamayang maybe….

    2. I would rather have giroud upfront. If we were to use Theo as a striker he should come behind giroud. Giroud is a better striker compared to Theo. Don’t get carried away cuz Theo scored goals against 2 struggling teams

  9. Cech and Vidal signed and seal.

    get messi to play the right wing


    Ronaldo as the striker.

    Then Wenger should stay

  10. I am excited about Vidal. He would improve Arsenal massively. If we get him for 21 mil it is a steal when you consider ManU spend 64 mil on ADM. He could also bench some of our players like Wilshere, Ramsey, Cazorla or Coquelin. I am not upset by that. I do think when we get him we should make way in letting Flamini, Arteta & Rosicky go.

  11. Cech

  12. We’ll see when the window closes, I’m in no rush for new signings because if we do sign players they need to be world class.

    And I would like to see 5-6 new academy players picked amongst the very best.

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