Gnabry says Wenger would have succeeded at Bayern Munich

Serge Gnabry has backed Arsene Wenger to be a success if he had managed in the German Bundesliga.
Wenger had claimed that he was approached by Bayern Munich to succeed Nico Kovac last season when the Croatian was fired.

The deal didn’t went through, if it had, the Frenchman would have managed some of the most talented players on the planet, and of course Gnabry again.

The German attacker who was on the books of Arsenal from 2011 to 2016 has now revealed that he believes that Wenger would have been a success as a manager of the German team. He claimed that Wenger would have succeeded because the Frenchman has proven to be a top manager that can lead a team.

He then compared Wenger with his current manager, Hans Flick and claimed that he is probably the difference between them since he is a more matured player now. He said via Mail Sport: ‘Do I think he could have success? For sure. He’s proven that he’s been a fantastic manager to lead a club,’

‘I would say the difference [between Wenger and Flick] for myself, being an older player, it’s probably easier to communicate with the coach. 

‘When you just come in and you’re very young, sometimes you are maybe a little bit shy but football-wise they’re both on a very, very high level.’

It is interesting that Wenger turned down managing one of the best clubs in the World. It would been a great sending off as winner of the Treble in Germany, and maybe the Champions League too!

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      1. The Unai Emery doing wonders with Villa real currently? The won that won the Europa league three consecutive times with sevilla? OK….. People say Tottenham are our biggest challenge in the Europa. But I don’t pray we play Villa Real, at least not yet.

        1. Yup Unai is a great guy. Shame he couldn’t get the required support and presence to work out for us. I hope the one thing that he might learn is to handle big player egos well though. That was his undoing at PSG and here.

  1. he is honest and accurate, thankful too. …

    shame is not to have Wenger as Arsenal president of Arsenal, perfect transition and mainly common sense to keep him zt the club as Reds dlne with their legend Sir Alex.

  2. Mr. Wenger would have been successful at Bayern, that’s a given. And going by the opponents they faced in last year’s champs league and their league, he would have replicated their success. His attacking ethos would have been well complimented by defensive strength that Bayern has and his love for younger players would ensure starts for Davies and the required lookins for that dutch guy. And overall he would have finally won the trophy that eluded him the most, the UCL.

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