Goalkeeping great says Cech may NOT win Arsenal the League

Those of us of the Arsenal persuasion will always say that David Seaman was the best keeper to play for the England national team, but others will disagree and a lot of those will say that the former Nottingham Forest star Peter Shilton was the Three Lions’ best ever, and he did amazingly win 50 more caps than the 75 of the Arsenal legend. He was certainly a brilliant keeper and knows what it takes to excel better than most.

So maybe we should be a bit worried about what Shilton said about the new Arsenal Number One. As reported by the Daily Star, Shilton suggested that the Arsenal might not have solved all our problems and suddenly turned into Premier League winners overnight because of this transfer.

He claimed that the Chelsea defence which operated in front of Cech was a big reason for the Czech keeper’s reputation, and that the likes of John Terry in the back line gave Cech the confidence he needed to perform. So Shilton reckons that the Arsenal back line will need to offer our new keeper the same sort of protection and if we don´t, then it could see Cech struggle.

The all-time England caps record holder said, “He is not getting any younger. I have always rated him, he is a top quality good goalkeeper, but I’ve just thought on a few occasions that when Chelsea struggled, he struggled a bit sometimes.

“He was playing behind a really good defence at Chelsea and that gives you confidence week in, week out but if he doesn’t get that cover we will see if he has that top quality and that confidence to perform.”

Before you start to panic though Arsenal fans, check out this stats comparison on Squawka.com between Cech and Chelsea´s new Number One Thibaut Courtois, rated as one of the very best in the world and playing behind that same miserly defence. It shows that Cech more than holds his own in lots of key areas like saves per goal, distribution, clean sheets and more, including the total score, where Cech beats Courtois in both of his last seasons as first choice.

Do you think we should worry about what Shilton said?

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  1. Maybe Chec will not win Arsenal the League but looking at the picture of Sanchez after scoring the winner in South America I`d say HE will. What an athlete! With our midfield, plus Ozil, Sanchez and a world class striker (please!) I can see me celebrating my eightieth birthday in style.

    1. I am tooooooo happy!!!! I like Sanchez very much and after he scored penalty i was jumping.
      I was just supporting Chile due to Sanchez else I like Argentina

      1. I don’t think there’s a more complete footballer in the league than Alexis. In that sense, I’d have to say he’s the best there is in the Premier League.

      2. The way Sanchez scored the penalty is just as important as the result. Reminds me of Theirry Henry, just physics the keeper and rolls it into the net. That`s confidence, that`s class.

    2. Cech is already a huge upgrade in the gk department. We have good defenders like boss,Gabriel ,per,calum,debuchy and Monreal.we can have one of the best defences now with the arrival of cech cech brings much needed experience and quality that we have been lacking in goal.great signing

  2. Yes he played in a very defensive team and wasn’t exposed often, but when he was exposed, more often than not he pulled off the save. Cech will be a big improvement to our team. He wouldn’t have survived at Chelsea all these years if he wasn’t quality. Will he win us the league on his own? No, but he’ll play his part.

  3. One player won’t win
    you the league.
    Not even even 10.
    Over the course of 55 games.
    You need at least 15.
    And another 5 reserves so 20 minimum.
    Arsenal has probably 13 top players.
    The second tier of 10 are average
    inconsistent and often injured.
    The third tier Podolski Flamini Sanogo
    Campbell Rosicky Arteta Hayden
    need to be sold asp and bring the young ones through
    Gnabry Akpom Zelalem Toral Crowley Niles Moore.
    Changes are coming but its taking
    7-9 years rather than 2-3.

    1. Please don’t ever compare Poldi to Sanogo again. Insulting. If Wenger used Poldi full time next season he would score 20 and assist 10. Welbeck can’t do that and he is not on your “3rd tier” list.

      Wenger has no room for Poldi but he was the best finisher in the league each full season with Arsenal. Does not sound like “3rd tier” to me but it does not matter – he is now gone.

  4. he says it like our defence was not good?
    I mean at some point our back line was the best of the legue, maybe nos consistent enough but still.

  5. @mall-gooner
    Same taking applicable to most of Arsenal fans across the globe EXCEPT Chilean Arsenal fans. We support Chile because of OUR Sanchez.
    I’m sure majority of us cant remember what group they (Chile) played in last Copa America edition. So, Sanchez is a big factor for our unalloyed support.

  6. We were several times questioned about our team having winners and winning mentality but am a very confident gooner going into next season as we now have players with different medals
    World cup-Ozil,Mertesacker
    EPL/La Liga-Cech,Welbeck,Ozil,Alexis
    FA youth-Wilshere,Le Coq
    FA cup-All

    Just add 2 players with the same winning mentality mr Wenger and you will be celebrating with your loved ones in beach as you did in Brazil come the end of 15/16 season.

  7. So the gist of the article is……..

    Acquiring Cech offers no guarantee that Arsenal will win the league. Really? Making this kind of obvious statement now passes for insightful analysis?

    Let’s just say that getting a solid keeper erases one significant deficiency in the team’s makeup and gives the team a greater CHANCE to win. That is all you can ask of any player.

  8. In fairness, the overwhelming majority of posters in the comments on Just Arsenal have suggested exactly what Peter Shilton has suggested — that we still haven’t solved all our problems.

    However, with it being a soundbite article, there’s no depth in analysis from Peter Shilton. Chelsea’s defence has another defence in front of them. They’ve often played with two defensive midfielders shielding Terry and Cahill which has the knock on effect of *even less* getting through to the goalkeeper.

    What does this mean? It means Chelsea’s goalkeepers don’t have much to do except in big matches, and have to stay switched on just in case. The same as our goalkeepers when we’ve got a good possession game going. I don’t think it’s much of a paradigm shift for Cech to come into Arsenal. He’ll have to learn and command our defence a bit differently but he’ll still have long periods where he doesn’t have to do anything. And he stays switched on during those periods, which is why so many of us rate him.

    1. You are right on what you say, I personnally believe to win the Premier league the advantage for the top six teams lies with the front three not with the keeper take for example Liverpool in 2014 almost won the League despite having the weakest overall squad and the weakest first eleven in the league. But what they had at their disposal was the best and most effective front three of Sterling, Suarez and Sturrage the cohesion and good understanding their showed was so good that even better overall teams back off against, them they had so many shots on goal.

      Therefore, Ospina and szczesny are good enough and are long term solutions to Arsenal goalkeeping. There was no need for Mr Wenger to spent £11 million in transfer fee and £100,000 per week in wages on Petr Cech, thats a waste of money.

      In recently promoted teams and in the bottom half of the Premier league where teams play on the backfoot with a low percentage of possesssion and no control that is where a good goal keeper comes into the equation, because they will have to make so many saves and split second decision in almost every match.

      Petr Cech buy is a waste of money by Mr Wenger. Ospina is good enough.

    1. Getting a manger that buys players and gets rid of shit is what we need. AD should have gone 4 years ago but good old AW keeped paying him

  9. I think we need change and one of them is a captin on the field week in week out. Now this should be P C
    Great keeper great leader. Tbh sick of this captin that don’t play and we have BFG but he is not a leader and it’s time he was benched. New defender to play with kos simple a great DM to play with F C and push the ball forward. We can see this as fans but AW can’t and he won’t pay the cash for players. I do think we should get klop as AW number 2 for 2 years then take over

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