Goals could be crucial so Arsenal MUST destroy Newcastle

A quick look at the Premier League table will show you that Arsenal, despite being in a good position to finish in the Champions League places as usual, are far from secure. It is turning out to be the most hotly contested top four fight ever, with Man City, Liverpool, Man United, Southampton and the spuds all in a `rat race´ as Louis van Gaal called it.

Another thing the table suggests to me is that goal difference could turn out to be crucial as the rival clubs are so close. At the moment Man City have the best with 31, Arsenal are next with 26, then United with 24 and the Saints with 19. Liverpool are well back with 19 and the Spuds have scored just four more than they conceded.

Things can quickly change though and Arsenal may need a better goal difference than City if we are to finish second, so tomorrow´s game at Newcastle, who are in poor form and look like having to use academy players to fill their bench because of an injury and suspension crisis, is a great opportunity for the Gunners to add a few more to our goals tally.

And having this in their minds should also help to dispel any complacency they feel ahead of the match and make sure we start strong and do not coast through the game. Perhaps Wenger should offer an extra scoring bonus because we don´t just need to win but to win well. Go and fill your boots lads!

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  1. I wish we could really fill our boots with goals as you’ve suggested…we’re not use to scoring much nowadays…even winning by 3goals is a rarity for some seasons now…IT IS POSSIBLE THOUGH COYG

    1. Yeah I agree. it’s hard to remember when we won 3-0 or more. Obviously, the West Ham match is still in our minds. We beat Aston Villa 5-0 and beat Galatasaray (forgot score but I think we scored 4 goals). We also scored 4 against Newcastle. That’s all I can recall

      I think another problem is that we would play well in 1st half and then relax in second, like against Brighton. They scored both of their goals in second half or Anderlecht when we were up 3-0 and ended 3-3 all scored in 2nd half.

      We scored 4 goals against Newcastle at home so I don’t expect the same away but honestly for away matches I’m happy with just a win

  2. GOALS are never NOT Crucial are they?

    You win games & trophies by scoring more and conceeding less.

    If we scored the most and conceded the least we would be top of the league and in the UCL.

    The simple, Beautiful game.

    1. Of course goals are crucial but your logic is flawed. We could score 75 goals and concede none in a season and get relegated with 40 points – theoretically at least. We could be on 60 goals for and 20 goals against (most and least in PL) and still be in the same position with the same points.

      1. Sorry Spock you misunderstand.

        Perhaps I should be more explicit: win every game (by conceeding less and scoring more than the opposition in each game) over the course of a season and we would be in a better position.

        Live long & prosper.

  3. We have got the players to bring the fear factor back into our game. All I want is our players to become more ruffles and not take their foot off the gas. Then you will see our great club back at the top.

  4. With the amount of chances Arsenal create we should be winning games easily every time.
    I think Ozil has been playing well since his return and agree that Wenger should be packing his bags.

    1. Part of the blame has to go to our players. They are paid enough just give 100% every time you get on the pitch, then you will see us back at the top.

      1. PS If all of our players gave as much as Sanchez we would still be in the UCL and be on top of the EPL. Come on Wenger sort it out and don’t use money as the excuse, you have spent nearly 120 million in the last few seasons.

  5. So long as we get 3 points I’m happy, then we can entertain ourselves with the United-Liverpool game.

  6. Bob, whats up with Wenger this and Wenger that topics? Can Wengers magic do the trick? Can Wenger beat Chuck Norris in a 1 vs 1 match? Will Fifa hand Wenger the Cl trophy for being a nice guy alone? Is Ramsey Wenger lost son? Stay tuned to next time….

      1. Mehh, i hope he does it next year coz this year he was to lame and way to selfish. His game style is very a like Welbecks, but having only such players around wont make us beat the likes of Monaco, let alone Barca and co.

  7. ARSENAL INJURY LIST – newcastle injury list

    A Oxlade-Chamberlain Hamstring Injury 2 weeks
    T Rosicky Illness 1 day
    J Wilshere Ankle/Foot Injury 2 weeks
    M Arteta Ankle/Foot Injury 3 weeks
    M Debuchy Dislocated Shoulder 3 weeks
    V Diaby Calf Muscle Strain no date


    8 M Abeid Thigh Muscle Strain 2 weeks
    P Cisse Knee Injury 2 weeks
    R Aarons Thigh Muscle Strain 2 weeks
    M Haidara Knee Injury 2 weeks
    P Dummett Knee Injury 7 weeks
    S De Jong Collapsed Lung 2 months
    C Tiote Knee Injury 2 months
    S Taylor Calf/Shin Injury 6 months

  8. The following players at Arsenal are average players and should thank their god that they play for a club like Arsenal:







    Mertesecker (speed merchant)





  9. Dear Arsene,
    If you do not win the league trophy next season and make it to the Champion’s league round of 8, you and you ass-lickers can kiss the club good-bye.

    Yours never

    ***The Real Gunners***

  10. GOod night, folks!
    Long live Arsenal!!!
    Long live the True Gunners!!!
    Long live the Queen!!!
    Long live Angelina Jolie (whose lips I kiss always in my dream)!!!


    Read out loud:
    I love KickAssFan and I agree with everything he says, so help me god.

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