“God help Arsenal going forward” Keane blasts Arteta’s men

Roy Keane has blasted Arsenal after they missed the chance to close in on the Premier League’s top six this afternoon.

The Gunners faced struggling Fulham and needed to win to keep their slim hopes of ending this campaign in the European places alive.

Mikel Arteta’s team couldn’t find a way past the relegation-threatened fellow Londoners even though they have won their last two games away from home.

Fulham eventually took the lead just before the hour mark and defended it solidly.

It took Arsenal until the 97th minute to finally break down their visitors to get a goal after the ball fell kindly to Eddie Nketiah in a packed Fulham penalty box.

Arsenal may have earned a point, but it does their chances of achieving their European goals no good and Keane says it wasn’t that Fulham was better, Arsenal was just terrible.

‘I didn’t think Fulham deserved too much more from the game. They were poor, they’re fighting for their lives’, Keane told Sky Sports via Mail Sport.

‘But the lack of quality from both teams, it was dreadful. Arsenal were even worse. God help Arsenal going forward. 

‘I thought they were shocking, dreadful, no quality. My goodness, Arsenal.’

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  1. This man right here speaks only but the truth. I predicted it wasn’t going to be an easy game but not as dreadful as I watched. Jeez one could have a stroke watching this bunch.. This is the fault from the top to the least person. #NoDisciple

  2. Arsenal is now a mid table team, the club and team is nicely evolving to what the owner want, the respect they get sometimes is definitely cus of their past glory, tell me, which serous top team wud engage a rookie coach??I feel like vomiting and it’s so sad!!

  3. But at least we have improved our defence – unless it’s a player mistake and then blame AW and UE 🤔😔

    1. Ken1945- that is naughty. Funny. But naughty 😜😜
      And I notice he hasn’t raised his head above the parapet this evening. Even this Mug knows when enough is enough I reckon. Hang on…. nope. He’s too delusional to even think he’s ever wrong.

  4. Horrific Arteta out!Is Gabriel really a Brazilian?Coz I can only see a technically limited player,just brute force,one-footed mediocre footballer.Holding is more Brazilian than he is-and that means something…Elneny?What is he doing in this team,he was not even good enough for Turkey..Can’t wait to see snail Xhaka gone for good.Do we have a coach?If the answer is “ yes”,what he’s exactly doing to improve this team?1 year and a half and we still play chaoticly,we can’t put 3 passes together,we look like a pub team assembled on the spot after 5-6 pints of beer.Wake up and face the truth-Arteta is mediocre,has no ideas,experience,style of play,football phylosophy,vision.The coach Arteta is a copy-cat of the player Arteta-boring,slow,no fantasy or imagination,predictible,super-safe,affraid to push forward.Arteta was and still is “ the king of bacward and sideway passing”,all of this at a snail pace movement.And in Xhaka,Arteta sees of himself as a player-mediocre footballers,good enough to be squad players only,but no more than that…..Arteta and half of the team are a huge fraud,holdind on huge wages just for embarrasing rhemselves week in week out.This charrade must end,Arteta and 75% of the players must go.Keep only 4-5 youngsters and let the rest go.We need to start from scratch,from zero coz doing what we are doing right now takes us nowhere….

    1. Chill brother, with the quality avaliable with Mikel, this is the maximum we can get. He had to rest some players, so is it his fault that he inherited Xhaka, Elneny & Bellerin? Agree Xhaka needs to move at the end of the season, but who will replace him today? Is it Mikel’s fault that freebees – Cedric & Willian we forced onto the team.Is it Mikel’s fault that Auba fell sick and Laca got injured? Is it Mikel’s fault that a professional footballer does school boy errors in his penalty box? Luiz version 2.0! If he was that poor, how come we are in an European semi finals and won a domestic cup last year? How good was Ole Gunar last season? Mikel is right to focus on the EL.
      Finally it was so refreshing to see Matt in the goal and he played his little part in the equaliser. A breath of fresh air finally in the goal area.

  5. What a lot of vitriol, starting with Keane and continuing with some so called Arsenal fans. Football is a game, a passionate game, a beautiful game. The insults demean those making them, making you look ignorant and totally lacking in support for those who play football, regardless of club. Why so bitter Mr. Keane? You were a great footballer and your battles with Vieira a highlight of my watching the sport. Insulting others should be beneath you. You could do much by encouraging others. What you do isn’t punditry, it’s very sad.

  6. The team is on a downward spiral , arteta and edu are huge mistakes. It’s so sad but some of us already know . Am really tired of pointing this out again and again. Our style of play now is not english, is not spanish , neither is it italian or attacking football. It is just an overly cautious, stifled sideways football where our forwards are 70% defenders and 30% attackers and you wonder why they all dropped form at the same time. A guy like aubameyang in his 30s is wasted on the wings doing defensive job when he should be given an ultra attacking role playing on the shoulder of central defenders.

  7. I dont think the performance was ‘THAT’ bad as is being claimed by Keane. Arsenal were really good in the first 20 minutes or so, but they stepped off the gas a bit after that. They need to work on their finishing. Why was Balogun not on the bench is also a mystery. This was a pretty important game in the bigger picture and where Arsenal end up in the table. Disappointed with the two points dropped. I would also prefer to play Mari in defence rather than the very slow Gabriel. Even his 10 yard passes take an age to reach the other player.

  8. Keane is a fool, however much we are struggling, we don’t need his comment because he has never been a gooners.

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