Going for goals the best way for Arsenal to approach Everton?

It is certainly a tricky thing for Arsene Wenger to think about as he prepares the Arsenal squad for the trip to face Everton in the Premier League tomorrow. Injury problems and the possible mental readiness of certain players are just two of things the boss has to consider, but for me the biggest thing he has to get right is how to approach Everton.

There is that old adage of a wounded animal being more dangerous and there is little doubt that the toffees and their manager Ronald Koeman have been in the wars recently. However, there is another old adage about kicking a man when he’s down and I think the Gunners need to show our ruthless streak at Goodison Park.

The Everton fans are already close to open rebellion and so the last thing we want is to give them anything top shout about. It may still happen if Wenger did what I would do and go on the attack, of course. A counter attack leading to a goal would be just what they need, but the way they are playing it is not as likely as usual.

Arsenal going at them from the start and creating chances, even if we did not take them, would in my opinion frighten the life out of Everton and silence the fans as well. Arsenal need to win by five to go equal fourth with Chelsea and that is what I would be aiming for.

We may even get it against a team as fragile as Everton but it is that approach that is the key to Arsenal winning this game instead of giving a wounded animal any chance of escape. Do you agree Gooners?



  1. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Apart from the games against the top six teams, I’d like Wenger to go back to 4-4-2 with Giroud and Laca up top.Now I’m not a big fan of Giroud, I’d rather have Pierre Emerick Aubameyang, but he’s all we’ve got. People are always talking about a big guy little guy spearheading your attack, well, we have the perfect opportunity to try this system especially against inferior opposition.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Giroud saved Arsenal many times with his headers and strength, but his skills and movements are still too limited to improve Arsenal. I miss the way the Invicibles played, they did not rely on a tall target man and passed the ball more creatively.

      Rather than exposing the two midfielders again with 4-4-1-1 or 4-2-3-1, Arsenal should try to use three midfielder formation again. For example, 4-3-3. Two creative midfielders like Xhaka, Ramsey, Wilshere or Ozil could be protected by a defensive midfielder like Coquelin or Elneny.

      If the two creative midfielders are supported well by a DM, they could work with the fullback and the winger in their respective sides, to flow the ball to the front. Arsenal could go for goals in Goodison Park, if they keep threatening Everton with quick flows in the wings like this.

  2. Kane says:

    Good Post. Arsenal need to jave such driving mentality plus the fans need to stay positive as well, i cant stand fair weather fans who always nag and complain. Man City will drop points too, its a cycle. We just need more consistency now.

    Hopefully we FINALLY get to witness the magic of Oèzil Alexis Lacazette unfold? #coyg #EvtARS #4-0 #prediction #

    1. Kane says:

      *have not jave. ☝?️

  3. Yossarian says:

    Everton have been struggling to score goals this season, so “Going for goals” sounds like a good strategy. Focussing on out-scoring them rather than necessarily keeping a clean-sheet makes sense.

  4. Gabie says:

    If wenger can play Ozil , Sanchez and Laca that will be good as we all waiting to see these three . Hope goals will be follows , lets us support the team rather than critisizing them , man city will drop the points who knew that man united can be beaten by huddle new promoted team , man city were held but only came back late . Those small teams will dismantle them . I am confident tomorrow we can coming out with three points

  5. Ack77 says:

    Lol I thought that to win we needed to score goals unless the rules changed and keeping clean sheets wins matches now. With Chelsea and Liverpool being as bad as we are and Tottenham being a kane injury from crumbling, we might still get the wenger trophy this season.
    Mind you when there was only 4 big teams it was rubbish, now with 6 teams, finishing top 4 is a good season. Considering that unless the leech kroenke gets ruined or simply dies we wont compete for the title, be happy with winger trophy.

  6. the barrel says:

    Going for goals needs players with pace when counter attacking. Meaning that Giroud, Ramsey, and Ozil should be benched. People who still believe Giroud will improve Arsenal are just fooling themselves. How many years has he been in Arsenal? Whats the maximum did he score per season?

  7. Uzi Ozil says:

    I just hope we don’t make the not inform Everton look great. Koeman is still class. Yes, they are passing through tough times but I hope this won’t be the game that will change their season.

    I am predicted an Arsenal win but we must look beyond their form. We also haven’t won an away game this season so hope this will be the first away win this season for the gunners.

  8. GB says:

    3-1 to The Arsenal today with Ozil getting a goal and an assist.
    I could be having a senior moment but hey, you have to be optimistic otherwise we may as well just give up!

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