‘Going to see the man version’ – Imminent Arsenal signing ready to explode

Trevor Sinclair has claimed that he is disappointed to see Manchester City selling Gabriel Jesus, claiming that Arsenal will showcase the ‘man version’ of the forward.

Sinclair spent four years at the Etihad up until 2007, and is regularly passing comment on his former side, and he admits that he isn’t happy with Jesus’s imminent departure, but admits to being ‘massively excited’ to see more of the Brazilian despite his move.

”I will say, I’m massively excited about watching Jesus because I feel he’s ready to go,” he told TalkSPORT(via TIF).

“I’m disappointed that he’s leaving Manchester City because I think he’s one of them slow-burners where we’ve seen him at Manchester City as a boy and now we’re going to see the man version at Arsenal and I think he’s going to be terrifying. “

The Brazilian definitely does appear to be more ability than potential nowadays, and there is definitely more to come from Jesus. Arteta clearly feels like he is ready to be the main man in attack, and I agree that is it exciting to imagine what he will bring to our side.

This move will likely be a huge boost to his confidence, knowing that he has been our priority to lead our exciting attack going into the new season, and I would be surprised if he was to become a flop.

Do you believe City will quickly regret not giving a fair shot to be their main outlet in attack?


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The Transfer Show discusses what Gabriel Jesus will bring to Arsenal

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  1. I am uneasy about how J Gabriel will fit into the Arteta style for the forward. Most forwards who have established their pattern of play and are prolific with goal-scoring normally receive a fair amount of assists and team build-up for the attack. I fear this style for a lone attacker fighting it out and running in every direction might not be a welcome idea for him and could be unsettling. I fear the experience that Villian had might repeat itself. Again, Saka is developing a selfish approach in not releasing the ball as he is eager to score goals even from the flank all by himself. I wait to see how this lone-forward fight approach will evolve with the new signings.

    1. It’s interesting. People assume that you need a big goalscoring forward to be successful, but it’s not necessarily the case – Chelsea won the title and were successful with Drogba often not scoring too many himself, aside from one or two brilliant seasons; they got a lot of their goals through lampard and the wingers. Man City are a decent example as well, with their goals coming from many different sources.
      This could work if jesus can score a decent number of goals but also bring more chances for others like Saka, ESR, Nketiah (if they play much together) and martinelli. I think we’d need more for other areas though – odegaard in particular. To me it all depends on how he blends with the other players, and maybe we don’t need to expect him to be the main/only goalscorer of note.
      I also worry that losing Gabriel (which I don’t expect to happen soon) would also damage our ability to score goals more than we might expect – he gets some important ones, and it’s extremely valuable to have that threat from corners.

  2. Look the positive G. Jesus is team players even if he doesn’t score , he will contribute and make his teammates shine more, and he loves to pressure high-quality, definite is win win for my team…

  3. Gabriel perfect for Gunners…. had we not signed him it woulda been an Arteta out call. A shame most fans never played football thats why they don’t understand football concepts and follow the media

  4. I read an interview from Ze Roberto who coached Jesus,he said that Jesus is the type of player who needs to feel important and the confidence of the manager,but more importantly needs a good run of games to perform well ,which he’ll get at Arsenal.i hope that he is right.

  5. Jesus is a wonderful signing which will improve the attack overall. He need not score all by himself but could create and assist goals. He is also very good in the press.

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