Good chance Arsenal may still make one more signing this summer

There is still a possibility that Arsenal will make one last signing this summer, according to the latest transfer gossip in the media.

It is being reported in Italy, as cited by Talksport, that Juventus are on the verge of cancelling the contract of midfielder Sami Khedira.

Apparently, the Italian champions had hoped to sell the 32-year-old but the prospects of that happening are remote and in order to remove his wages from their books the Turin giants will pay off Khedira.

There have been offers for the German but he has rebuffed all offers because he wants a move to a club of his choice and Arsenal are said to be at the top of that list.

As long as his contract is terminated before the Italian transfer window closes on September 2nd then he is free to sign for Arsenal.

Khedira has been previously linked with a move to the Emirates but he would have to accept a far lower wage if he wants to play under Unai Emery.

As strange as it sounds, this one could actually happen. Khedira would bring undoubted experience to the Arsenal midfield and players like Joe Willock would benefit immensely from playing alongside the German world cup winner.


  1. No thank you. Injury prone, past it, wages will be too much, will only have a year contract. Can be a bit of a Pre Madonna as well.

    1. They wouldn’t be since it’s him who wants to join us and at his age he already made his money for life,he is a multimillionaire many folds!!

  2. Hard to believe, because Arsenal have been cutting their wage bill and trying to sell their old players

    Another Zaha rumor would be more believable than this story

    1. No the guy would be a free agent meaning no free only wages and may be a signing on bonus, zaha is dead in the water it was either zaha or Pepe!

  3. Why not give him a shot?
    He is an excellent midfielder and even though his best is behind him, his experience is still useful
    If he doesn’t play well, then bench him and release him after a season.

    As far as injury prone. We are used to injury prone. Ramsey was even more injury prone than Wilshere. Arsenal have injuries every season. It’s one of our specialties

    If he can play 10 matches at a high standard then it’s still worth it. I would rather play him than Xhaka
    He’s miles better than Xhaka

    1. Ramsey has played double the games Wilshere has and he has one season less at the club. Wilshere’s injury record is far, far worse. And being used to injury prone isn’t a good thing. Why give wages to a very injury prone midfielder whose days of top level football are honestly already over? This smells of Lichtsteiner, who could at least stay fit.

    2. When he played at Real Madrid, he was no better than Xhaka, let alone now

      Too many new players would destroy a team’s harmony. For instance, Fulham spent more than 150 M last year for transfers and they got relegated because their new players couldn’t work well as a team

      Arsenal need to fully integrate their new players first before getting the new one

  4. This story have been doing the rounds, many football outlets ran the story do there might some truth in it, he turned down few transfers because apparently he was waiting for an offer from arsenal which never came, personally I ‘d love it to be true and to happen,some people will say he is too old but as a free agent I wouldn’t hesitate,look at Juventus and the average age of the team,they managed to find the right balance between youth and experience,it, working for them they bought Ronaldo last year so age is less and less an important factor!OT:MEZUT OZIL representatives flew to the US to meet with DC United who will be losing Rooney in January and with what happened to Ozil and his family he might think this is the right time to move, kolasinac can look after himself Ozil I guess not so much! he might not ever fully recover from his ordeal,here is to hoping!!I just want to add that what happened to them was bang out of order best wishes to them and their families!!

  5. Always injured, likely will demand high wages, because that’s what all the old players who only have one season left in them do. And they generally don’t play too well either. Move along Khedira…

  6. “Khedira would bring undoubted experience to the Arsenal midfield and players like Joe Willock would benefit immensely from playing alongside the German world cup winner.”

    No, thank you. Not interested.
    I don’t even see it happening, because Raul is clearly cutting out old age players and is trying to build a young squad for years

  7. I have no idea if this rumour is true or not, but sincerely hope it is the latter.

    First of all, he turned down the club on numerous occasions ( so it is rumoured ) when at the top of his game.

    Secondly, if he’s not good enough to be on Juve’s bench, why would he be any good for us?

    Just remember the bench we had on Sunday and that was with a further seven players unavailable.

    With the younger players being given their chance by UE, it seems pretty obvious that this player does not fit the type of man he is looking for / at.

    You had your chance to join us Khedira, I sincerely hope you will always regret turning us down.

  8. No. Past it, injury prone and just looking for a final payday if a Prem club (any club) is stupid enough to give him a contract. Why import overage mediocrity when we are trying to unload what is already on board?

  9. Well, guess we are running a retiring home now, listen never bring him to arsenal. The guy is completely finished.

  10. How does paying off a player remove their wages from the books? The full contract still has to be paid + penaltyfor breaking it early. If it were cheaper to pay off players don’t you think Real Madrid would have taken up that option with the unwanted Bale? What kind of message does that send anyway? If you want your money without working for it just get the club to fire you?

    1. Why give such an nonsensical rumour air time.We are trying to reduce our wage bill and are already awash with midfielders.

  11. Admin:did you delete my comment while in the meantime that disgraceful comment from that Samson was on the site long enough for a lot of people to see!!well done not!

    1. I did not delete your comment but I did delete Samson but why ask then finish with a snarky comment?

      1. Admin MARTIN,You appear to have deleted my post though, just because I called you out for posting an article that HARDLY ANY fans seems to believe. I don’t think for a second you personally believe it either, so why continue to insult our collective intelligence and why remove my truthful post to YOU, pointing out your own nonsensical article Martin?

        1. No Jon, learn to write an opinion without being rude and insulting. You do it far too often and when you are called out for it and proven wrong you do not apologise. For now, I will continue to delete your comments that are rude and insulting but my patience is being severely tested.

          1. Admin Martin, The problem so many younger fans have is that they confuse straight and to the point speaking with insults. They are not! Half truths, muted smoozy comments and evasions are the enemy of truth, MARTIN. It is largely a snowflake generation problem with being far too over sensitive and wrongly thinking that THEY are being personally attacked , when in reality it is only their OPINION that is being questioned. I challenge you Martin to go assiduously through all my past posts and find even one where I have sworn or used filthy language against another Gooner or player. To call someone foolish is not wrong. It is an opinion, freely expressed and those who cherish and hold dear FREE SPEECH, will easily be able to distinguish strong and to the point language from hate speech, which IS evil and wrong. You will find, if you care to check my posts , that I always challenge hate speech,racist and bigoted comments and also foolish unthinking posts, which is, IMO what a debate site should do. If you had any inkling of my long spanning past activities at STREET AND PARLIAMENTARY LOBBYING LEVEL AGAINST RACISM AND BIGOTRY, YOU WOULD NEVER MAKE THIS FALSE ACCUSATION AGAINST ME! Please MARTIN, RETHINK YOUR ATTITUDE TO WHAT IS MEANT BY FREE SPEECH AND STOP BEING AN EASILY BRUISED SNOWFLAKE. I AM A GOOD MAN, AN HONEST MAN AND I DISLIKE FOOLISH COMMENTS AND SELF FOOLING. I will always stand up for the individual and for our unalienable right to state our own free opinions. THOSE OF US OLD ENOUGH TO HAVE GROWN UP IN THE FAR HEALTHIER NON-SNOWFLAKE GENERATION, WELL KNOW THE FULL TRUTH OF THESE COMMENTS.

    1. Tissiam, as Jon Fox often says…”There is always one”…or maybe in this instance two likeminded thugs?

      1. Ken did you read my comment!guess not otherwise you would know i am not a thug,I was outraged that a so called arsenal fan could condone what happened to our players, laughing about it and making light of the whole situation!is it the behaviour of a thug?

        1. Tissiam…I WAS AGREEING WITH YOU COMPLETELY…100%!!!!

          Sorry if you misunderstood me, I was referring to his two posts which you so obviously called him out for…jeez this what’s wrong with not talking directly to one another, things are taken the wrong way.

    2. Alright you got me on that one and I do apologise knowing it was wrong from my part and the fact that my blood was boiling at the time was no excuse,I hope you will accept my sincere apology!

  12. Get him on board we have league cup, FA cup and Europa League lots of games and he has tons of experience.. plus scored a nice goal the other day ?

  13. Ken did you read my comment!guess not otherwise you would know i am not a thug,I was outraged that a so called arsenal fan could condone what happened to our players, laughing about it and making light of the whole situation!is it the behaviour of a thug?

    1. Sorry man I thought you were on about Samson and I for that sincerely apologize my fellow gunner,I was so angry that I must have misplaced my brain for a bit, appreciate your comment though thanks!

  14. Well if we can get some money for Elneny and Khedira is happy to be a squad man like Elneny was then it makes sense.

    But we would then still have to offload 2 other players or leave them out of the Europa League A list.

    If we are going to bring in an injury prone bosman for 1 season I would rather it be Daniel Sturridge, good cover in the Europa league and cups.

    However, I think we could vastly improve our squad by adding both sturridge and Khedira, and add to our winter budget by selling mustafi, elneny and mkhitaryan as well as sending Macey on loan (with an option to recall)

    Our squad would be well balanced with
    2 keepers
    4 full backs
    6 centre backs (2 of whom can also cover each full back position)
    8 Dm/Cm/Am
    6 forwards
    Playing 433 or 4231 which ever is right for the opposition.

  15. Khedira not better than Mo Elneny. The boss wants improved team and that require getting in an upgrade on what is available. Khedira presently is no upgrade to any of the mildfielders – no disrespect to his experience, ability, achievements and the earlier him. You can sell a squad player who brings more funds to the club and decrease the wage bill, to get in another squad player with fund, but only when it is an upgrade.
    That’s my take anyways

  16. Kedirah may constitute another passenger but a year contract on low wages may not be out of point because of his injury record

  17. If a player is released from their club when the transfer window is closed, they cannot sign for another team until the window reopens. A notable case of this being Sol Campbell who in September 2009 was released from Notts County, just after a month from signing on a free transfer. He signed for his former club Arsenal in January 2010 during the winter transfer window, after spending a few months training with the team to maintain his fitness.

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