Good luck Super Jack, maybe your football journey is not yet over

The ex-Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere spent time as a free agent believing he was the victim of perception, that too many clubs believed in the rumours that he was plagued by injuries.

He maintained he had been fit for ages and was even willing to accept contracts based on pay as you play.

While it’s sad that the sport has been robbed of such a talent at such a young age, it’s a relief that finally the player has stopped chasing the dragon.

Between coaching at Arsenal (something that will happen again) and playing in Denmark where he didn’t win a match, Mr. Wilshere spoke of a young man who was coming to terms with the reality he was searching for something that didn’t exist.

For too long Mr. Wilshere’s mind was willing, his body was not, something Unia Emery indicated 4 years ago when he went back on promises made by Arsene Wenger over a new deal.

He’s opened up about how spells of unemployment affected his mental health, explaining to his young children why daddy was in his twenties training in the park instead of going to work.

In that sense his legacy is a sad one at first glance. A player predicted to be a future captain for club and country not able to do what he loves when he should be at the peak of his powers.

On closer inspection though, nothing is more important than your mental well-being and based on that, we should be grateful he enters his thirties with acceptance.

While it is not how he wanted his career to end there’s another stance you can take.

Part of our youth set up since the age of 9 what were the odds, he would play for our first team?

Yet alone win FA Cups and star against Barcelona in the Champions League.

It’s not how he wanted his story to end, yet at least he returns home smiling and motivated.

For a while that didn’t seem the case.

This isn’t the direction he wanted to take but with a desire to break into management, who’s to say his journey is over.

Good luck Super Jack

Once a gooner, always a gooner



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  1. Really rated Wilshere but injuries absolutely ruined him..
    Same with Diaby abd Rosicky..

    1. @Goonster
      In all fairness, Rosicky at least got a few good years playing before the injuries took their toll…

  2. Hopefully his coaching career takes off, but I think it’s going to be way more difficult than playing

  3. Good luck Jack. True Gooner and loved by everyone at the Emirates. Will never forget that performance against Barca, one of the best performances by a player in my lifetime. All the best, and bring through another you! At least u will teach them the meaning of playing for THE Arsenal.

  4. Best of Luck Jack in your coaching role. Hopefully you can impart some of your grit, Will and technique into some of the youth players!

    Didn’t know he ‘chased the dragon’ (did heroin) though!;)

    Arsenal through and through boy to man! Shame the injuries ruined such large chunks of his career and stopped him from becoming the player he could have been with his guile, talent and effort.

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