Good luck to Jack Wilshere wherever he goes…

Jack Wilshere: To quit or to carry on? By Sylvester Kwentua
Our ex-Gunner Jack Wilshere is currently training with Arsenal as he decides what he will do in the future. At the age of 29, most professional footballers must have had a career filled with emotional satisfaction and of course, trophies. This is the age that most footballers start planning for life after football. At this age, you hardly hear of players talking about new challenges; rather, what they talk about most times, are plans to retire soon. In Jack Wilshere’s case however, at the age of 29, he seems undecided on his next steps, career wise.

Jack Wilshere’s career has been seriously derailed by injuries, with a 17-year spell at Arsenal coming to an end in 2018. He had unsuccessful stints at West Ham and Bournemouth, where he last played professionally in the Cherries’ Championship play-off semi-final first-leg win over Brentford on May 17.

While at Arsenal, Wilshere had high and low moments. Who can forget his match winning performance against Barcelona in a UEFA champions league game! In that game, he announced himself to the world.
The former England international footballer is currently training with the Gunners’ first team, while also working on his coaching badges, but speaking to BBC Sport recently, Wilshere confessed that he was in a dilemma about whether to carry on searching for a new club or retiring from football. Hopefully, he makes a decision soon.
While Jack is yet to decide his next move, one can only wish him luck, while praying he gets his next step right. However, I am sure a lot of football fans would have wished he was still actively playing football, as his type is the type of player every team would love to have around.. if only injury would permit him to play..
One nice word for Wilshere as he thinks of the next phase, please.

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  1. YAWN! Will that word do, Sylvester!!
    Look, I am not heartless and seriously wish him well. He gave his all forus and I like and feel sorry for him.

    But I also recognise he is now history as far as the club I and we all support is concerned. There are countless millions out there who have REAL lifelong problems ; terror, starvation, fear for their lives, homelessness, etc.

    THEY are the members of our race who we OUGHT to feel really sorry for.
    I repeat, I genuinely wish JW well but he will survive and thrive in whatever of the many avenues still open to him in his life to come , he chooses.


    1. @jon fox
      Jack needs to pack it in and go for a coaching position. 1 good game against Barca years ago and a decent team goal against Norwich even more years ago, Gooners have to remember him by.
      Dude blew a promising career. End of…

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