Good Luck to Lucas Torreira – Arsenal just didn’t work out for him

Will losing Lucas Torreira be a positive or a negative?

And so we bid goodbye to our little man in midfield, Lucas Torreira, who inevitably was going to leave anyway given that he had dropped down the pecking order at the club, falling behind Ceballos and the rejuvenated Elneny, and given that we were in the hunt for, and then finally got, another midfielder, it was clear to see that his time at the club was up.

It is sad that he has left, only because he had the potential to be a great player at the club, maybe lack of playing time and injuries played a part in us not being able to see his full potential, but on his day we cant deny that he didn’t do well because there were times that he was flawless and showed us why we got him in the first place.

I do believe that La Liga would be a better fit for Torreira though, and given that he plied most of his trade in Italy and given that Spain and Italy are quite similar in terms of conditions and demands, it may be why he was unable to cope with the weather and the demands in the Premier League, which is why he failed to really make a statement.

Although he has gone on loan, there is an option for Atletico to buy him come the end of the season, an option which I am sure they will take up, given that we have now added Thomas Partey to our ranks it is clear there won’t really be any room for Torreira if he returns.

I wish him the best of luck in his journey at Atletico Madrid and I hope he manages to find the talent and the strength to go back to being the player that first made Arsenal turn and buy him.

Gooners how do you feel about Torreira leaving us?

Shenel Osman


  1. I saw a report yesterday that said there was not an option to buy built into the loan agreement. Having said that, if he does well he will be easier to move on after the loan. Declan

    1. Hope there’s no option to buy. I still rate Torreira as a fine DM.

      I don’t subscribe to opinions that he’s too small or light weight. He’s good at winning the ball, so often from guys who are bigger than him. He’s no pushover.

      His problems started when Emery pushed him forward and tried to make him a more advanced midfielder. Injuries didn’t help either.

      Give him 5 to 10 games purely as a DM and I think he can rediscover his form

  2. I liked Torreira our little terrier in midfield, his height is main issue in Premier league its just so physical he did well enough but few inches taller he would have stayed. Personally i dont believe this season is season to be selling or putting prices on players like Torreira his worth more than a quick firesell i hope we have not agreed a fee because i do believe he is a 30/40 million player in normal market. Hopefully next season we can secure majority of partley fee back off him. Best of luck Torreira not that i think you gonna need it.

    1. @Nigel
      And yet, Kante, who is the same height as Lucas, 5’6”, helped two different teams win the EPL back to back.. Hmmmmm!

      1. Umm Kante has better technical ability than LT though! He has a beastly engine and doesn’t fall off in midfield battles. Sorry but Kante and Torreira just can’t be compared on a like-for-like basis.

  3. Good point that Nigel. Same with Guendouzi as well. Covid has obviously affected every clubs finances so by retaining them allows us to sell at realistic prices if they do well.

  4. Always liked his attitude to the game, but in the premiership it helps so much if your 6ft plus and stocky build, it’s being so long now since we had a viera type player who had everything…….speed, strength… Skill… Engine… Heart, we have just bought the new viera…….. PARTLEY

  5. Let’s be honest here. None of the coaches knew how to utilise Lucas effectively. It’s not about his height, which I find to be as weak an excuse as they come. He’s the same height as Kante. And it had zero to do with the mythical speed and toughness of the EPL. The fact is, none of the coaches knew how to use Lucas skills as a player, who breaks up play on the lines with Malelele,and Kante and fashion it into the style of football they were trying to execute…Simple as.

  6. I dont take height as the main issue why torreira couldnt thrive.Under MA he was a beast,a quality dm,hes not very creative but he was a good passer.

    I wish him all the best

  7. Well, I hope he performs super well at Atletico.. then maybe next summer we can sell him there.. for £45 millions of course!!

  8. To be honest I thought Torriera will partner Partey in that midfield then Ozil or Ceballos just in front of them at no.10 role. All the best Torriera

    1. As much as no one rates him it will be Xhaka that will partner Partey ,I would imagine that was the plan all along ,having partey partnering him will give him more freedom to link the ball forward to Ceballos who will IMO be moved more forward .
      This is the team I see as the main 11 this season
      Bellerin Luiz Gabriel Teirney
      Partey xhaka
      Willian Laca auba

        1. I think your mistaken me for someone else mate.
          I have No problem him being in or out the squad .

      1. I am surprised Elneny is not there. Thought he would be present to provide more solidity, with Partey as B2B.

  9. Strange one but i think Partey and Torreira would have been a great partnership. Maybe next season.

  10. A little surprised about how highly ppl rate Torreira here. I think people are doing teh same thing that is done with Ozil. Where we imagine a player playing better than he actually does. Ideally Torreira at his best starts for us, but he was only at his best when he first came here. It’s been injuries, average performances, and been out of position since. Obviously not all his fault. But I dont see what he’s done during the two years here to warrant a starting spot. Going to Atleti is a great way for him to get back on track with his career because I do think he is a great player. He just never seemed to adjust and never seemed comfortable enough in England. (Also he was best friends with Emi, who is also now gone, so even less reason to stay.)

    1. Also important to note there are 3 other Uruguayan’s in Madrid, almost the whole squad is Spanish speaking, many are fellow South Americans. It’ll be a much easier adjustment, maybe none at all. Wishing him luck

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