Good news for Arsenal fans as Injured star making good progress

Kieran Tierney nears full fitness as he begins non-contact training.

Kieran Tierney is getting close to a return from injury even though the former Celtic man isn’t expected to return to action for a few more weeks.

The defender isn’t going to be ready for action until March according to Star Sports, however, the same report claims that he has started non-contact training.

The last report on the Arsenal website said the following:

Right shoulder. Dislocated right shoulder during West Ham Utd (a) on 9 December. Successful surgery completed. Good progress being made in rehabilitation process with participation in regular outdoor fitness sessions. Aiming to return to full training in March.

Tierney joined Arsenal from Celtic over the summer to much fanfare after his achievements with Brendan Rodgers’ former side.

However, he has struggled for form and injury and this has restricted him to just 11 appearances for Arsenal this season.

Tierney underwent successful surgery after he fell awkwardly against West Ham and Arsenal hope he can return to full training next month.

Arsenal has suffered some setbacks as they attempt to get the best defensive partnership for their team.

Some of their defenders have been underperforming, however, when others get into their stride injury strikes as has been the case for Tierney and Calum Chambers.

Although Arsenal signed Cedric Soares, who can play as both a left-back and a right-back, Mikel Arteta will be keen to have Tierney back as the Scottish full-back is one of the highest-rated in his position.


  1. Grandad says:

    I am at a loss to understand your impression that Tierney ” struggled for form”, as he impressed me in virtually every game he played prior to his injury.

    1. chukzenith says:

      This is the problem in this team, no body impress the fans, they always have something to say that will become negative to the players and the players are hearing you…

      He plays one match and you rate him as long and Messi has been in the Barca team.. U expect even the keeper to be scoring before they become good in ur eyes…

      I appreciate this ur comment..

      He didn’t do anything bad with form, for me when he played he played well.. Hopefully he gets over the injury and start to play again..

  2. ken1945 says:

    Agree Grandad.

    I also assume that all our injured players will be out in Dubai…so I wonder how/if that affects the time to recover from injury?

    As another thought, who pays for the players families to be out there, especially as it won’t be an all inclusive package deal?

    1. SueP says:

      Kroenke possibly?😳😳

    2. Abb says:

      Fans season ticket money…what else

  3. Robert Baker says:

    No wonder we have no money, kt was great in every game he played, can’t wait for him to hit his stride. Roll on next season. Hope we sign upermencarno to play next to salaba, with bellerin on the right with kt on the left, we may have the best defence in perm then but they just don’t give us out wishes. The fans shou!d manage this club. Fed up with not moving forwards with any manager this season. I hope artta will one good but something’s telling me we may have made a big mistake. Hope not wou!d be sad.

    1. chukzenith says:

      The mistake is the fans not jumping into another ship…
      Leave arsenal, keep ur money, do not attend match day, allow the team to work with which ever manager, they will get better…

      But very funny to hear fans should manage the club someday…
      Will realm be fun to see that happen…

  4. Stewart Macintosh says:

    He underwhelmed me in his limited appearances – I was not impressed. But I do attribute that to injury and lack of time to get sorted. I am very hopeful that he will match or exceed expectations. I do worry as he has had a couple of different injuries – but at least they aren’t the same ones over and over.

    1. Abb says:

      Which player besides Auba didn’t underperform this season?

      1. chukzenith says:

        Because he scored goal?

        You do we pick on our players…

        For me the fans camp is not healthy..

        Please let these players be… They won’t perform with all these criticism beside them…

        I wish u all the best…

  5. Shakir says:

    This guy is a very clever defender.Superb offensively and defensively.
    The way he dealt with traore in the wolves match is fantastic.For me he is one of the top LBs in the world

    1. chukzenith says:

      With this kind of comment, this guy will have his head up high and want to do better in every game…

      Remember the are not machine…
      Praise your players for the little they do and they will give u more…

      If every Arsenal fan has this motive maybe we will win this battle…

      Thank you Gunner..

  6. CorporateMan says:

    I just earnestly hope that in Tierny we have not got another Diaby on our hands!

    1. chukzenith says:

      U sound like the anti-arsenal Gunner…

      It is well with you on the way u think negative of ur own players, even Ronaldo will not success with a team with such fans and criticism…

      Maybe you should be hoping he gets out and start to play regularly

  7. Apangu Iddi Amin says:

    We hope he recovers in time to save the team in our last match which will be so crucial that we don’t have to drop any point.

    1. chukzenith says:

      If he recovers early fine but as long as somebody is managing the position for the time being…, why don’t we support them and get the best out of the ones playing now..

      Thank you

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