Good news for Ozil and Germany but concern for Arsenal?

When the Arsenal and Germany international star Mesut Ozil was on the end of some heavy criticism last season, it was not just coming from our friends in the English media, as the creative midfielder received some bad press from the German papers and from some former Germany players as well.

So while Ozil has largely silenced his critics on this side of the English channel thanks to his excellent performances since returning from that knee injury, he will have been keen to show what he can do to the German public as well, no matter what he says about the critics not affecting him.

His international manager Joachim Low has certainly showed faith in him during this international break and must be delighted to have the Arsenal man back after Germany struggled without him since the World Cup. Ozil once again played 90 minutes for Low today and he played very well, continually finding space and linking up play with his vision and passing ability.

It looked like it might be another tough night for Germany against a well drilled and hard working Georgia team, but shortly before the break Ozil found Gotze in the box and with a bit of luck he found Reus who finished well. And the game was out of sight minutes later when a great piece of skill from Ozil saw him control the ball, turn brilliantly and lose his opponents and find Muller with an inch perfect pass for the Bayern player to finish.

Great news for Ozil and Germany as I say but there may be some concern at Arsenal as Low kept our player on for the whole game, just as he had done in their friendly on Wednesday. Hopefully he will come back to north London fresh but I wonder if Arsene Wenger suspected how much he might be played when he allowed Ozil to miss the Premier League clash at Newcastle last week.

We need Ozil at his best next weekend so should we be worried about OzilĀ“s heavy international workload?

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    1. who the factual uck would downvote the comment by fred. FICKLE is an understatement. he would walz into any EPL team, maybe any team in the world. he is the best in the world, and granted he hasn’t been at his best sometimes, but he’s getting to his best, like he was at real. some nimrods here will be eating there words here very soon.

  1. Proud to be a Gooner last few days. Forget the quality of opposition etc and other churlish remarks but our attacking boys done good; Ramsey for Wales, Welbz for England, Alexis for Chile, Mesut for Germany – brief but bright cameos from Santi and Ollie, appearances for Theo and Poldi (Low has him inked in as an 80min impact guy – easier to do in an international setting than at club level). Only slight downer is that none of our defensive guys got a run out.

  2. ozil will be fine, he was rested last game with an illness(dance fever apparently)
    all these international breaks do is make me catch up on muff an pick up new habits.
    any beatmakers on here?
    looking to get into makin music

          1. Are you even a Gooner, its a wonder nobody asked but its a late reply so ill doubt i get an answer. You probably would have gained more fans if you talked football as well as plugging.

            My guess is you have been to football forums all over everywhere. I hate when them idiots come on similarly saying how we can make thousands of quid easy, but they dont tell you is they make their money from people who bite.

  3. I’m actually happy that he got the entire 90s with his German squad without an injury of course. This break was the first time he played with them since winning the World Cup + he got the arm band for a bit. I think that vibe will only be better for us when he returns.

    And the Liver game is not for another 6 days and he’s been playing 90 minutes for the majority of his career. I think he’ll cope.

  4. Hmm… yeh it is a little worrying. On the other hand it could be exactly what Ozil wants and needs, he is very much a confidence player and a little sensitive, so being dropped could effect him giving him too much time to think whereas now he may feel hes on a role and getting back to his best also appreciated.

  5. Still don’t think 42 mill Ozil and
    Arsenal are a great combination.
    More like a 30 mill deal.
    12 mill over the odds for him
    5 mill over the odds for
    Wellbeck Chambers Gabriel and Debuchi.
    But paying Diaby Podolski Ryo Campbell Walcott
    Wheelchair Flamini Arteta Ox Sanogo
    30 mill in wages to do begger all .
    That 60 million quid could have bought us a top class CB DM and striker
    at the start of the season when we lost all those points.

    1. you’ll be eating your words soon, i guarantee it. he is already starting to get back to real M quality. so, so fickle. this guy wld walz into any epl team and you know what? he’d make any team in the world. now get out with the hate and pick on a spud or something

  6. It may seem funny but giroud performs better than benzima for proud of our boy and the there is thing between sakho and koz which i dont want to talk about

    1. Giroud has seriously improved his game compared to last season. Better touches, better finishes, better hold up plays, and more desire. Benzema meanwhile, as decent as he is, has really been stagnant in his performance. Props to Oli

      1. What’s impressed me the most besides his finishing is his movement. He is a lot more mobile now and he’s making intelligent runs. One of the criticisms I had of him was he was to static but now his movement is exc lent

      1. There’s a lot of media whores on this site. People are calling for dybala, dragovich, etc who they have probably NEVER seen

  7. So I just came across a news article titled ‘Chelsea poised to move for Gareth Bale, Arsenal want Marco Reus while Liverpool are still hopeful of signing Danny Ings’. All nonsense media rumours of course, but that’s got to make for depressing reading if you’re a Liverpool fan haha.

    1. @Mick The Gooner
      I wouldn’t mind having Ings. He knows how to put the ball in the back of the net…He’s much better than Lambert or Balotelli, that’s for sure…

        1. I think they have to worry about the homegrown rule with gerrard, Johnson, and possibly sterling leaving. And they let go of kelly, Carroll etc

  8. Ozil was great today and captained the other match. I think it will only give him more confidence. He was rested (“ill”) for Newcastle remember, so I doubt he is burnt out. I think he’ll be fine.

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