Good news from Mikel Arteta ahead of Arsenal’s January transfer window

January transfer window? Nice one boss… By Sylvester Kwentua

Hello friends, I know I have spoken a lot recently about Arsenal’s January transfer window plans and how or what I feel about it, but after a report on reveals what Arteta’s Arsenal transfer plans, is I feel I could add a piece of my little mind.
According to the, Arteta revealed that Arsenal was not planning to let any player leave the club this January, and that includes players like Leno, Lacazette, Nketiah and even Martinelli.
These aforementioned players have had people suggesting if they would still be Arsenal players after January. The good news here is that finally their Arsenal status has been confirmed by Arteta, and this will go a long way in letting fans know what the club is up to.
However, one thing Arteta didn’t reveal was if Arsenal had plans to buy new players in January. He probably is not sure if his team may need an emergency back up in January, hence his silence on that. This is a wise thought from the boss.
So, why is this an exciting news to me? Well, over the last few weeks, I have written one or two articles on what I feel about Arsenal’s January transfer window plans, and I have always insisted that we really don’t need to be active in the January transfer window, unless it is for an emergency. Currently in the team, we have two or more players for a position. This young and dynamic Arsenal team is doing well this season, and the sensible thing the club would do, is to not interrupt the flow in the team now, and allow them to journey together to the end of the season, before thinking of either selling or replacing anybody.
Arteta is building a team in Arsenal and only he knows what he needs to make up his perfect team. If he feels he doesn’t need to let any player leave in January, then he may surely also not need players to be brought in this January. He may think he needs more time with this young and exciting team, to build a winning formula.
So like I always believe, unless it is broken, don’t fix it. Let’s rally behind the team on ground and work wonders together for Arsenal.
We are Arsenal and proud.
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  1. Oh dear. Unless its broke? You think having a pointless Pepe and ineffective Nketiah is not broken? They are no where good enough as hase been evident for 2 seasons. Our strikers cant score, not broken?

  2. Maybe some day we’ll know what potentially incriminating evidence you have on one or both of the JA Admins that have allowed you to propagate a seemingly endless stream of rudimentary takes on all things Arsenal-related(lol)…btw the expression is “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and it doesn’t apply here

    1. Some people are keen to get their opinions discussed,and if they didn’t, who would you be able to put down on a regular basis?

  3. I just find it so ironic that you’ve dissuaded me from offering up my opinions on numerous occasions, yet you will pump out these high school quality newspaper articles seemingly ad nauseum…I guess you’re a far less discriminating editor when the authors in question, more often than not, subscribe to your particular Arsenal narrative…come on, just give me a hint about what “secret” info this author is privy to, as I might know a few people that could help you with this obviously troubling predicament(lol)

  4. Arsenal though not bad but has along way to go.First we urgently need a proven striker and and a good substitute,secondly our defence still leaks so we need two proper tall defenders plus a good second goal keeper.Time is essence and we should be competing against top clubs.

  5. This was Newcastle, and for a while, we struggled, let’s not kid ourselves, Arteta is out of his depth, getting worked up on the touchline it’s embarrassing, no real strike force, I believe a different manager would get more out of this team than Arteta. we have conceded eleven goals against the top three and we are so far behind them like the rest of the PL. Work in progress is so far down the line

  6. Arteta needs to add one super quality player. If is possible to get Sterling in January let them get him by all means… We need to get a deadly winger that will play from right wing and Odegaard behind Striker. Arsenal too have to be getting good result from the likes of Chelsea, Man City, Liverpool, etc when playing them.

    1. Saka is not deadly enough, scoring goals and creating chances and playing for the English national team? What deadly right winger are you looking for again? Arteta and the team currently are doing just fine, not many people thought they’ll be level on point with the team in 4th at this stage. Indeed we had predictions that the coach would be gone by November.

  7. Nketiah offers virtually nothing, and if any offer comes he should be moved on.

    Unfortunately, he likely will not as he can leave on a free and get better wages without the new club paying transfer fees.

    Seems Arteta is keeping his own “Deadwood” that previous managers got called on.

    Elneny and Nketiah are 2 that top the list.

  8. “WE HAVE TWO OR MORE PLAYERS FOR ANY POSITION”! Sylvester, the idea is to have two GOOD players or more efor every position. You left out the all important word”good”!

    How about right back for example? We have just Tomiyasu and then a bunch of not remotely good enough choices, none of whom should be at our club.

    How about DM’s? Not one who is good enough, let alone two! Partey is not a DM and Xhaka is not mobile and far too slow and also not a DM either.

    And strikers? Neither of our older regulars are good enough as they – how shall I put this – oh yes, they DON’T SCORE!
    All this rather puts an exocet missile through your wrong assertion then!

  9. Maybe Arteta cannot buy anybody this January (and possibly this summer) because KSE (Kroenke Sports and Entertainment) were fined $759m for moving the Rams NFL team from St Louis to Los Angeles.

    If we do not spend anything in January, I will interested in how Arteta spins it.

  10. With the type of midfielders and strikers that we need to be targeting will be difficult to do in Jan. Unless the player is under the radar, or we get a Kroenke huge cash injection it will most likely be summer acquisitions on the horizon

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