Good news on Arsenal injury front, or is it bad?

Arsene Wenger has revealed that Danny Welbeck is now expected to return early from his knee injury, but could that turn out to be bad news for the fans?

The Frenchman has been actively looking for a new striker to add to the squad, with the England international expected to miss much of the campaign, and with Theo Walcott having disappointed in the role during the previous season.

Jamie Vardy has already turned down a move to the Emirates, and latest reports claim that Arsenal are keen on bringing Alexandre Lacazette to North-London, although the asking price looked to be standing in the way of such a deal.

Now Welbeck has been confirmed as returning as early as December after positive scan results, having been previously ruled out until February, which could dumb down the importance of bringing in another striker this summer.

Wenger said: “If the healing was not good, he would have been out until April. The news was excellent and he will be back around Christmas.

“That was the good news of last week, the only good news. That was very positive.”

The former Man United forward was in top goalscoring form prior to falling foul of injury, and was tipped to be a shoo-in for the European Championships, but was forced to miss out.

Wenger may now decide that he can prioritise the arrival of another centre-back, having lost Per Mertesacker until 2017, as well as having Gabriel Paulista out for at least a month from now.

Julian Draxler has also been linked with a move to our club this month, and could come instead of an out-and-out striker, which will likely infuriate my fellow fans.

Could Draxler fill the void of not signing a striker? Are Welbeck and Walcott good enough back-up to Olivier Giroud when fit?

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  1. bring in mourinho, buy ibra, buy progba, 6 pts ahead of arsenal… we better not loose at LC, this could get ugly fast

    1. we have Giroud, Sanchez, Walcott, Akpom and (Yaya) Sanogo who is still here but is injured at the moment – the players we buy have to be better.” Wenger at his optimal best. So he still consider Sanogo as Arsenal’s first team striker?

  2. I can guarantee u that welbeck will be back on feb we hve seen this alot of times i sense that we are not gona get a stirker this market.welbeck will be back on dec but he would hve missed a year of football,which will make hime miss till feb this is a ploy to not buy a striker.
    So we got just got beaten by liverpool due to unexperienced defence and instead of wenger making sure we hve a defender becore todays game we do is gonaa be tough very tough. I hope for the 3 points but i ask u u guys are u really confident that we will get em?

  3. Exactly… I think manu are favourite for the league but won’t write off Manc as they have a good team and manager. Chelsea is another threat too. Well, still early days….

    On one of my post I said I am happy for Welbeck and I wish him quick recovery but I hope Wenger won’t say Welbeck will be back before the year runs out. He is like a new signing when he is fit again.

    The Arsenal team is good but can be better with a prolific striker and a good CB. Is it too much to ask for? Can Wenger motivate the players?

    1. Uzi, I think it’s going to be utd if from those two. We played city and I know it was only a friendly but you could see that none of those defenders were capable of playing out from the back the way Pep sides do. They nearly gave us sitters from going to corner flag and playing it straight to one of our guy’s or to a man under pressure. They cant play under pressure the way he could at his old clubs, I foresee allot of Arsenal like balls ups. They got in some new faces but mour is smart, he only went with one new CB. City cannot do that with Stones and play the way Pep wants them too, not in my opinion.

  4. WoW, I can’t believe he is doing it again, the man is really out to destroy his own legacy, last year when the fans said buy a extra striker, he said Welbeck will return soon, right after the transfer window, Wenger said Welbeck has a setback in recovery, One pundit even said Wenger fooled the fans.

  5. Campbell leaving for Portugal surely points to anther wide man coming in. He already says that Theo is a striker. Iwobi is injured, so too is Welbeck. Ramsey also injured who he plays there. Adelaide and Oxlade opposite to Alexis. Alexis is playing up front and has got no rest with others who don’t do half of his running being rested. What if Alexis were to pull up, season over. I think we’re having a torrid time bringing in a new striker and Joel going out could mean Draxler, or Turan.

  6. “Comme par miracle” Welbeck will be fit by Xmas instead of April… WTF? Is that guy wolverine or what???

    This another lie from “the delude one”, with the only incentive not to buy another striker. He even named Sanogo as one of his option in a Interview with France Football… It was so ridiculous, the interviewer had to laugh and Wenger tried to diffuse the situation because it was so outrageous and tasteless (like him).

    As usual, if we win at Leicester, he will find some comfort in it and his obsolete and delusional transfer policy (well some fans will have a hard on too, knowing some, especially the faithful deluded…).

    Since they have found a new “curative” system, we might see Ramsey and Iwobi later this afternoon…!!

    A mate just paid £75 for the new kit (with badges and the rest) lol
    What a mug!

    Wenger will sign a new contract, because he can, and because he wants to. This is Arsène football club at the end. The fans can “mug” themselves and complaint as much as they want, they have no value for the club except the financial “bemol”…

    So sad because under another manager I truly believe we could be up there with the best in Europe.

  7. You have to understand that Wenger does not care about his legacy… And which one are we talking about? Financial? Or sporting?
    Because sports wise, 3 leagues in 20 years, that is a legacy, that is a poor record (don’t count the cups, no one cares, but Wenger and “his” fan club).

    Wenger is only driven by money…

    France Football mentions that Arsene Wenger’s wages are valued at £8.3m (€10.5m) with the remaining €0.5m coming from his TV work with the Al-Jazeera group.

    That is Arsene Wenger, and that is all I see because football wise we are “nobody’s” in Europe and no where near to win the EPL.

    The guy is 66 years old… Is he going to change? Of course not or you must be jerking off yourself to death… That is just not going to happen, simple as that?

    Oh yes, I saw a guy on Arsenal fan tv saying that we had (and I quote that fool) “so much strength and depth in the team, it is unbelievable”… I mean even the faithful cannot believe that… I hope this guy get his head out of Wenger arse soon enough for his own sanity, please?

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