Good News on Thomas Partey injury – “Initial prognosis…”

Thomas Partey was looking in excellent condition during Arsenal’s Mind Series pre-season friendly with Chelsea, and was looking like the star we imagined he was when he arrived last summer.


But his first season was plagued by injuries and we were hoping to see him in his glory in the upcoming camaign, but our hopes were short-lived as he limped off the pitch before half-time, and Mikel Arteta was very worried after the game. “I just had a talk with the doctor,” the boss told

“He’s going to have a scan tomorrow and at the moment it’s not looking good because he was in pain and he could not continue which, for Thomas, is pretty unusual.”


So he has had his scan now, and the Arsenal reporter Chris Wheatley has now reported that he is only expected to miss a couple of the Gunners opening League games.


He tweeted…..

Arsenal fans could point to the fact that we were told at times last season that Partey’s injuries were not too serious, only to see him on the sidelines for up to six weeks or more, but hopefully he has had a long rest over the summer and may recover very quickly.

The Ghana international will be very important to Arsenal’s season if we can give him a long run of games and keep him fit all season.

Fingers crossed!

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  1. We need Partey playing… importantly. Xhaka and Elneny are like a bad dream and if Arteta cannot replace them I don’t see much chance of the team suddenly becoming a ‘force’. To save his own job Arteta must get a couple of midfielders and he must stand back from extreme micro-management and let the team have some natural flow.

    1. But he has had more than 3 injuries since he joined. Are we receiving another Diaby ??. Otherwise without Party there is midfield.

    1. @Fairfan-1) Partey has a lot to do this season to live up to his hype.
      2) Xhaka will NEVER be a DM as long as he has a hole in his arse
      3) Torriera is finished at this club
      Other than that I agree with everything you wrote

    2. Yes torriera can still be handy but the news of him flying to Spain is worrying…that guy still have something to offer..he was part of team that won the La Liga last season..he could bring that mentality to the dressing room..if he can improve his passing, he could be the next elneny

    3. First time I notice someone commenting Partey as a DM in JA. Until now, I’ve noticed Partey being termed as a box-to-box CM. Wonder what exactly is Partey’s role in the team.

  2. Good news ,but the concerning part of Chris Wheatley’s tweet is that second bit and who’s in contention for the Brentford game

  3. That was a real nasty tackle from loftus cheek. I hope he doesn’t miss any game cos we need him. I don’t want to see Elneny in that team. Is it too late to go for Bissouma?

  4. Partey should always go in hard on opponents, he is too soft considering his apparent strength.This is the Premiership, for God’s sake.He is always on the receiving end of malicious tackles, when the reverse should have been the case.Fingers crossed, He will back sooner and stronger, as Arsenal really needs his services.

    1. Needs to give it back and they will learn to leave him alone, like Viera and Bergkamp did.

  5. Why can’t they hurry and bring in bisouma before it got worsen,we need to start dramatic season not like last term

    1. Very correct. Party to me is much of on and off player. A better replacement is required before it’s too late.

  6. Partey available to start in the first game of the season shall be considered as a good news. Not available for a couple of games is worrying. Reminds me of last season. Hope we have a better game plan for success without Partey in the starting eleven. Else, it’s back to square one.

  7. According to, Partey injury extent is still unknown and he is meeting another specialist soon. They are just happy the injury is not too serious after scan

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