Good news – The Premier League remains on course to return to action

It seems that some have decided that they will ignore UK Government statements, ignore German Government decisions, ignore repeated statements from UEFA, FIFA, the Premier League and FA and conclude that everyone else is wrong and that they are right when it comes to football returning very shortly in England.

Today, the French Government took the decision to ban any sporting events until, September 1st, a decision that will almost certainly be reversed but even if it was not it will have zero impact on English football.

Let’s start with the man whose job it is to oversee sport in the UK, the Secretary of state for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Oliver Dowden.

He said, “I personally have been in talks with the Premier League, with a view to getting football up and running as soon as possible in order to support the whole football community, but, of course, any such moves would have to be consistent with public health guidance.”

This will be achieved under the UK Government’s Project Restart’ programme, something that the most vocal know absolutely nothing about, especially journalists living in their own cocooned world.

Let me repeat who said that, the Secretary of state for Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Oliver Dowden. Anyone else professing an opinion on whether football will return should be ignored. Why? because they are not a UK cabinet minister.

I could drag up all the quotes from FIFA, UEFA, Premier League etc but if anyone decides to ignore the very man who will make the decision then what is the point of providing quotes from the relevant football authorities.

I could bring up the estimated £1.2 Billion overall loss if the season is cancelled, I could bring up the damning response from other football authorities, La Liga as an example, to the French decision, a decision lacking any real support anywhere, even in their own country.

I could bring up the number of clubs that will go bust, there are quotes for them, in fact, the number of quotes could fill up an encyclopedia and remember, these are from the people that actually know and make the decisions not armchair pundits hazarding a guess.

Could football still be cancelled? Of course, it could, there could be a second wave and so on but as things stand right now, right this very second, the British Government has made their position absolutely clear and so have the relevant football authorities.

So, who do we listen to? Those that know nothing and pretend they do or those that do know and actually make the decisions?

I know who I choose to listen to.

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  1. Total fantasy believed by people who dont really know the reality behind all this. Football will not return, it is not safe, it is not beneficial to the lives of people and football is not important at all in the great scheme of things. Its not safe in anyway shape or form to play and the people who ultimately make the decisions and not the people who think they need to be heard, will decide that. We will not see football, while people are dying, not very classy at all and really disrespectful to the people putting themselves at risk and to those that have died trying to save lives. Stupid badly timed post and totally irresponsible even thinking of starting football matches. We are miles away from the point of which football matters, it doesn’t. Get some perspective!

    1. And what of the thousands that suffer and die every year from influenza, whilst we indulge in football?

      It’s important that we start spreading consistent messages. I just don’t understand why it’s only Corona suffers we’re worried about?

      1. Because without the Restrictions put in place we could have seen upto 200 thousand deaths if not more .
        Flu deaths last year in the UK was around 8k ,unfortunately flu has been around for years and will carry on taking lives ..
        The world would not have shut up shop if they thought this virus was just like the yearly flu .

        1. You do realise the huge numbers of deaths being reported are massively conflated. Big difference between dying from Corona, and dying with Corona.

          I guess it may take a generation, or more, before we know if the lock down was the right thing to do, unless there’s a spike in new cases once the lock down is eased off, then we have our answer.

          Many, many, experts saying we should have just let it spread, to help create herd immunity. Remember that this isn’t a disease killing all in it’s path, thus making the lock down a good idea. Bar the odd anomaly, it’s only the sick, and elderly which are at risk. Of course we should all take as much care as possible to protect them, but only they should be isolation.

          We have pandemics all the time, yet this one we lock down? It has also worked out very well for all these governments who now are bringing in all this new legislation, and want to track our every movement. How convenient!

        2. You say 8k, i have just read the last FULL years death for flu is 1792. Whichever figure you want to use. The figures for flu do not include any lockdown or shutting of the world to reduce it. At present 26000 people have died of covid in 6 weeks with a total lockdown to restrict it. I dont get your comparison at all, given that there is also a vaccine for flu. Get some perspective and you all might real the scale of this crap and not trivialise it, with silly comparisons.

      2. Most people have antibodies to flu, covid, nobody does. Flu is controlled by vaccine to some extent, there is no control for covid. What planet are people on.

        1. Clearly you don’t work in health given your comments! First of all, there are millions that don’t have vaccines. Those that do, can still get influenza, and die from it. If you’ve had the flu before, you can get it again, and I’ll repeat, just with the flu, the huge majority of us are fine.

          I would finally add about how you catch Covid and the Flu. Remember that the flu is airborne, so we’ll need even more social distancing!

          Disgusting that people like you don’t care about the thousands that are at risk from influenza! You preach about Covid-19, but nothing about the flu? Disgraceful!

          1. Are you real third man, arguing crap for the sake of being different. What planet did you land from. Who on earth said i dont care about people dying from flu, IT WAS A COMPARISON, for people like you who have their head in the clouds.

          2. I agree Admin but making false statements against someone and to twist a sentence to make an argument that wasn’t there for devilment, is not opinion.

  2. Arsenal who have had a dog of a season under Arteta in 9th place trying to wangle a CL place by cancelling the league is ridiculous and quite frankly embarrassing.
    The FA should make two declarations.
    1. They will try to finish the season.
    2. If the season can not be completed all placings will stand. Liverpool will be declared the winner, and there will be no relegation. That is the only fair decision. Only jealous fans would think other wise.
    If this season is cancelled there can be no chance of European club football next season.
    How can it be unsafe in July but safe in September?
    With no European football Leeds and WBA who both deserve promotion can add to an enlarged 22 team PL to add more games.
    Health is paramount.
    So is fairness.
    Both go hand in hand.
    Individuals bias and jealousies should play no part in the FA’s decision.

    1. I am for season being cancelled and Liverpool denied championship. That is a joke I can laugh on for years.

  3. “Let me repeat who said that, the Secretary of state for Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Oliver Dowden.”

    Sounds like a health expert everyone should listen to.

  4. Dowden might want the season to be played out but it won’t be his decision but a decision for the government as a whole to make. There is a huge difference in wanting something and getting something.

  5. Germanys decision to ease lockdowns has backfired now and it could be the same in other countries trying it.But we cant be kept on being isolated and of course we cant run on the streets.I just hope government make a good decision and see this situation tactically out.
    As of football,i dont see a major problem in resuming the season even during lockdowns…

      1. I think i commented on this earlier.
        They need not to be tested every day or even before or after a match.Use protective measures like masks and glives along with a good sterilization process(a chamber maybe)and the virus spread will be well under control

        Like a guy said on a different site,
        “People were dying in millions from a kind of ‘viruse’ for which we had the cure and suddenly when ‘we’ dont have a cure for a certain virus its a pandemic.A million dying in a country or a million dying in the world,its just the same isnt it.All are lives… “

        1. That will be different, footballers and referees playing in masks and PPE. They could probably have match and team coloured ppe and sell it as merchandise online like team football shirts. We could have team coloured masks and protective clothing instead of shirts and scarves.

          1. You jest but I reckon some clubs are considering doing facemasks with their logo on them. Would not surprise me

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