Good riddance – Arsenal finally offload disgraceful Laurent Koscielny

When a player goes on strike and dishonours the badge, his teammates and the fans as Laurent Koscielny had done then there are only two words to say when he leaves, and they are ‘good riddance.’ I could actually think of a different set of two words but they will suffice for now.

It has been confirmed that the disgraced former captain of Arsenal has moved to French Ligue 1 outfit Bordeaux for a fee said to be 5 Million Euros.

Koscielny could have left with his legacy intact, he could have left with the blessing of the fans but instead, he leaves with his reputation in pieces after going on strike, because Arsenal would not allow him to break his contract.

No doubt some Arsenal fans will feel that the 33-year-old deserves better but not in my book, I have absolutely nothing but contempt for him. He was the Arsenal captain and what he did by refusing to join the club on the pre-season tour of the USA was nothing short of treacherous. He is not a professional, he is a man devoid of integrity, even the likes of Paul Pogba have behaved better than how he has done.

As far as I am concerned he is no better than Robin van Persie, and now he has gone I do not wish him the best of luck, he simply does not deserve it.

Darren N


    1. Let us all remember this man rejected Barcelona and most notably Bayern Munich when he was at his peak… Huge respect to Kos❤️

      1. Forget Kos, he is gone let’s focus on the future, tooany Arsenal fans and supporters harp on about the past, the history. Kos was not a legend on a few hundred a week, for a lot of the time he sat on his backside or in the gym earning a salary he scarcely deserved, that all of us could only dream of. When he did go to work he playing football, not saving lies.

        Funny fact Carl Jenkinson is officially now our longest serving professional, even if only for a few hours

      2. I beleive he was still under contract and afc was still paying his wages.
        I didn’t see him complaining when he was injured and afc was still paying him his top dollar
        He been a total disgrace and glad to see the back of him
        He has been one of the reasons why we have been bad for so long at the back
        As our captain and supposedly our leader on the pitch he has not justified that role apart from shaking hands with the opposing captain at the start of the game

      3. Take it you haven’t seen video of Kos taking off Arsenal shirt and tossing it to the side then.

        That should wake people up to the disrespect he’s shown the club that provided him with his fame, career, and millions in wages.

        Good riddance to him, sure he’ll be on physio table soon enough.

      4. Sorry dude but rejecting Bayern and whomever else does not justify disrespecting the club. Why exactly did he have to force his exit in this manner? There are civilized ways to do this. Meet with the boss, tell him you want to leave. Worst case scenario, politely put in a transfer request. Period. But refusing to go on the money-generating tour that pays his salary? Bad move. It takes three parties to engineer a move. Koscielny and the buying club aren’t enough to form consensus. Show your current club the respect it deserves. These guys get paid huge sums of money only for him to sulk and throw tantrums like a two year old. Anyway, good riddance. AFC is bigger than any player in the world.

    2. What-and the way Koscielny treated Arsenal Football Club was acceptable to you was it?When I read the headline article I saw how Darren N kept his true feelings under control due to the fact we have the Blog Police hovering over every word.I thought it summed up what most fans felt.There are ways to conduct yourself in these situations and Koscielny was at the Club and witnessed the acrimonious departures of players leaving under a cloud.If he had acted as a professional and with The dignity expected from any player,not least the Club Captain,he would have been afforded a send off which he would have deserved.He chose not to do this and deserves the flack and abuse he will get

      1. Hear hear Jon and Phil.
        Koscielny was the only real player at The Arsenal that I could still sort of relate to but to do what he did, I totally lost all my respect for him. Yes he was loyal but so were we to him when he was injured and had a loss of form. He was under contract and wanted to leave for free……. What a muppet!

    1. He clearly was promised something by the club that they changed their mind on.
      Not something you do with a player who’s fought for the club for 9 years.
      Once the trust was broken, he was always going to go and we at least get a few extra millions that we can use to close up the Tierney deal (alongside the Bielik money).
      Definitely not the best way to leave but we shouldn’t turn on our former captain because of the last couple of months.

      1. This!! Clearly something has gone on behind the scenes to make an otherwise model professional behave in this way. All the focus is on his one act of retaliance instead of his service to the club as a whole. Giroud hinted at this in a recent interview.

        Yes he does leave under acrimonious circumstances but as far I’m concerned he was a loyal servant and still has my blessing.

      2. Who promised him what that you are aware of, Arsene Wenger? The guy was afraid he could no longer compete at the level of a top Premiership Club like Arsenal. Instead of going on strike like a baby, all he had to do was ask nicely, go on the pre-season tour and if his wish is rejected, ask to leave honourably. The man deserves no respect because he didnt accord his employer any.

        1. Bye koscielny, maybe try and win something elsewhere like champions league,as it will take 40 years for arsenal to realise one?

        2. 1/ The club.
          2/ Certainly to be released in the Summer/have a chance to buy out the last year of his contract as reward for his long years of service.

          This behaviour is so hugely uncharacteristic of Koscielny that such conversations must have been happening during last season. Hell, even his mate Giroud was shocked and he knows him personally at a much deeper level than most. No smoke without fire.

      3. This man was finished three years ago. The only attribute he had was pace. He was plucked from the lower leagues of France and his reading of the game was shocking. Jet set heels got him out of trouble and when they went or namely his Achilles. France won the world cup. The man is a fraud and good riddance to bad rubbish

    2. By the way, my post wasn’t meant to be an answer to yours. 🙂
      Yes, I agree that a new CB is a must, at LEAST one of the level of Sokratis to be OK until we can splash on our Van Dijk next Summer after returning to CL football!

    1. Ko deserve respect because he snubbed many chances to join clubs like Barcelona fc but he didn’t the way it ends is not good by he deserved respect

      1. Can you verify that Koscielny was sought after by Bayern Munchen and Barcelona?
        Please look at his injury record throughout his career, not just the recent Achilles injury, through which the club supported him.
        He should have been sold after his mistakes cost Arsenal the Cup final against Birmingham City.

  1. Misleading heading..

    Off topic: Coutinho to Arsenal loan deal confirmed? It’s on some footballing site. Oh men. How true can this Be?

    We need a cb. It’s a mandatory now

    1. Well 1 hour ago the odds of coutinho was 1/6 now 4/11 to join arsenal it is similar odds of pepe just before happen! Cross finger

    2. I hope Coutinho wouldn’t come, because we already have too many no 10s

      Unless Emery plans to use him as a half-winger in a 4-3-3 formation, which was Coutinho’s position at Klopp’s Liverpool

      But I believe Ozil and Mkhitaryan can also play as mezzalas if needed. Paying millions for loaning Coutinho doesn’t make any sense, not when we really need new RB and new CB

        1. According to chatter on Reddit looks like Spurs are in pole position now as they expect to lose Eriksen

        2. paying Ozil, Miki, and Coutinho’s wages when only one of them are good enough. If we had gotten rid of one or both of them our interest would make more sense. But at the moment, back 4 is our biggest issue and deserves our full attention.

        3. Bayern sniffing around joe willock. Signing coutinho would be awesome but we could also offload dead wood to European clubs as there transfer windows are still open when ours closes. Hopefully we get a CB in time for new season

          1. palmer17, Joe Willock is certainly not “dead wood” and should be nurtured for the future!

        4. Coutinho is nowhere near Ozil as a ten. Like Ozil or not. He couldn’t make it at inter, and has failed woefully at Barca. At Liverpool he was not the best midfielder

          1. Are you serious man?!!!Ozil is not half the player Coutinho is…The german is an overhyped liability on an astronomic salary

      1. I think Emery does not want to use Auba as a winger in a 4 3 3 formation. Coutinho will be the winger instead. Always it will be a choice between Auba and Lacazette in the striker position based on the opposition we face..for example Auba can be used as a striker in away games where we want to play on the counter..

  2. His time was up in EPL and he knew it club should have done the right thing .. Could have used him as bait in Saliba deal for a direct swap rather than having him go back to SE… Now we have lost 2 centre backs 2 not fully fit and one should be ploughing trade in the lancashire pub league …2 days to close a deal … Not brilliant planning

    1. Negotiations aren’t that simple, lol. It was reported so many times that ASSE required Saliba to be loaned back by whomever bought him. Also, personal terms, fees, and player preferences etc. are also part of these negotiations. This isn’t a video game.

      1. That’s right just like you I don’t know … what I know is 1 that initial transfer proposals don’t usually end up as final terms 2 with 48 hours left we have a weaker defensive squad than when we started the window in the one area where strengthening was number one priority 3 Malcolm x was right … by all means necessary

  3. 5€ only? I still think he was worth atleast 8€. Anyway am happy this is finally resolved and hopefully we’ll see a new cb

  4. It is sad the way he left but to call him a disgrace is simply unfair and unpleasant. Aubameyang went on strike to join Arsenal, is he a disgrace? Aresenal want to get rid of Mustafi while he wants to stay and fight for his place, are Arsenal a disgrace?
    Things have not been handled well and a previously loyal servant has left under a cloud.
    What is a disgrace is when an Arsenal Captain (Cesc Fabregas) tells the local media at his new club that he has to now give a hundred per cent more in training now he is at Barca. That was a disgrace!!
    Please keep things in perspective, Laurent is likely to spend his later years limping like Ian Wright because, like Ian wright, he has played through injuries and been brought back way too early time after time.

    1. You have said it all. Why such headline for him. Too sad! Would you have preferred he stayed and not perform well? This is not a player in his prime trying to grab money in China or the gulf. He knew he has past it, want to retire in France and club demanding ridiculous fee. There are three sides to every story. Your side, my side and the truth. Hope he writes a book post retirement so we all can know the truth. Well done Kos. You are a great servant!

    2. Very well stated. Ironic how someone can feel contempt for another’s actions without having full knowledge of the situation. By simply basing their opinion on a red top headline or 2, written by people who are just as ignorant to the facts as himself… Laughable social media mentality at its best.

    3. Utter nonsense! You have it completely about face. Kos dissed the club who paid him so handsomely and made his captain after all those long injuries and he then broke his contract to force his exit. You are plain wrong!

      1. @jon fox
        Unless you have full knowledge the situation, you’re the one that’s plain wrong. Simply basing your opinion on your emotions, a few headlines and sheeple mentality doesn’t make you right. Remember, you options are not facts… ✌?

        1. Have you seen his video then? Do you regard his behavior in it as a fact? Not a word to fans as he sulked out the back door, and showed contempt for the badge when he tossed the shirt.

          Glad it’s over and he’s finally gone.
          Arsenal FC >>> Kos

          1. Durand old friend, as usual total respect for your views and how you present them.

            Two questions…you say others condone Kos but not RVP, so can I assume you see the same hypocritical behaviour in reverse?
            Because that is certainly the case with some people on here isn’t it?

            I haven’t seen this video you refer to, can you give me the links please?

            One thing is for certain, like you I’m glad it looks all over and whatever transpires, The club is always bigger than the player…but something tells me Kos will open up about this, it just doesn’t feel right.

            Just one more question, would you have thought that, of all the players on our books, Kos would have been the one who did this?

          2. Ken my friend, I googled Kos video and it came up. It’s like this:
            He is wearing an Arsenal shirt with audio of rocket countdown then he takes off Arsenal shirt and drops it on the grass revealing his new club shirt.
            Who does that? Needless and disrespectful I felt and quite childish. Somehow proving what? Cheapshot at Arsenal?

            I do indeed see the hypocrisy, raising the question who would one define a ” judas” and remain consistent and without bias.

            Lastly I’m shocked Kos would be the one to do this. Never in a million years. Makes me wonder if he played for Wenger and not Arsenal.

            He has changed since Wenger left, and for the worse regrettably. Not even a farewell to fans, as if he cares nothing for us.

          3. There is only one video and he slowly takes off his Arsenal shirt to a countdown where upon he reveals his new club. Tacky yes but disrespectful no. He doesn’t look disrespectful nor does he “toss” his shirt. For all we can see it is still in his hand. I will prohibit myself from making the obvious word play. You have an agenda, only an agenda would cause such a seriously inaccurate description of that harmless video.

          4. Andrea odd how you state the video. Why even have on Arsenal shirt? He isn’t our player anymore. Why not just show up in new shirt like every other player.

            Why go the extra mile to take Arsenal shirt off when it’s completely unnecessary and nothing to do with his new club?

            Talk about agenda you hypocrite, casting that traitor in a positive light for downing tools.

            Suppose you’ll somehow justify him QUITTING as brave, abandoning his teammates as justifible.

            Answe this, you defend Cole and RVP and Sanchez too?

            How is Kos different than Sanchez? I’ll eagerly await your answer.

        2. NY_Gunner, I “have full knowledge of the situation” AND FACT that Kos went on strike and refused to play for us.
          Which part of this patent truth do you wish to deny?
          We straightforward thinking fans, who clearly see that he breached his contract and dissed and betrayed the club who stood by him, made him Captain(albeit foolishly, since he was never captaincy material) and as the contract required, continued to pay him his due wages while he was long term injured, see this betrayal for thE clear truth it is,. Shame you are too foolish to do the same! CARE TO ANSWER MY SPECIFIC QUESTION ABOVE PLEASE?

          1. And he refused to attend a meeting with the management of the Club, who paid him for 9 years, helped him be selected for the French national team and made him captain, to discuss the issues.

          2. Of course you have full knowledge… :’D
            What’s evident is that he was promised something and that the club went back on their word, which prompted him to escalate things and take action.
            ONLY something along those lines would have pushed a loyal soldier like Koscielny to go to battle with the club’s new regime.
            It’s so out of sync with his personality and dedication during almost a decade that even a close friend of his like Giroud was shocked at the situation.
            And he knows him incomparably better than you and I.

        3. @Ny_Gunner, and you don’t have all the facts either……. Bottom line is our CLUB CAPTAIN who the rest of the team are meant to respect, disgracefully refused to get on a plane to go on a pre season tour. Kos was under contract, a signed written contract to represent The Arsenal. He broke his contract and wanted to leave for free. Seriously you couldn’t make it up!
          Great job Admin Martin!

  5. Good article. Kos has let the Cub, the fans and himself down.

    Should he be allowed to leave on a free for nine years service: NO he was paid handsomely for his efforts. An excellent defender, but a poor leader of men and should not have been captain at all.

    May he go forth and multiply!

  6. Poor behavior from our former captain the last couple of months. But if it’s true Arsenal wanted to extend his contract it may have been a favor in the end. Now get in a new CB please. Despite all of this he was still the best defender we had which is says a lot about our current state.

  7. Come on! You are making him sound like Cashley Cole, Nasri or RVP.

    I still remember Cole saying that he was driving his car and when his agent told him how much money (£60,000 per week) he was offered by Arsenal, he nearly had a car accident ????

    1. You are the real disgrace for your silly write up. He served us dutifully but how do you treat him? Breaking promises and offering him half his wages to stay, despite the fact that what he is earning is peanuts compared to what his contemporaries earn the present economic climate.
      We are proud of you Kos,worthy servants of the badge. All the Best

  8. The good thing is that this his salary can go towards new players

    But I wish Koscielny all the best. He has been a good, loyal player to Arsenal for a long time. Helping us stay in top 4 for several years and helping us win 3 Fa cups

  9. Mustafi, Xhaka and Elneny to follow please… it will be great to start a season without those 3 and Ramsey too….
    and with young guns lurking over the 1st team!
    and at least one new proper defender please

  10. This article could well have been written by me , word for word. I agree with every single word and have said that I consider him a pariah now. Why would any fan support those who diss AND BETRAY our beloved club? I don’t and you may be sure of that.To me his name is now filth! GOOD RIDDANCE, YOU ENEMY OF AFC!

      1. Kos and RvP were ultimately both enemies of AFC. I have zero time or love for those who harm our club and break contracts to do so.

        1. But Jon, I remember a while back, RVP was mentioned and while Ken & I spoke of how much we despise him, you didn’t seem to share our views….

          1. One key difference with RvP was that he did not breach his contract. Though he was still selfish to the bone and dissed the club who paid him so well and made him a household name , DESPITE all the MANY injuries, where he failed to play for us. There is a key difference between a selfish to the core player and another who breaches his contract. Or perhaps you disagree?

          2. But he (RVP) couldn’t wait to rub it in with his beloved new team, which he did on more than one occasion. This is probably not the answer you’re looking for.. but Jon, the way I see it is.. we’ve had Koscielny’s best years.. we all know he is more than ready for the knacker’s yard.. he’s off to play for Bordeaux, I shouldn’t think we’ll come across him on the pitch ever again… yes I had hoped it wouldn’t end this way, but it has, there’s nothing we can do about it…maybe if he wasn’t as old as he is & so injury prone, who knows I may feel differently ? as I’m quite fickle ? brings back memories of Fabregas!!

      2. Sue, I’m just plesed UE didn’t get his wish and get Kos to stay…imagine the level of infantile abuse he would have got.

        interesting the RVP comparision you brought up…both still had contracts to be fulfilled, both club captains, both decided they wanted to leave the club.

        One madeit clear he would only sign for our bitter rivals, the other has gone back home to play a lower level of football…one was offered a kings ransom to stay and the other was offered a 50% pay cut

        One kept saying he would sign a new contract, the other one stated he wanted to return home at the end of last season.

        One lied to the fanbase, the other stuck to his word and let the club know what he was going to do.

        One told the world he had joined a superior club to win trophies and play with better players, the other kept his feeling between himself and the club.

        Kos was wrong in the way he went on strike and there can be no excuses, he played it wrong.
        We both know what each other thinks about little boy RVP.

        Sue, if you could have one of the two round to your house to discuss football matters, who would it be?

        Thanks Kos for your nine years of service to our club, such a pity that you chose to end it this way…but at least you know UE still wanted you and that speaks volumes.

        1. A brilliant comment, Ken ?
          You’ve always had such a way with words…
          Ha I think you know the answer to that, Ken ?
          Your final paragraph.. I totally agree ?
          Oh and Ken.. that little boy has only gone & joined BT… urgh… I thought Sunday was just a one off – or more like hoped!! No such luck…

          1. Sue, I had the displeasure of seeing that little boy as well..trouble was I needed to listen to all the comments in order to debate the community shield later on.

            I really do think that there is something else in this story…but the undeniable fact is that kos went on strike, had a contract to fulfill and renaged on it.

            I am truly amazed that UE went public to say he wanted to keep him and was trying one last ditch attempt to keep him!!

            No sympathy for him, but that shouldn’t/doesn’t erase those nine years of loyalty from both sides..our club and the player.

          2. I agree about something else going on behind the scenes, Ken. Just have to wait & see if anything comes out about it.
            I’ve just seen that clip of his unveiling (with the Arsenal shirt) it was on an article by the S*n

          3. At least with RVP he apparently discussed with Arsene Wenger the issues he had with the Club, ie lack of ambition and the need to spend money on certain positions to compete for the title. Koscielny on the other hand refused to attend a meeting with Arsenal management to discuss his issues.
            RVP had an excellent last season and was top scorer.

        2. Ken, are you actually related to Jeremy Corbyn then? He loves the enemies of our country whilst you stick up for our clubs enemies and those who breach contracts! MY ADVICE IS DON’T EVER GO INTO THE LEGAL PROFESSION; YOU WOULD BE SCORNED AS A NOVICE!

          1. Jon,





          1. Yes and one couldn’t wait to rub our noses in it with his beloved United, while the other is going to play in his native France

            1. Very true, though the one that went to his beloved France also totally disrespected the Arsenal shirt and basically took the piss. Up to each individual how they view that.

          2. Admin Martin, thanks for that…could you also find anywhere in any of my posts where I have praised Kos for his actions?
            If you can, please feel free to reprint them in full.
            You seem to think that I endorse his actions, so let’s see if you are correct.

            Throwing his shirt on the floor makes it no better or worse in my eyes, does it to you then?

            RVP was just as dismissive of the club in my eyes, but that is, of course, a personal opinion…do you think the actions I detailed to Sue were those of a dedicated Arsenal player then? Have you forgotten when he kissed the manure badge after he scored against us?

            Anyway, I look forward to seeing if you can find details of me supporting the “enemies” of the club…such a ridiculous, chidish statement as your investigations will prove.

            1. You went with, one did this, one did that, etc All I did was the exact same, I did not make any accusations or intimate anything, I purely used the same words as you did to describe an action by one and not the other.

          3. Admin Martin, have just watched the video and waited to see him “toss the Arsenal shirt on the floor”.
            Have you cut that bit out, or did I miss it?

            He wore his Arsenal shirt, he took it off to reveal his new clubs shirt…tacky yes, disrespectful? Why?
            Meanwhile his left hand takes The Arsenal shirt away from the camera.
            Is that the video where you say he tossed the shirt on the floor…if it is, can you enlarge it so that we see the tossed shirt fall to the floor?

            Sorry if I took your post about one did one thing to his shirt and the other didn’t as a reason to believe you thought I was supporting “enemies” of the club, but would still ask you to produce anything that proves that ludicrous accusation (not by you I hasten to add).

            A tin of worms has been opened here by someone who feels justified in trying to blacken a fellow gooner and I would hope that you would want to set the record straight for all to see.
            Let’s prove this one way or the other and if you find the proof, I will apologise and leave the site permanently. I am incensed by this false BS and I hope you would be also.

  11. He didnt even have any parting words for the fans or the club that brought him to international limelight

  12. Glad to see him finally go. Odd how some rip RVP but excuse Kos. No one can argue his lack of professionalism and his behaviour.

    Pogba behaved in more professional manner than Kos, consider that statement. Put any bias aside and truly think on that.

    Kos another player holding club to ransom, hopefully it ends with him.

    Arsenal FC always, not Kos FC. Club made him famous from French League 2, provided him stage to have opportunity to play on French national team, and made him a millionaire many times over.

    He chose to stay at Arsenal and was paid extremely well for it. He was a good player but no way a legend.

    Look at Tony Adams; his career, quality, and how he loved Arsenal, THAT is a legend. Kos is just another “professional” footballer, stop trying to make him into some sort of Martyr, mercenary more like.

    Don’t let door hit you on the way out.

    We have different opinions among fans, but it MUST be club before player, or you must question whom or what you truly support.

    1. Totally agree! Why SOME stupid fans support our enemies an those who break contracts to diss and betray us is sheer naive stupidity!

      1. Jon my friend glad we agree on this. Odd how people mention Giroud’s comments on Kos, but nothing on Ian Wright’s comments.

        Curious to know how many have seen the Kos video and how he tossed the Arsenal shirt. Wonder if they will still defend him now.

        He never had the mentality to be a captain, was never a leader. Look at his behavior and tantrum and ask is this captain material? Is this a leader?

        No wonder we collapsed with Kos as “captain” on the pitch. Was not a Ramsey fan, but how stark comparing their departures.

        Ramsey didn’t get his way, yet was professional, gave everything until the bitter end.

        Contrast that with Kos and how he responded. Shameful, disgraceful, contemptible.

        1. Durand, is the video that is on show in the next post the one you are referring too?

          If it is, then you and I are poles apart on what was actually on the video.

          I didn’t see the shirt tossed anywhere, let alone to the floor.
          As far as I could see, he was either still holding our shirt, or he handed it to someone on the side.

          Just to make it clear, I am not defending, praising or supporting Kos’s actions, nor am I an enemy of the state!!!

          But to say this video shows him disrespecting the shirt is plainly untrue.

  13. The only fact we know from this Kos-Club saga is that he refused to travel with the team. Nobody knows what transpired behind closed doors.

    Nobody should take away what he did for the badge for 9 years.

    Thanks for your services @Kos_De_Boss

    1. Ubameyang, Kos also refused to attend a meeting with Arsenal management to discuss his issues.

  14. Well this looks like another example of the editor or poster changing the author’s title, (happened to me a few times).
    I kind of agree with it though.
    Maybe the offer given to Kos was seen as disrespectful but youd think he would realise this is the way the club is going with Jack W and Ransey for instance.
    The guy has ruined himself in our shirt theoufh either being ill advised a fool himself or having a wife who objected to his drop in pay.
    The talk of letting him go for free or for little money is non sense he’s been in the game king enough to know how it works. 1 year left = 1 year left.
    Anyway sad but no time for this I’m glad we handled it swiftly and took the money and me good riddance, not so much to Kos but to the situation.

    One day no doubt well find out theres much more to this!

    1. Headline and article was all mine and my only regret is that I posted this up before I saw that video he has done. This article is mild compared to what I should now write.

  15. Ps some say he didn’t even have a parting word for the fans, well consider he may have been asked as part of the deal to leave to sign an NDA.
    Makes sense that he has been silenced for now at least.
    As for him being promised something and being let down well tough Sh1t happens! Wenger and gazidis left

  16. this kos situation reminds me quite a lot of the wenger situation before he was sacked by the club.unwanted and useless are words that come to mind. an awful lot more words come to mind, but, as this is a family site, i will not utter those.kos has disrespected the club, the players ,and, the fans.he is a traitor , simple as.i wonder did he refuse to pick up his fat cheque when he was in dispute with the club ?.we all know the answer to that one i am sure. we are better off without. no player in this world is bigger than our club, not a single one , not even messi .lets see how he gets on with a second rate french outfit, i wil be following his “progress”, or , lack , of it , very closely.this former player of ours had it all to handy at the arsenal, way too handy.

  17. Jon, you talk a lot of sense as I key into many of your posts to learn of your reasoning. But, I think u really need to stop using these words ‘stupid and idiots’.
    As for the article, I lost faith in Koscielny last season when it was evident his all round play was declining. With proper replacement, I think we wouldn’t miss him.

  18. Koz, my 100% respect to you. you served well.
    we have ozil who plays half halfheartedly but will stick bcos of his wages, mustafi who plays vrap but will stick because of his wages.
    miki the same. but you always play even at your own risk.
    forever an arsenal legend from me.

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