Goodbye Alexis – Arsenal won’t miss you at all!

As far as I am concerned that was an excellent Arsenal performance today against Crystal Palace that was even more exciting and impressive because we didn’t have the miserable Alexis Sanchez in the side, no matter how good he is. I really can’t understand why Wenger would want to keep a player at the club that obviously has no allegiance whatsoever. Why would he even try to give his best for the team if he thinks that he is a far superior being and deserves to earn ten times as much as his team-mates and ‘deserves’ to to play for a ‘better’ team as well?

Today’s Arsenal team played like they wanted to play for each other – as a team – and they put the game to bed after just 20 minutes. As Laurent Koscielny said after the game today they were focused on winning TOGETHER!

I really am starting to believe that losing Alexis Sanchez is the best thing we could have done so that we went back to playing as a team, instead of our players being made to feel inferior to a prima donna that just wanted to look good and look down on his team-mates.

A winning team is made up of XI players that know what their team-mates are thinking and where they are going to be when the ball comes to your feet. You don’t want someone that refuses to pass to his team-mates because they are all rubbish compared to himself.

A winning team is made up of a central belief that has faith in the other components and knw what the plan is, not someone that plays for themselves only.

Good riddance and good luck Alexis. I won’t miss you at all.

Sam P


  1. Eat Pie says:

    Wow Sam P, at last an article I approve of.

    You even slated Wenger in there, admitting he was wrong to keep Sanchez arguably our best footballer.

  2. Eat Pie says:

    Sam P for admin, give me a thumbs up!

  3. Vlad says:

    Alexis who?

  4. ljgomez says:

    is anyone else worried about the wilshere and ozil deals?
    i am!!!!! wth
    just pay them!!!

    1. Godswill says:

      Pay them please.

  5. akbest says:

    We have sold all our players without replacement. Is it like of Nielson dat will return us to top 4

  6. Shinoda says:

    I will definitely miss Alexis Sanchez. You may call him all the names you want but this guy did so much in a few years than many could in more years at Arsenal. He brought fight, energy, skills, goals, assists and an enthusiasm I had not seen in Arsenal for a long time. He may have his own faults but who doesn’t. I agree that football is a team sport, but every great time has that one person whom the team counts on to bring a spark, that’s what Alexis was. I’m just sad that the club couldn’t build on Sanchez & Ozil to bring together a world class team. I will really miss his energy on the pitch. I just hope the rest of the team learn a thing or two from him, especially work rate.

    1. Marty says:

      I’ll miss the Sanchez of the last few seasons not the Sanchez of this season. The trouble is this season when he has been in the team we have tended to pass to him all the time and he has more often than not lost the ball and only occasionally made use of it. I think we will definately be a better team without him but will obviously miss his occasional brilliance.

  7. barryglik says:

    To be fair Alexis Sanchez is a top player.
    He came to Arsenal because he was
    promised the team would seriously
    contend for the EPL and ECL.
    Sanchez had three fantastic seasons.
    But despite his heroics the club failed to win the League
    and got destroyed in the round of 16 in the ECL.
    He constantly urged his team mates to press
    wanted to play every game and played on injury.
    By the end of the third year he had enough of the mediocrity
    at the club which could never compete for the title and
    was relegated to the Europa League.
    Of cause he wanted to go because he is a warrior.
    Then City came in the summer and promised
    him a fantastic opportunity to join a club hell bent on winning the PL.
    He wanted desperately to go.
    Remind me if you will who is 12 points clear in the league right now.
    But Arsenal pulled the rug under him in the last hours of the window.
    Seeing Coutinho go would have hurt too.
    Chamberlain + Walcott gone after years of big wages and small achievements.
    Why so much hatred toward Alexis our most successful player three years
    in a row the only guy who cried because we failed to win big titles?
    We need to look further afield as to why Alexis left.
    No surprises where we should start.
    Farewell Alexis super Chilean star.
    2014/2015 Arsenal 35(1) Goals 16
    2015/2016 Games l 30(2) Goals 13
    2016/2017 Games 38(2) Goals 24
    2017/2018 Games 19(2) Goals 7

    Appearances 122
    Goals 60
    Assists 25

    Remember when you break a mans spirit what do you expect?

    1. JJPawn says:

      Not hatred… just that he should have played by being a leader.
      Sign for the 300/wk contract, then help the team building process.

      The biggest problem for Wenger was cutting ties with over-hyped English players. That group held back the club by keeping out better players from come in.

      So far Ox and Theo are gone. Hopefully, others will go. That will open up spaced for better players.

      1. alexis#7 says:


        well put about Sanchez. You can’t expect a player like him to “sign for 300K” without been able to fight for trophies. He can do both with another club. This idiotic not on that he owes
        Arsenal is for nostalgia . Reality is he gave us his best for 3 years and more likely will not be replaced. If Ozil goes Arsenalwill surely have no stars in them.


        Unfortunately we may “panic” buy a couple players but this club needs a drastic change of direction to compete for trophies and without the prospect of winning you will have 2 options: 1. Stick with the Reis Nelson and hope for the best or 2. Accept a mid table position and be happy we are in the Premier League

        1. ADoseOfReality says:

          He stabbed city in the back to get 500k a week he’s not chasing titles, you are all delusional. He wants money for retirement.

    2. Shinoda says:

      I totally agree with you barry. Our lack of title challenge has broken a man who gave his all in the 3yrs he has been at Arsenal. Just look at his stats, even Hazard whom people praise a lot doesn’t have such stats. I clearly don’t get why people are slating him. This is a guy who has risen from poverty through hard work, I can’t slate him for wanting to achieve more while making more money. We actually need more players with his winning mentality.

    3. The Defiant Man says:

      MAN city was a better bet if it were about winning the most.

      it was always about the 500.000 pounds per week.

      1. barryglik says:

        @The defiant Man.
        In the summer man City offered
        Arsenal 60 mill for Sanchez…
        Then clubs heard about
        the Neymay 189 mill move to PSG
        and the Mbappe get now pay 156m later deal to PSG also.
        Prices then went through the roof.
        Monaco demanded 90 mill for Le Mar so Arsenal
        upped the 60 mill Sanchez price to 90 mill.
        City pulled out and that scuppered Sanchez’s move.
        Sanchez responded by not resigning meaning Arsenal faced
        the very real prospect of losing Sanchez for free in June.
        Arsenal gambled on turning down 60 mill from City
        and gambled on Sanchez resigning but lost both times.
        In this window Arsenal demanded 35mill from City for Sanchez.
        City called Arsenals bluff so now Arsenal has to accept
        United’s offer of a straight swap for Mkhitaryan
        plus pay Mkhitaryan the highest salary in the club.
        You win some you lose some I suppose.
        All we can do now is make the best of it and move on.
        By the way we had a great win today 🙂

    4. Toni Ton says:

      Well said Barry,
      Sanchez is a winner and a world class player, lied to by Arsenal and Wenger, he is nearing his football old age, what would you do if you are in his position?
      Let’s get a grip of reality and put sentiments aside

  8. JJPawn says:

    Next to sell Wilshere…

    That will complete the cleansing of the team of players that are a liability. Hopefully, Wenger will sign him for a deal and then sell him off.

    With Mikhi in Wenger could go with a 3-4-2-1 where Elneny is going to be the DM and link to keep the opposition from breaking.

    That means the attack will be able to play the width of the field and make the opposition run ragged without the ball.


    1. Maks says:

      Very stupid idea to sell Wilshere that Ramsey can play in starting 11.

      1. JJPawn says:

        “Stupid” to keep thinking that Wilshere is PL player.

        (But, if the Boss has convinced you of this, excellent, hopefully there are other English teams interested in buying this gem of a players for 5M!)

        1. Maks says:

          Boss? Wenger never pushed and liked one player more than Ramsey. Didnt resign Fabregas just that the Ramsey can be safe in starting 11.
          I know that maybe Ramsey has a better hairdo and looka better on posters but hello football is (still) not a superhero movie.

  9. ThirdManJW says:

    Right…that’s it! I’ve had enough out of you Sam P! It’s one to thing for you to delusionally bang on about how great Wenger is almost every week, as the club crumbles under his dictatorship, but you’ve now gone too far slagging off our best player since Henry! Your articles are constant drivel, and lack any ounce of realism! I’ll agree that hopefully we’ll have a more harmonious dressing room, but that’s it. It’s too early to tell if we’re better off, but we did lose to Bournemouth without Sanchez, even though so many think it was today it post-Sanchez really started. Talk about cherry picking!

    I’ll probably get a telling off from Admin for getting a little personal then, but I am just so angry about this article!

    Sanchez has carried this club since he’s been here, and clearly we would have nothing without him. His stats are incredible when you consider some of the rubbish he’s played with, and working under a manager who has completely lost the plot in every possible department of football management. We’ve been begging for a leader like him for years. He gave his all on the pitch, he’s been our best player by a country mile, and that’s the thanks you give him “good riddance”? How dare you Sir! You do realise he’s leaving us, and for such a low fee, purely because of Wenger. Please at least acknowledge that blatant fact!

    Did Sanchez go on strike to force a move? Refuse to go on the bench? Not bothering to try when he was playing? None of those! He had the mentality of a winner, whilst working for a manager who only dreams of 4th! Of course he was going to leave! If anything, respect for him for staying so long, when he could have easily have left earlier after seeing how quickly the club was regressing. And for those saying his move is about the money, well of course that is a factor, it is for EVERY player. Do you think Messi would have spent so long at Barcelona if they were only paying him 50/100k p/w…of course not! He loves Barca, but he’d also want to be payed on par, or more than the top players, because he’s the best in the world. Part of the move in my opinion is that Sanchez will get much more game time at Utd, because Sterling, and Sane are the future, and Mourinho is a better manager than Pep in my opinion. If it was ALL about the money, Sanchez would be in China right now.

    Sanchez is/was the only person on, and off the pitch at Arsenal, who genuinely tried to move the club forward. Unfortunately for him, it was a battle he lost because so many within the club, and a lot of the fans, seem perfectly content with mediocrity!

    Thank you so much Sanchez for some wonderful football, and effort you put in was tremendous! Good luck working for a WC manager, who I think will respect your mentality.

    1. John0711 says:

      Spot on

    2. JJPawn says:

      Dictator? Wenger? Ha! Ha! The opposite is true. If anything he has been too kind.

      Being a team that is below the top teams means that your best players will be poached, and unlike the RVP era this one is different as there are other good players for a price that is within Arsenal’s reach.

      The problem for Wenger was the so-called English core first generation, who were really mediocre and louder than the English newspapers. Now they almost all gone, with Wilshere left. Maybe also Ramsay, who is Welsh.

      This season has seen the departure of players while Wenger has also signed a couple of really solid players. He now is picking after City, United and Chelsea, all of who have spent cash and have full teams with any more spending leading to the dumping of good players like Mikhi.

      Now Wenger can try to build a new core, maybe around Ozil, who might sign long term, and we have seen that magic work with Lacazette. The arrival of Mikhi would add another player able to work the magic of movement and scoring. Who else?

      That is where the discussion should be. Either look for upcoming players who can play the part or buy them.

      For example, I cannot see that Iwobi is good enough for this level. With his opportunities he needs to do better. He lacks speed for one thing. Etc.

      So now Wenger & Co. have to look for the positions, and if he leaves he will have cleaned house for the next manager.

      So please, quit whining about Wenger.


      Who is next? Aubameyang? Mahrez?


      The Arsenal fan base need to support their team like the fans in Liverpool do.

      1. ThirdManJW says:

        So we should all just shut up and get behind yet another rebuild? If you haven’t noticed, Wenger has just been rebuilding for five years, and where has it got us: laughing stock domestically, in Europe, and our best players are jumping ship…yet again! On top of that, no more CL football!

        It’s easier for Liverpool fans because they get different managers, so their optimism is often getting renewed.

        And Wenger HASN’T cleaned house at all! We’re about to lose our only WC player, Ozil is virtually gone, we’ve still got a lot of deadwood on big wages, and worst of all, Wenger has created a culture of failure at Arsenal, which could take years to repair!

        1. JJPawn says:

          Any team below the top six or seven teams in the world has to play catch-up constantly… life if not easy. Getting a few FA Cups was an achievement.

          Wenger has been brilliant in keeping us in the conversation by usurping the ManU and Liverpool for years. Now they are back and other teams have come. City and the Spurs, built differently, but also other teams and leagues in the world. Spurs might reach the levels of the past if they can get they stadium done quickly.

          The long term re-build by Wenger was to also give the English players a chance to be good and play for the national side. It did not work as they became loud instead of great, and now they have been replaced by mostly Spurs men in the national side.

          Wenger has re-though with that effort of trying to use English talent, and now all in with world football, except for nominal domestic players needed. That mean every position might not have an English soon. I cannot wait… unless of course English football can produce another Kane or two.

  10. Sue says:

    Yes he WAS good for us… but he’d downed his tools & didn’t want to play for us anymore…. at least Coutinho gave his all for Liverpool right up until he left!

    1. Shinoda says:

      What do you mean, despite having a poor season, he’s still been our best player,just check the stats. We have generally been poor this season & much of the blame has to go on Wenger.

      1. Sue says:

        Much of the blame????

    2. John Ibrahim says:

      Coutinho gave his best because hes young and stilll under contract for few years…

      Sanchez is turning 30yo soon…and he does not want to risk an injury which would jeopardize his career….

      Ronaldo (R9) is an example, 6 mths left, got injured and no extension or any suitors

      1. JJPawn says:

        Sanchez is done for after next year… he is older and heavier. Mikhi is two years younger and can be sold for more than 35M in case he does not work well. If this deal pans out, that was a master stroke swap by Wenger & Co.

  11. Ian wrights bruva says:

    #the club is better than the player

    By Mr Sanchez, will miss you losing the ball all the time then getting the hump with your team mates.

    Could have been legend.

    Stroppy little mug.

  12. Umar Faruk says:

    Arsenal wiil bounce back with the help of auba & mik. Thanks Wenger but I don’t miss sanchez

  13. alexis#7 says:

    Our best player ever Henry went to Barcelona after he finally REALIZED that Arsenal were never going to get anywhere near a trophy again. I do not see anyone bitching about that.
    Sanchez should be an Arsenal legend for his work ethic and production and ambition for the club.
    Frankly his leadership was exemplary and if the Iwobis of the world could not hack it the club had a responsibility to support Sanchez ambition which is also what FANS WANT: A MAJOR TITLE

  14. John Ibrahim says:

    Sanchez is a quality player

    but if we have the replacements then he will not be missed.

    Players come and go…

    Every season new talents arise….Prior to 2017 most of you would not have heard of Mbappe and if had join us prior to 2017…most of you would have restricted him to league cup games or go on a loan…

    time to move on and hope for more wins

  15. barryglik says:

    Sanchez was on 130k p/w
    at Arsenal not 300k p/w.

    1. JJPawn says:

      It was what was said to be the offer for him to sign long term…

  16. Maks says:

    Alexis is a very good player but he has mind of his own and I would prefer that we have bough Levandowski instead of him.
    Going to ManUtd is lowest as ex Arsenal football player can drop, so goodbye Alexis, brake a leg! Frack nice words, if he wanted to win things and earn big he could go to some other club… here is for cash cos he also has tax no paid so he is in problem… fast and easy solution done: sold his ass to Mourinho.

    1. JJPawn says:

      Why would the Polish striker come to Arsenal?

  17. Andcliff says:

    Alexis lost the plot this season, at least we got something for him (if the deal goes through). We must keep Ozil at any cost, he is the hub of our team and definitely hasn’t downed tools this season. Even the biggest Ozil basher, Alan Shearer, grudgingly praised him on MOTD. He is top class.

  18. Phil says:

    Wow!!!The difference of opinions is very clear on TWO points1)Sánchez is one of our greatest ever and we are grateful for all he has done – OR Sánchez has sold himself to the highest bidder which happens to be the club managed by Wengers Nemesis.2)Wenger never invested in the players AFC to support Sanchez and to give the club the opportunity to challenge for the top trophies (CL&PL)-ORSancez was not interested in staying and helping the club improve. Loads of debate to be had on this one and ALL fans feelings must be understood and accepted.BOLLOCKS I am going to comment.Wenger at the end of the day it is YOU who is responsible foe all this.You insisted on total control from top to bottom so the buck stops on you and you alone.

    1. JJPawn says:

      “Wenger at the end of the day it is YOU who is responsible foe all this.You insisted on total control from top to bottom so the buck stops on you and you alone.”

      Funny, but actually sad that you have not idea of how the EPL and other leagues work over the decades. Nothing stay the same, and those with most money win most of the time in most of the competitions.

      To win the EPL you have to have money like City, United and Chelsea (carrying a debts of hundreds of millions.)

      1. Phil says:

        Yeah of course-LEICESTER CITY are hundreds of millions in debt.If they won the league with an inferior set of players ans a fraction of our finances why is wrong to expect us to at least be able to compete.Trust me those Dustbin Lids up the road have a ground to pay for so wait and see how long those English Luvvies you seem to adore either hang around or are sold.You are putting forward a ridiculous argument.

  19. Sue says:

    Arsenal will carry on without him… it’s about the team not just 1 player…. COYG

  20. Sydney says:

    I ll’ greatly miss him, a top class player we should be built the team around, will be hard finding such a player and all this Arsene shoulders the blame for not buying top players to compete for honors and letting contracts run down. Arsene must leave, he has destroyed the team we so much love

    1. Sydney says:

      We won against palace but doesn’t mean we won’t miss Alexis, and the team needs much more fixing, gud D/M, a winger (Mahrez, Draxler) would do, center back and in summer a goal keeper, Cech has lost it, then get rid of dead wood ( Giroud, Welbeck,Wilshere,Ramsay) they’re average players, it’s cuz of holding onto such that the team hasn’t progressed for over a decade now

  21. SuperClaes says:

    We turn down 60M in the summer and now get Mhikitaryan!!!!!

    Say no more for Wenger and the board………..


  22. Grandad says:

    Sanchez has played well in only three matches this season.To my mind he is over rated and clearly has little loyalty to Arsenal.He is the past and we need to focus on the future.The most important aspect of the match against the Palace was the switch to a 4_3_3 system which is favoured by the likes of Barca,Real,Man City etc . Hopefully Wenger will now abandon the defensive 3_5_2 setup and allow youngsters like Bellerin and Iwobi to regain their confidence and flourish.

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