Goodbye Sven – Why do Arsenal need a head of recruitment if we can’t buy anyone?

The news that Sven Mislintat is destined to leave Arsenal after a disagreement over transfer policy with his new boss Raul Sanllehi is no that much of a surprise after Unai Emery revealed we had no money to buy any new players, and this is how ESPN described the situation…..

Sven Mislintat is set to leave Arsenal after a series of disagreements over the Gunners’ organisational structure and transfer strategy, a source within the club has confirmed.

The 46-year-old head of recruitment had been hired just over a year ago by Ivan Gazidis and Arsene Wenger to replicate the success he has had in spotting undervalued talents such as Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Ousmane Dembele and Shinji Kagawa at Borussia Dortmund.

However, after Gazidis left to take charge at AC Milan in September 2018, former head of football relations Raul Sanllehi was promoted to head of football, with Mislintat reporting directly to him.

According to club sources, Sanllehi, the former director of football at Barcelona, favoured a recruitment policy based on his extensive network of contacts throughout Europe, while Mislintat had been tasked by Gazidis to follow the kind of analytical and stats-based approach that saw 19-year-old midfielder Matteo Guendouzi join from French second-division club Lorient and 22-year-old Uruguay international Lucas Torreira arrive from Sampdoria.

Now how does that make any sense? You bring in the best talent-spotter in Europe with an eye for a bargain who brings in some fantastic players at good prices, then you decide to ignore his advice to bring in older out-of-contract or out-of-favour players instead. Torreira was a great bargain. Mavropanos and Guendouzi could yet to prove to be even better buys. So let’s get rid of the man that made these deals happen?

What the hell is going on at Arsenal!



  1. The club is an absolute mess. Having Sven was the one shining light at the end of the long dark tunnel that would help us get back to the top with his ability to identify players – Mav, Guendozi, Torreira in one year.

    If he leaves i fear for this club. I’m starting to lose faith and it hurts me to say that, but i cant imagine a time another big club has ever been run this poorly.

    I’m hoping its all rumours but when there is smoke there is fire.

  2. Sven is leaving because he wanted the Technical Manager job, he’s not being sacked, he wanted promotion from scouting to management. The Technical Managers job was offered to Edu but he has turned it down so now we have to fill two positions. BTW, I think the article headline is a bit of a stupid question really. Just because we can’t or won’t buy at present doesn’t mean that’s how it will always be. Come the summer we will be buying again so of course we need a head of recruitment.

    1. Yea Declan, we’ll be buying… buying rubbish players who are either unwanted at their clubs or who we shouldn’t be signing… If i were Given the option to either have Sven or Emery or Raul at the club the I’m going with Sven.
      This is the man who got Aubameyang for Dortmund, Dembele, Kagawa and a few others, this is the man who in his first season, has gotten us Mavropanos, Torreira, and PEA, the man who wanted is to get a younger quality defender but instead the club preferred an aging Sokratis… Really, nothing justifies the bullshít Arsenal Fc is putting up now.. If we fork out millions to spend upon players then I’ll have no problems, bit this is the man Bayern Munich are ready to take immediately, and the club is acting dumb..

      1. I agree with all your points Eddie but was just pointing out why he wants to leave which is due to the promotion he wanted and also the stupid article headline. Of course we need a head of recruitment and that’s what Sven presently is. Part of the problem at this club is there are too many chiefs and not enough Indians!

        1. Has it even be confirmed. Let us wait till then to say goodbye. If his leaving is based on what Declan said then good riddance. How does he expect to get promotion less than a year into his job especially when the club is in this tumoil. He should wait until when the club has ripped a benefit of his work

          1. …..Not enough Indians …Classic!

            I’ll use that one myself, never heard it before – I heard of – too many cooks – and hens in the hen-house.

            I do like like my westerns, though I hate John Wayne, hate him with a passion (for being made to watch all his movies because everyone’s old man is a huge JW fan, and I bet ya Jon Fox, Kenny, Ken, and grandad all are too). Love Clint Eastwood, was surprised that Leonardo Dicaprio – made such top notch cowboy. And I believed for years that Kurt Russel should’ve been playing those roles well before that Quintin Tarintino flick. Just telling a little about my interests, apologies to whomever didn’t want to have to read that.

            1. B-O-T, Daft to make assumtions based purely on age or generation. I do not rate John Wayne as a top drawer actor though unlike you , I did not “hate ” him, and as I review stage productions dozens of times a year,I do know what I am talking about. The Duke WAS a famous name but NOT world class as an actor. Far from it.
              BTW, “too many chiefs, not enough Indians” IS AN EXTREMELY WELL KNOWN AND OFT USED PHRASE, EVEN THOUGH YOU SEEM NOT TO KNOW.

      2. Sorry Eddie but can you point to anything to back up the Sokratis claim?
        From my point of view it is a Sven signing, like Mkhi was, a pair of players who will help Auba stay happy.

        I honestly do think the Sokratis was a Sven signing, it fits the same field as Mkhi, an aged player who will struggle in some situations. For example, the high line, Sokratis doesn’t have the pace to keep up with some fitter players.

        Sokratis and Mkhi could both be fantastic players for us if we used the correct formation and tactic. Auba could be scoring more for us if we used the right set up to maximise Auba.

        Emery tactics are exposing the flaws in may of our players and I feel this has influenced Sven, Sven knows how to get the best out of Auba, Mkhi and Sokratis from their time together previously along with Sven having a genuine desire to connect with players he scouts and brings in.

        I think we all know that Mkhi is not the type of player to press for 90 mins, he is a flair player who can bring the unexpected, if we are not going to utilise that capability then we have reduced Mkhi to a shadow of the player he can be.

        Sven has not been afraid to back an experienced player while getting a kid who will take over in a year or two, Kinda like how Auba was not a CF initially for BvB because they had a top CF already… But he left and Auba got moved into the middle and Auba banged in the goals as the team was set up to get the most out of him.

        For me, the real issue is Emery, not Raul.
        Emery is the one playing tactics which do not get the most out of Auba, Mkhi or Sokratis.
        Hardly any fans are upset about this so maybe it should be Sven who moves on?

        I thought part of the reason why Arsenal signed Emery was because he wouldn’t demand his own players but work with what he was given.
        That is not the case unfortunately and I feel Sven is the one who will lose out and largely because a lot of fans refuse to accept that Emery isn’t good enough.

        Sorry for long post 😛
        Emery is a guy I have grown to dislike more with each passing day.

    2. How do you know this?
      It is hard to get any real information on this for a start and then some information is saying Edu rejected us and we got in touch with Edu because Sven is leaving… Not the other way around.

    3. finally someone,s got it,his departure is due to the fact he got passed of for the promotion and on top of that both men who hired him are both gone now,simple as t that !!!!

    1. Article has nothing to do with Wenger or Gazidis.
      Some people just like to stir sht up don’t they?

  3. Arsenal ! Arsenal !! Arsenal !!! Every year the same story . The management kept on giving us heartache. What a they using money to do ? How long will you continue to punish fans world wide . Is it true that they don’t have money to compete and buy quality players when it matters ? They we need to probe the financial management /dealings of the club ? Without this, this club may not seen or heard in next decade .

  4. It’s going to be tough for Emery to get us into the Top 4 next season, at this rate.

    Sven will go to Bayern. They have more ambition
    Spurs, Liverpool, United, City, Chelsea have more ambition.

    I think Kroenke is not too concerned
    It’s hard to see a loved one (Arsenal) slowly getting worse and worse

    1. This mess is not about Kroenke.

      We spent £18 millions on Sokratis.

      Rumors has it, Mislintat wanted us to target 22-year old Diallo who cost £25 millions.

      Arsenal FC didn’t opt for Sokratis because he was 7 millions cheaper. Whoever wanted Sokratis, brought him in because they thought he’s better, “experienced” player.

      Guess what geniuses, Diallo better, quicker, younger, actual resale value.

      So f*** whoever decided to bring Sokratis instead of Diallo.

      1. And let’s not forget the whoever idiot who decided not to:

        A) Sell Sanchez in 2017 for £60 millions. This lead of course to terrible form and in an exchange in which we got another inconsistent player Mkhitaryan on high wages, little resale value.

        B) Decided not to renew Özil’s contract in time or sell him in a timely fashion. This of course lead to panic contract worth of 300k a week for a 30-year old player who we now can’t move anywhere and because of whom we cannot sign absolutely anyone.

        C) Decided Mustafi or Xhaka is worth of £35 millions each. That’s 70 millions down the drain + they are on high wages.

        Not selling Sanchez, not selling Özil or renewing has lead us to this point. None of this was Kroenke’s fault though as he doesn’t interfere with these things. Oh and I hate Kroenke with passion but he didn’t create THIS mess.

  5. If Sven leaves it will be yet another nail in the Arsenal coffin. At a time when economic chaos is rife in the transfer market to such an extent that even rich clubs like Chelsea have to resort to loan deals, we are apparently about to lose a man with a great talent for unearthing undeveloped, undervalued talents.For a Club like Arsenal which is owned by a businessman who has no rapport with fans and will never fund transfer acquisitions from his own pocket,we are effectively cutting off our life blood for the future by releasing Mislintat .As mentioned by Eddie ,Socratis who is not an answer to our centre back problems was not recommended by Mislintat so who made the decision to buy him and to pay the abominable Lichsteiner £90m per week?If Sven departs who becomes head of our scouting department? One thing is for sure, their CV will not be superior to that of Mislintat.The transfer market is currently undergoing a material change where the emphasis has switched to buying youngsters who have yet to fulfil their potential rather than throwing millions at mature experienced players who will not improve , have a relatively short shelf life and little in the way of resale value.Given this situation why would we dispense with the services of someone who has proved that he can find golden eggs.Crazy.

    1. Am I the only one reading this that thinks Sokratis is currently our best defender? Aging perhaps, not the complete answer to the defensive issues but still he in my opinion has been a big step forward and is quality (certainly in respect to what our other options back there are)

        1. Well said Grandad. Despite what others have said Emery and Mislintat don’t have issues.
          Craig Burney on ESPN FC covers the issues at Arsenal well.
          Also I agree with Rob and Sue on Socrates.

  6. I truly believe that with the TV money and our other revenue streams we are no longer required to get into the top 4, as our club is already earning enough money to satisfy Kroenke. And what does that mean? Well, we’re never going to drop out of the top 6, so not only do we not need to spend any proper money (in the eyes of Kroenke), but we can also get rid of our highest earners, and seemingly Emery is more than happy to oblige and ruthlessly freeze out Ozil and Ramsey.

    I hope you guys are happy “getting your Arsenal back”.

    1. Silent Stan has taken out many loans which he gets because he has things worth a lot of money. The more money his things are worth then the larger loans he could potentially take out to buy more stuff.

      Of course Arsenal value is important, the more we are worth then the more he can invest, make himself richer.

      Arsenal value and winning trophies are two different things. They are not bound together.

      1. But that’s my point, Arsenal are already an extremely lucrative business for Kroenke, in his eyes there is absolutely no reason to invest anything more. Spending any money at this point would be an unnecessary risk , as we’re not going to drop out of the top 6 and we already earn him enough money, so there’s no need (in his eyes).

        1. ??
          Stan Kroenke is an absentee owner who knows nothing about Associated Football, shows no interest and doesnt want to know. His only interest is asset value, which he can use as collateral to raise loans for his other business interests.
          The EPL is getting more competitive every season, attracting world wide interest and investment. We are yet to fully see, for example, the effect of Usmanov shifting his allegience to Everton.

  7. Maybe it is Emery we should be looking to get rid off?

    From my perspective, there is nothing stopping Raul and Sven working together on Rauls contacts to pick the best ones using Svens analytical data. If this is being cited as one of the reasons then I would say that there is another factor in here which is not being shown/talked about, the manager.

    Raul literally has an expert in scouting to help him pick the best contacts he knows… Why ignore that unless a 3rd party is determined to get players he wants without listening to the expert?

    Suarez and Banega. Emery wants these and pushing hard. Like he pushed hard for Nzonzi and luckily our head of recruitment didn’t agree and as such we got Torreira.

    Hard to blame Emery though when so many fans ignorantly support him, I am not surprised that we are having backroom issues and other people will leave as the consequence.

    Get a manager who can play different tactics as well as develop players, we have a talented squad and our joke of a manager is failing us fans and the whole of Arsenal. Emery can not handle big names and the way he is dealing with it here is to force the players out. How long before Laca asks to leave? How many top players will we have to lose due to Emery before people start supporting Arsenal over Emery?

    1. We were so strongly linked with Banega, Suarez and Nzonzi that you might be onto something.

      If this is the case, that Emery opts for his former players instead of promising players, supported by statistical FACTS recommended by Mistalint, then Emery needs to get the sack.

      1. I was hoping Raul and Sven would be tighter than they apparently are, I hoped they would back each other and the manager had to be good enough to develop players and play the right tactic… not shove his nose in transfers.

        I think we have all backed Sven from day one.
        If he is leaving due to Emery shoving his nose into transfers and Raul not backing Sven then I will call for Emery to go. Force Raul to get a manager who is better and can appreciate Svens qualities.

    2. It’s beyond a joke that fans are using the words Emery and sack in the same sentence!

      Wenger was awful for God knows how many years, yet anyone who wanted him sacked were told they were disrespectful, and were making Arsenal look bad! Emery has had to take over from the complete shambles that Wenger left behind, hasn’t even had 3/4 of a season, yet maybe he needs to go! Talk about double standards! That’s not directed at you two (McLovin, and Midkemma). I am just adding to what you brought up.

      1. How many seasons should Emery have?

        I am all in favour of being harsher at the beginning when people need to earn their respect, Wenger did it after replacing Rioch, did Rioch have multiple seasons to turn us around?

        Wenger came in, he shown he can be a winner when supported correctly. The environment changed with the clubs sale and Deins departure (well, other way round), until that change… Wenger was a winner. A proven winner.

        Emery isn’t.
        Rioch didn’t.

        Not saying I wished Rioch never managed us, we got DB10 who provided us with so many magical moments… I am glad Rioch was replaced as early as he was.

        I feel the same about Emery.
        He has done well in coaching some of our younger players and I am grateful for that.
        I do not believe he will be a winner for us and as such I want to see a better manager hired at the end of this season.

        With regards to Wenger, some people will have double standards, some people may not yet be misunderstood and assumed they have double standards. Appreciate you saying that wasn’t directed at us 🙂
        As an example of what I mean;
        Wenger got blamed for transfers and Emery gets the benefit of the doubt because Wenger left him a terrible squad.
        Was it Wenger or the board refusing to sign players Wenger wanted and Wenger getting the blame for years… Even when people was pointing to Gazidis for nearly a decade?

        Shall we look at the unbearably large list of players Wenger nearly signed but didn’t due to funds? When talking about the squad left behind then we need to look at how the squad was acquired along with coaching to maintain the squads quality.

        1. Emery isn’t a winner? That’s just plain wrong. I don’t think anyone has won more trophies than he has over the last 5 years.

          In addition, look at Emery’s track record. Apart from PSG, he’s been working with tiny budgets, and has performed wonders! Given our budgets seem to be on the small side as well, I cannot think of anyone better for our current situation.

          1. ThirdManJW, I agree with your comments on Unai Emery. It amazes me that peole on here disparage his previous management career. When fellow managers like Guardiola, Ponchittino and Pelligrini respect you it should count for something.
            My question continues to be, if Emery walks or is sacked particularly after say one season, which self respecting well credentialed manager would replace him at Arsenal, given the current squad, transfer budget and Kroenke’s self funding financial model?

  8. It really it quite funny how the VAST majority of posters on here laid the blame of literally every single problem at our club solely at the feet of Wenger, yet even after he has left every single one of those problems has persisted.

    Not a single one of you has even admitted to any wrongdoing, in your years of torrents of daily abuse aimed at Wenger. I’m just thankful that coincidently, the scapegoat you have all picked on this time just so happens to be the ACTUAL cause of many of these issues.

    1. The majority of the problems was Wenger, but clearly you think the new regime should have had ALL problems ironed out in just half a season? It’s going to take years to sort the mess out! Perfect example: Ozil’s got another 2.5 years left on his contract. That’s a problem that might take 2.5 years to sort out.

      And as many have said time, and time again…Kroenke, and Gazidis were not involved in the coaching, or what happened on match days. 100% Wenger!

      1. I meant, majority of the problems in regards to the operational plan. Obviously Kroenke’s strategic plan was in regards to profits.

      2. That’s why we had twenty years of CL, top four, three PL trophies, seven fa cup wins and the Invincibles.

        Pure unadulterated 100% Arsene Wenger!!!

        The last two years were c**p of course and that’s also when Gazidis and kronkie agreed Ozils contract after stripping the”power crazy” man of any contract responsibilities.

        1. Ken1945 you’re forgetting 9 years without a trophy, 14 years without a league title or even league challenge, nothing of note in Europe for 9 years, and never winning a European trophy in 22 years of trying. Not mention the consistent humiliating spankings both home and abroad.

          Wenger has done great things at Arsenal, and rubbish things as well. That’s a fair assessment.

          1. It is even MORE fair to say that the “great things ” were back in his first decade, while the “rubbish things” were in his final decade. That gives true perspective.

            1. No it doesn’t.
              It just gives your grossly unfair views and they have been known to be wrong.

              I have asked you so many times how AW achieved the fa cup wins, the top four finishes and the CL qualifications during the “barren years”.

              You never answer the question and just keep citing the “,dross weedy players”and how he didn’t buy this player and the worst defence ever etc etc.


              Let’s see if I get an answer to the specific question this time Jon.

          2. ThirdmanJW, your last paragraph is something I can agree with you on.
            Doesn’t that sum up every successful manager?

            Furthermore, I don’t forget the seasons we didn’t win anything, but and this is the BIG but, we were still qualifying for the CL and finishing in the top four, even when we were being humiliated.

            That is the fact that nobody can really explain is it!

            That is also what “d” is getting at, along with the fact that the problems are still happening.
            As an example of Humiliation… Liverpool 5 – Arsenal 1 despite five new signings just two weeks ago.

            1. Yes, but the majority of squad is still Wenger’s, and Emery has been crippled with injuries. Every manager gets a spanking here and there, and this Emery’s first, but it was a regular occurrence every season under Wenger.

              I prefer to look at a manager’s success in terms of on the field (entertaining football, winning trophies, challenging for trophies), rather than monetary success. In fact, I cannot think of any cases where manager’s get judged on monetary success? Do we now start doing the same with players? Should we start judging them on who does the most charity work, as well as what they’re doing on the pitch?

              1. ThirdmanJW, but when we were on the 20 plus unbeaten run, it was being said that UE was actually showing that all the players needed was coaching, the knowledge of our opponents and a recognised plan.
                It was proof that AW was clearly at fault and the players were not at fault.
                Even Mustafi told us what a better player he was under UE, as did Xhaka..many on here were in agreement.

                Now it’s starting to turn and back come the boys in full force, blaming AW because they were his players once again.
                Absolutely hypocritical but totally expected.

                I’m all for judging everyone on their successes and not moving the goalposts just to prove a point.
                Didn’t AW have injuries? Check the team he had to put out against Forest and what about the team that got destroyed 8 -2 at utd.

                Selective memory doesn’t help, so it’s the facts that count and, using your preference to judge on the field success, I still have to ask you how did he achieve what he did with no coaching, plan, dross and weedy players and the budget poor old UE has to now live with?
                Could he actually have been working a miracle?

      3. You blame Wenger and cite Ozil contract as an issue.
        Why do you claim that Wenger is the problem for the contract when it looks like Gazidis was the final say? We have seen this with Ramsey contract, pulled when Raul stepped up, not when Emery came or when Wenger left.

        We can have a look at the squad and the individual players, how they was signed, who was Wenger wanting at the time etc…

        Coaching, yeah, I agree. Wenger slipped in that area. He did trust his coaching staff a bit too much IMO, Peyton is a prime example of that.

        1. He looked like he was about to sign it until we pulled it. We should’ve probably asked him – would he sign a one season extension – just so we could make something from it after all the time and wages we put in, and we paid a number of millions in beginning. If he said: but I want to get a nice big pay day, its my last payday of this sort. We could’ve said: ok, then when he signed on 170 or 180 a week, we sell him in the summer anyway, make 40 to 50m off it. Now that would be putting our foot down, the players would know we mean business, and things like the last few Ozil, Alexis, Ramsey, may have second thoughts in the future, may just see that they’ve already had it good. You would think this could/would/should be a thing that suits Kroenke, he’s not at all like any billionaire business manager I ever pictured.

          1. I agree with the thought, but problem is when he had a contract, none of those clubs were interested in paying a transfer fee. Now that he is leaving on a free, thats where we see the interest. Not assuming I know what other clubs are thinking, I just consider it interesting that it all started when he wasn’t signed and leaving on a free. Something to ponder at least.

        2. Sorry I meant Wenger, Gazidis and Co. And Wenger does have to take some of the blame because he was also complicit letting Ozil get down to the last 6 months of his contract.

  9. Very soon club like Everton will Overtake Arsenal on the table, by then they will be struggling to make Top ten.
    Arsenal will lost the value, can you see Ac Milan still struggling to be among elite upon changing ownership like shirt they still can make it, Arsenal own will be worse than that if they continue running the club like this.

  10. We are a complete shambles right now, both on and off the pitch. I heard there was serious disagreement behind the scene involving SM. Just pure speculation: was this around players the manager wanted; viz Banega, and Suarez while forcing Ramsey and Ozil out. Funny that we have been linked with only creative players! We have Ozil, and Ramsey who are hardly playing right now! Our defense is hopeless, and is not being addressed at all. Go figure! Emery may well be a Dick.

  11. This is a battle of nations and egos I feel.
    Sanheli and Emery Spanish and Sven the fact and numbers driven German.
    Two very different methods and personalities was never going to work.
    Irs a mess atm Ramsey going and were struggling to get any loanees in, ozil sat at home whilst cashing his cheque each week and now Sven leaving. Gutted as finally we had a world class talent spotter.

  12. Hi everyone I work at the emirates stadium on the bars for lunch they used to give us sandwiches and crisps now we get POT NOODLE im not making it up Arsenal are me of the richest clubs in the world if there staff get POT NOODLES I’m not surprised they are so cheap when it comes to the players the club is rotten wenger was the only person that had class I miss him I can’t see what direction the club is going does anyone remember Leeds, Aston Villa, big clubs badly run. Spurs have over taken us why as fans are we standing for this.

    1. Ian Wright, right right!!!
      Your story regarding pot noodles… who made that decision?
      Without being too personal and I understand if you don’t want to say, but are you now on the government”living wage”?
      It was revealed a while back that this wasn’t the case and I believe the club was going to remedy the situation.
      As for Mr. Wenger, wasn’t he always class?

  13. I’ve been trying post some links for you but I don’t know what’s up….
    google “Abdou Diallo Sven’s target” and you’ll get all you need to know, more especially from lastwordonfootball dot com/2017/12/16/arsenal-target-abdou-diallo/

  14. Starting to see why PSG gave Emery the sack. Butting heads with players who bring in millions to club coffers for a start. Now thinking he knows better than Sven, with a PROVEN record of unearthing diamonds to produce on the pitch, and later sell for hundreds of millions.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that EXACTLY what Arsenal are lacking? Quality on the pitch, and when we need to sell, making millions in profit?

    Emery worried about everything except what he SHOULD be. Worried about mowing the grass while the house is burning down.

    1. Durand, Emery was forced out of PSG because of the power of Neymar, who it should be noted has caused problems with managers everywhere he has been, including the Brazilian Nationak Team.
      The issue apparently is not between Sven and Unai, but Sven and Raul, because Raul has diminished Sven’s role and has a different philosophy on transfer targets.
      Sven with his reputation as “diamond eye” looks for uncut undervalued gems in the transfer market, who have potential to greatly improve as players and increase in value if onsold. Raul believes in using his contacts in the football world to get more established players due to his contacts in the football world.
      Craig Burley on ESPN FC summarizes the current situation at the Arsenal, broken promises when the move from Highbury was pushed etc. Burley said what a great stadium Highbury was, he enjoyed playing there with the atmosphere and how Arsenal should have saved their money on a new stadium and bought players.

      1. Ozziegunner perhaps you are right. I thought Sven was brought in to find quality players at value prices, not just uncut young diamonds. Abdou Diallo is fantastic player, with age on his side.

        Whoever decided on Sokratis in short term without a future at club in couple years should be highly questioned. Hopefully Sven could help us avoid future Xhaka and Mustafi type purchases for £70 million.

        I don’t know the truth about the Sven friction now, just hope it’s quickly resolved. I merely question Emery about Suarez, Nonzi interest, and Banega. Rather pass on Suarez and get better in the Summer, and Banega I don’t think is answer either.

        Disappointed in our mismanagement, lack of ambition, and a manger seeking to cause friction as a means of motivation. Personally I’d opt for open competition, but maybe friction works.

        I just question him calling out Ozil, while seemingly giving Xhaka and the defense the appearance of a pass.

  15. PSG paid hundreds of millions for Neymar, not only for his fantastic footballing skill but also because of his enormous brand value. When the reported clash between Emery and Neymar surfaced the owners of PSG (considerably richer than Kroenke) quickly came down on the side of Neymar and dd not renew Emery’s contract. This is only my view of what happened but to me there seems some parallels between Neymar’s and Ozil’s situation. I would not like to predict the winner. As a side note why do you think Barca are trying to resign Neymar. Yes he is a wonderfull footballer, but he also sells enough world to pay for his transfer fee. In todays world brand seems king. Ozil sells shirts.

    1. ?Shirt sales for the kit contract are important, but also the £300k+ Ozil ties up in wages. Unfortunately Ozil’s availability due to injury has been unreliable, such that the coach can’t count on him match by match.

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