Arsenal fans pray Ozil and co aren’t Chinese transfer targets

Arsene Wenger may think that balancing the books is the right way to run a football club, although at Arsenal he does not have a lot of choice because the chances of silent Stan Kroenke putting up any of his own cash to sign players is as slim as a cigarette paper, but a lot of Premier League clubs do not feel the same way.

So if it was not for the Financial Fair Play rules brought in by UEFA, the Gunners would be left even farther behind in the transfer spending stakes. Those rules do not seem to apply in China, though, unless the likes of Guangzhou Evergrande and Jiangsu Suning have got some amazing sponsorship deals going.

The first of those Chinese Super League clubs recently completed the transfer of the reported Arsenal target Jackson Martinez for over £30 million pounds and the latter paid not far off that to Chelsea for the Brazil international midfielder Ramires. They also beat Liverpool to Alex Teixeira from Shaktar Donetsk with an offer close to £40 million.

And this seems to be a growing trend from the far east, with The Sun reporting that Jiangsu had offered a staggering £57 million for Chelsea’s Oscar and they are ready to offer a huge salary to get Yaya Toure in the summer.

So Arsenal fans, how likely is it that we would keep hold of our stars like Mesut Ozil if China came calling with a big transfer kitty?

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  1. I hope Wenger,Flamini,Arteta,Giroud,Walcott are all targets for the chinese teams so Arsenal can be rid of their influence!

      1. @J McLovin & muffdiver
        The top dogs who lead the Chinese Super League are General Tso’s Chicken FC…Their frontline of Won Hung Low, Suk Muc Dic and Luvyu Longtime are deadlier than Suarez, Messi and Neymar.

  2. did anybody else with a season ticket get an email today saying they will have to pay a surcharge for the barcelona game …IM NOT PAYING ANOTHER 30 QUID- I PAID THOUSANDS!!!

    as its a cat A game?!! wtf !!

    my season ticket says seven cup games – i expect to be covered for seven cup games


    have the nerve to spend next to nothing in the transfer windows- then rob us blind on ticket prices- DISGUSTING

    1. The additional charge is to be added to next years season ticket price, it’s because we keep getting home games in the FA Cup.

      It’s not right though, we have the highest income for match days in the whole of Europe, yet they still find a way to screw even more money from us.

      I said at the beginning of the season, that unless we win, or are still challenging for the title on the final day of the season, I won’t be renewing my season ticket next year, which is a real shame as I’ve been a season ticket holder for nearly 30 years, and was a regular at Highbury before I got my ticket. But the fact of the matter is, I’m sick and tired of spending close to £10k a year on following a team that shows little ambition to actually really compete for the two big trophies.

      Highest prices, lowest ambition is not an equation that works for me anymore, I know they will not suffer financially because I drop my ticket, but on the flip side, I’ll be quids in.

      1. I agree with you @Stubill
        I’m tired of renewing my season ticket. I’ve not been a season ticket holder as long as you though, but it’s still frustrating spending all that money for mediocrity year in year out.
        It’s really sad, but I don’t see myself renewing it next year…prices keep going up, but not quality of service we get. My not renewing might be a drop of water in the ocean, but I’ll stand for what I believe in.

    2. @ Egg- McMuffin

      It’s funny how you’re always bragging about being a season ticket holder,When your always on here on matchdays! ?
      Hahaha. .Let me guess… Your at the Emirates, whilst commenting on here? ???????

      1. hardly bragging mate, i assume alot on ppl on here have one- its not a porsche 911 calm down fatty

        but yes i tend to hook up my brother or my dads mate , depending on plans etc
        i have posted on here at emirates….im justarsenal thru an thru haha

        1. Hahaha
          Just kidding mate ?
          I know that your thru thru ?

          I haven’t got a porches 911..But do you Fancy swapping your ticket for my goonie goo goo mobile? ? ?

            1. Well done man! ???
              Eddie Murphy, is correct!
              I’m impressed ?
              I’m not sure if it Was from Raw or Delirious… But hey,
              You know your stuff! ?

    3. Mate, why don’t you stir up the fellow season ticket holders and really start the blooming boycott already? Organize and don’t show up on the remainder of the home games, period. That has to happen as soon as possible.

  3. With crazy Chines money

    Sanogo – 15mil
    Flamini – 17mil
    Arteta – 17mil
    Debuchy – 15mil
    Ospina – 18mil
    Gnabry – 11mil
    Mert – 12mil
    Arsene – 25mil (yes lets sale him)

    Lets make the deal.

  4. Arsenal are now generating more money on matchdays than any club in the world.

    The revenue brought in by the 61,000-seater Emirates Stadium moved them ahead of Real Madrid and Barcelona after they made £101.84million last year

  5. If these are the nature of articles we find on Justarsenal daily, it will only be a matter of time before we all quit this blogosphere

    Seriously, chinese targets?

    U gotta be serious bout ur write-ups for once Bob……. It isn’t getting funny any Longer

  6. If Ozil moves to China at his age, I would question his ambition. And maybe he doesn’t deserve to be at Arsenal.

  7. well if the chinese are hell bent on identifying targets in the EPL

    i could point em in the direction of a handful of arsenal players

    wouldn’t mind 20mil for em each

  8. Reported Arsenal target Jackson Martinez? You mean the guy we didn’t want who was a complete failure at Athletico Madrid. Sure Jackson will take the China payday but good players will not. Drogba lasted half a season in China. We have seen this movie before with Russian clubs.

  9. Alex Teixeira, aged just 26, moved to China as most of you know. Anyone see a pattern here? I think most of these Chinese clubs will do an Anzhi. And the likes of Teixeira will be available for a cut price next summer. Just my prediction.

    1. and even if they (Top quality players) are available for a peanuts………..are u willing to bank on arsenal not shying away from their fees?

  10. The main reason some of these dudes are going to the Chinese League is because they’re owned by 2/3 separate entities or 2nd/3rd parties who are milking their image rights, shirt sales etc. Part of the reason AW and AFC doesn’t even think about buying them…

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