Gooners have surprise Arsenal star to thank for Lacazette transfer

Some Arsenal fans may think that these two former France under 19 stars, who helped Les Bleus to win that age group’s version of the Euros back in 2010, should be heading different directions as Francis Coquelin struggled at times in our midfield last season while the arrival of Alexandre Lacazette has been treated with universal acclaim by us Gooners.

However, it appears that Arsenal do owe the combative midfielder some thanks as he played a part in the former Lyon star’s decision to come to north London this summer. The 26-year old striker has already spoken about some of the reasons for Arsenal being such an attractive proposition for him, including the French connection with Wenger’s long reign and the likes of Vieira, Petit and especially Thierry Henry having played for us.

He also spoke about their being a fair few Frenchman in the current squad which would help him to settle, but Coquelin has played a bigger role than that, as an Evening Standard report explains, as the two have kept in contact since those international days and are clearly quite close, so Coquelin has had the chance to put in a lot of good words for the Gunners.

Lacazette said, “We’ve had a lot of contact over the last few years and even more over the last few weeks, of course, since it became increasingly likely that I would come to Arsenal.

“He has said only good things about Arsenal, which is not surprising because he wanted me to join the club. Even without that I still really wanted to come here.

“He stressed that it was a great club located in a fantastic city. He said I would not regret my decision to move here because of the people I’d be working with and, of course, the fans.”

Thanks Frank, and I think we will see more of the old confidence and control from Coquelin this season as well.

Sam P.


  1. next we are gonna thank Lacazette for bringing in Griezmann for talking great things about the famous Beef wrapped tortillas (Cechs favorite) made by the Arsenal chefs.

  2. It is clear from his words that he wanted to come to Arsenal. Sure Coq helps but the fact that Wenger is French makes his transition easier too. Laca doesn’t speak English very well yet. And who better to instruct him in his own language. We have Arsene to thank for that. Honestly in my opinion (all other things being equal) Arsenal is a clear choice for native French speakers to ease transition. Arsenal have no lack of Frenchemen on the squad.

  3. Lequipe is reporting arsenal has tendered an improved 40million pounds bid for Thomas Lemar.

  4. And rumor has it Leicester is acting up and demanding 50mils for mahrez I’d rather we pay 40-45 or even 50 for Lemar 21yrs & tie him down to a 5yr deal

  5. Think Lemar will be next to come, both Lacazette and Lemar said that no Champions League isn’t a show stopper and we’ve already got the former.

    On the other hand we really need to do some serious trimming of the squad before the window closes and I think we all know who those selected few are by now.

  6. Hopefully we really land Lemar, if you think Lacazette was good just imagine Lemar following.

    I hope we are targeting a CM that will walk right in the starting 11 because I’m afraid we won’t see Cazorla again. Xhaka and Ramsey were great in the end of last season but surely we can’t expect them to go all the way this time around. Not too confident in the others to be honest as they’re either injury prone, inconsistent, or just flat out squad players.

  7. £50 million is too much for Mahrez
    He isn’t Alexis. Not even close
    I want Mahrez to come but not at that price
    Either Leicester accepts are £35 million offer or we move on.

    Lemar is only 21 and very good. He would be a better option at £40-45 million Hopefully, we can get him for a reasonable price. Not the £80 million price tag. He isn’t Mbappe

    LOL I bet Conte now is really regretting that text message he sent to Costa

    1. utd came out of nowhere and snatched 75M Lukaku. Am actually scared of them now..Lukaku is a beast.

  8. Arsenal is universal with great history that can attract anybody in the whole world.Even christiano was to play for arsenal,so nothing special about that because we are a big team unless you wanted to compare us with Tottenham

  9. ” I’d be working with and, of course, the fans.” I very much doubt that any player would want to join Arsenal because of our fans. A large portion of people that consider themselves Arsenal fans, do nothing but criticise and protest literally every single thing about the club.

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