Gooners may not like it but Arsenal are preparing to sell Aubameyang

The winds of change are blowing through the Emirates and some very hard decisions are set to be made by Arsenal football club including the possible sale of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang this summer.

The new transfer policy is that any player that does not agree to a new contract when there are two years remaining on their contracts will be sold and one of those players this year is the Gabon international.

He is not the only one, Mesut Ozil also comes into that category, though his sale would not be as controversial as that of Aubameyang.

This hard-line policy has been confirmed by the Arsenal managing director Vinai Venkatesham who has made it abundantly clear what direction the club will take when it comes to negotiating new deals.

“We need to make sure we are really disciplined,” Venkatesham said.

“A good example of that is senior players that aren’t towards the end of their careers, we need to make sure that those players, when they’ve got two years left on their contract, we’re making the difficult decisions.

“We’re either renewing those players’ contracts, or we’re selling those players.

“So we’re going to have to be brave with those decisions along the way, because we can’t be in a situation where we are allowing players to walk out the door for free unless they are coming towards the end of their career.”

The two immediate consequences are that Ozil will have no option but to take some form of wage cut or be sold and Aubameyang will have to agree on a new long term deal or also be offloaded.

Selling the Golden Boot winner would be fairly easy, Real Madrid are in the frame and a good few other clubs would also be interested in signing the 29-year-old but it would be a different scenario with Ozil.

His salary is huge and it is hard to think of any club that would be willing to buy him and continue to pay him £350k per week and if the German will not accept a pay cut then the chances are he will simply sit out his contract and leave on a free in 2021.

As an Arsenal fan, I wholeheartedly agree with the new policy even if it means losing Auba this summer. I really do not want to see him sold but I have had enough of losing players for nothing or seeing the club blackmailed into offering ridiculous contracts to players.

We had to take a stand at some point and whenever we did there was always the risk of losing a high profile player earlier than what we wanted.

But the club has taken the decision to become self-sufficient in terms of transfer funding and that can only work if we sell players to raise funds rather than lose them on free transfers or well below market value.


  1. Yesterday aubameyang gave an interview to RMC and said he wants to become an arsenal legend.
    go check out the interview.

    We will not sell our best player
    We even need Auba more than we need lacazette.
    how many players do you know who can score 31 goals in their full debut season?

  2. My dream team next season. I call it the Scorpion formation….4-2-2-2. Two powerful no-nonesense central defenders good in the air, Two attacking fullbacks who can defend and attack in equal measure, Two no-nonsense defensive midfielders who can win the ball and supply the forwards players swiftly, Two creative, goal scoring attacking midfielders and Two deadly strikers hugging the touchlines to cut in and score the goals.


    Bellerin……………….. Manolas/socratis——–Kannemann—————-Kieran Tierney


    —————–OMAR ABDULRAHMAN——–Carrasco/Trossard——————


    1. Abdulrahman – 114 assists in 229 games……………in the UAE Arabian Gulf League. He ain’t what we need.

  3. Because of Satan Kroenke’s Empire of 5 major clubs, he will not use his own money to finance Arsenal. He therefore, is letting the club’s heart leak the blood of involvement, enthusiasm and joy from the supporters. He is the death of Arsenal and all the club stands for. Sadly, unlike some other clubs that suffered this same abuse…. their supporters protested vigorously. Many Arsenal supporters voice nothing against this self serving, ignorant owner. He doesn’t give a shite for you supporters. He is hated in America, but at least this is shows up in the press. Harass this awful owner until it become clear where you stand and he sells our club. Save Arsenal

    1. The same supporters who don’t see a thing wrong with Ozil dont find anything wrong with Stan…so forcing him to sell Arsenal is also like forcing Ozil to do the right thing walking away from 350K for doing nothing

      Sidebar note: Ozil earns R7 Million Rands a week and R28 Million a month
      in my countrys currency,
      my current president earns R1 Million rand a month servicing and assisting 55 Million people….let that sink in

  4. It makes sense, as look at the money we’ve lost over the years, with players leaving for nothing…
    I just don’t really want to think about Auba & Ozil not being here ?

    1. Auba would be a real loss. Ozil should just resign out of decency. It obscene to keep a player who breaks the bank but only provide such a measly return for it. I can’t even decide who is worse, Welbeck or Ozil.

      1. No, he won’t be missed at all and remember we had good strikers before Henry/Van Persie but at some point they had to move on but if you go by what Venkatesh said is Arsenal as a football club now needs to act smart, Auba and Ozil both have two years left in their contract and both in two years will be over 30 years old, so if you can’t sell now when are you going to sell and recoup some money? and how good that gonna help Arsenal for extending contracts for Auba and Ozil specifically who is in high wage and doesn’t help Arsenal at all on the pitch despite being highest earner?. Also, remember if Auba wouldn’t have missed some sitters in some games we would have been on 3rd champion league spot. So i would strongly disagree if we sell that will be the end of Arsenal, changes are always good thing.

  5. Unai is used to players coming and going at both Sevilla and Valencia, so he would agree to that policy as long as the scouts are good at their job 😉

    1. We need to appreciate that no player is bigger than the Club. If you love the Club why would you refuse to sign a new contract when there are still two years left? Why should any player be allowed to hold the Club to ransom? Players come and go but the Club will always be there. There is no catastrophe in losing players because no one is indispensable. The only problem will be if no players of similar quality are brought in to replace them. Transfers are an accepted norm in all organisations and players are no exception. However the money from player sales must be reinvested in the purchase of new players and not diverted to other uses.

  6. Indeed, common sense. When 2 years left, must sell at highest or extend, not lose as well been for years
    New contract often mean merci salary upgrade, deserved for Auba then, he enjoys Asenal but deserves CL football too. Let’s win Europa first. Then we can look into transfer. Unfortunatly, board wont change his cheap ways, players be more whiling to join with CL for sure.


  7. No player is bigger than the club. We expect players to want to be there. If they do not want to be part of Arsenal then we should do everything we can to facilitate them going elsewhere. Quote from the great Kenny Dalglish with my own touch being Arsenal! Should be the same principle here. Have a great day folks ?

  8. In today’s football, selling a player unilaterally is easier said than done. Two years left on a contract has always been when Arsenal start negotiations (except in the case of Flamini who only convinced in his last season or Sagna who was ageing). From Nasir to Van Persie to Sanchez and Ozil, Arsenal started discussions two years to the end of their contract but they all gave the impressions that they would sign should an agreement be reached. No player signs immediately you make a first offer and negotiations last months. This means that for a player with two years left, the negotiations happen in the season preceding the last. If club and player fails to reach a compromise in the first half of the season, the club would usually only have 3 transfer windows to the last day of the contract. In that situation, the player has all the cards. If player is a big star, important to the team, and on high wages, it becomes even more difficult to force his hands: you can hardly afford to bench him because you have no better player in his position; he’s on high wages and you can’t just send him to the reserves and buy another player (Arsenal can’t). What then is your option if he decides to stay out his contract?

    For the average players, clubs may not even want to extend their contracts so an impasse only arises from them not wanting to leave, not from them refusing to sign an extension. Such players may not mind seeing few or no games at all if they can’t find another club willing to match their current wages or if they are not motivated enough to play regular games.

    It is easy to say we would do this or that to a player who refuses to sign but truth is that it is not as practicable as it appears in theory. Once a player has two years left, he becomes the lord, most especially if he is a big star.

  9. This makes sense and I like the idea. But I would make the exception for Auba because we need him to maintain some sort of stability in attack next season, and also to attract good talent. A front three of Auba, Laca and Ziyech would be a great start next season, rather than going back to building the attack from scratch with all new players.

    1. Selling Auba and Ozil this summer will be smart business both of them are 30 years old and I do think Vankatesh gave a hint both of them are gone and we will be in new and younger players my guess Maxi Gómez from Celta Vigo will be coming in to take Auba spot

    2. We need more than just that, what about if one or all of them get injured or suspended?? Squad width that is the problem we need to fix this summer and we cannot just have that limited option

  10. Normally players are signed on 5 yrs contract. Negotiations should start after 2 and half years of their time at the club.

    1. 100% behind that. It gives us 6 months to negotiate with the player then with 2 years left we know where we are

  11. What gets me is all this acclaim that wenger gets first class idiot do you temember him saying about the sanchez contract all players will let there contracts run down and leave for free clown idiot none of the success was down too him

  12. Auba has been with us for 18 months, to sell your record signing after winning the golden boot would make us a laughing stock. Furthermore, Auba is better than we deserve currently as he is certainly a CL level striker. So should we sell him, I seriously question our ability to find a like for like replacement. With interest from bigger clubs like Atletico and Barca, if you take Lacas buddy away without bringing in a worthy replacement, I would expect him to put in a transfer request.

    To me, Auba is the type of player based on versatility and age, that you allow to run out their contract (worst case), whereas Laca is the kind of player that fits better with the transfer policy as outlined.

    In Kola, Guendouzi, Bellerin, Iwobi, Mkhitaryan and Holding, we have players that would provide us with good transfer profit potential, and I believe those are the types of players that we should look to leverage in order to reel in the bigger fish that we need at the moment.

    I like Guendouzi for example, and he may end up becoming a top notch player, but he isn’t currently a top 4 level midfielder, his value has probably skyrocketed since we purchased him. We need to ask ourselves whether we want to be contenders next season or in 3-4 seasons, if the answer is the former, then unfortunately we would probably need to cash in on the stars of tomorrow in order to be a threat today. We simply do not have the budget available to invest in today as well as tomorrow.

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