Gooners want the best for Miedema, but she shouldn’t move to Man City Women should she?

Vivianne Miedema will leave Arsenal Women on June 30th, after seven wonderful years. Some have agreed it was time she departed (mainly citing her recent injury history), while others believe she still has many years to play at the highest level and should have stayed. The debate over whether she should have stayed or not has become irrelevant as she is leaving..

For most Gooners right now, the most intriguing aspect of Miedema’s exit is which club she will join. Miedema revealed that she will decide where she moves while on vacation. Rumors have been circulating about the destination of the Dutch goal-making machine, since the announcement that she would be leaving The Arsenal.

Reports suggest that Manchester City are leading the hunt to recruit Miedema, and Arsenal’s WSL rivals are considered favorites. Bayern Munich, her old club, are also believed to be interested in recruitinng Miedema, although they have made no real moves to sign her.

As much as we want the best for Miedema, she shouldn’t move to Manchester City should she? Even if that transfer would be advantageous for Viv; she could better her WSL all-time top goalscorer record (which stands at 80 goals), and a consideration of hers may be staying in the UK due to her relationship with Arsenal teammate Beth Mead.

Imagine if she goes on to become a hit in Manchester; would she still be a favorite among Gooners?

After several wonderful years at Arsenal, Miedema should simply quit the WSL surely? However, if she joins Manchester City, let’s hope Mariona Caldentey is as successful as she was at Barcelona last season (in 39 games, 12 goals, 12 assists) and proves to be an upgrade on her.

I personally think that Barcelona will be giving Man City a run for their money, in trying to secure Miedema’s services. She told Barcelona NO before but will it be a YES this time?

What are your thoughts Gooners?

Susan N

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  1. Why should she deny herself personal glory and good finances for the sake of the club that decided to release her?

    I hear injury is not an issue but her broken relationship with the manager. While I support the club should not let player power dictate the dressing room, I do not think they should continue to back the current manager whose results are not a good reflection of the talent he always have at his disposal.

    1. You are right HH. The injury is certainly not the issue. Her broken relationship with the manager goes way back with the treatment of her best friend Mana Iwaduchi. With what happened there was nothing short of disgusting. Some people say Miedema was a difficult player to handle. That’s sheer nonsense. More like Jonas Eidevall is a carbon copy of Mikel Arteta,,, hopeless when it comes to PLAYER MANAGEMENT. This manager has had a few bust ups with players in the past

  2. Sorry,,,, but it’s really nobody’s business as to where and who she plays for. A footballer’s career is short. Arsenal no longer want her services, so why should she care with what people think. Playing in England would mean that she is still close to her partner who is still at Arsenal. At the end of the day it’s her decision. So people need to respect whatever she decides

  3. She should stay in the WSL as its the strongest league in depth in the world. Wherever she goes she will always get the reception she desrves from Gooners as they have not seen a better player in their colours, and I can imagine the reception she’ll receive if she comes back to play at the Emirates. Jonas says he is only going to recruit quality, but I’m not sure he knows what that is. He just wants players that’ll do as their told, and not to think for themselves.
    Anyway all the best to Viv wherever she goes. Thanks for the memory.

  4. She wanted to leave … her choice …

    Fans will fall out of love with her very quickly if she plays against the Arsenal

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