Government keen on Provisional Premier League return date

Arsenal could well be back in action in June if proposed plans go ahead, with the government supposedly keen on a return to action to lift the spirits of the nation.

The United Kingdom, much like a number of other countries, have been put into lockdown in recent months, and football across the globe has more-or-less come to stop.

The government have supposedly tasked a ‘cross-sports working group’ to get horse racing, rugby, cricket and football back into action safely, in hopes of helping to ease tensions in these tough times.

There is currently no timeline on how long lockdown will need to remain in place, but football is supposedly scheduled to return behind closed doors, with neutral venues supposedly set to be used.

A select amount of grounds will be used with the maximum security in order to maintain safety and deter any attempts from fans to try and break lockdown rules in order to try and catch a glimpse of the stars or live football, although there has been plenty of talk about some matches even being available on free-to-air platforms and terrestrial television.

The Premier League has been suspended since March, with Arsenal’s rescheduled match against Manchester City initially stopped before the official announcement was made.

Provisional timetable according to Football.London:

Monday, April 27 Arsenal are the first side to return to training. Players will travel alone and do individual workouts. The club has ten pitches at their London Colney training complex.

Friday, May 1 Premier League shareholders meeting to discuss player contracts, which expire on June 30, and the transfer window.

Thursday, May 7 Potential relaxation of government lockdown measures.

Friday, May 15 Final Premier League meeting to set out plans for return to action.

Monday, May 18 – Sunday, June 7 Premier League clubs return to training while adhering to strict social distancing measures with a three-week window for a mini pre-season before matches.

Monday, June 8 – Monday, July 27 Matches resume behind closed doors with aim to complete the outstanding 92 games in an eight-week period. Seven outstanding FA Cup ties could be completed within this window.

Will sport have a huge impact on the mental state of people stuck home during lockdown? How will the use of neutral stadiums effect team’s finances from sponsors?



  1. jon fox says:

    MORE FALSEHOODS AND MISINFORMATION AND EXACTLY WHAT I HAVE COME TO EXPECT FROM PATRICK. All the above is pure supposition, as just this morning Boris Johnson specifically warned in his speech outside 10 Downing St. of the dangers of prematurely rushing to make future plans until THE VIRUS IS FAR MORE UNDER CONTROL.
    Irresponsible article this and very poor show by this site! I FURTHER SUGGEST THIS IS WHY OLDER MORE WORLDLY WISE PEOPLE ARE RAPIDLY LEAVING THIS SITE.
    Many of Patricks constant so called articles get no posts at all and I AM NOT SURPRISED.

  2. Grandad says:

    I have not heard anything from any Government source to suggest they would sanction an early return of Premier League football.Indeed the cautious and sensible comments from Government ministers indicates that a return to “normality” is some way off.Social distancing has proved effective in curtailing the spread of Covid 19 and perhaps you could explain in practical terms just how this could be implemented during a football match?This is of course said tongue in cheek but in the longer term perhaps a new “two metre rule” could be introduced to protect referees from players who show them zero respect.

    1. Abbas says:

      They could test all players and support staff before they enter the stadium. If they are all clear there is no need to social distance. There should be increased cleanliness and hygiene.

      The problem is availability of testing. I hope they work that out as it’s essential for much more important things than football.

  3. jon fox says:

    Deleted for the inability to post a comment without being rude

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