Government may deny Super League clubs work permit for foreign players

Arsenal faces prospective problems with signing players if they go ahead with plans to join the European Super League.

The Gunners are one of six Premier League teams who have signed up to the proposal by a group of 12 European teams who want to replace the Champions League with the new competition.

The Premier League, UEFA and FIFA are all against the new proposal and Mail Sport reports that the Government will come under pressure to ensure the breakaway teams cannot buy foreign players.

The Premier League, EFL and FA came together to create a points-based system for signing foreign players last year.

The Home Office accepted their system and it has been used to bring in players with ease following Brexit.

The Premier League will now look to get the government to frustrate the ESL members by denying them the privilege to sign foreign players.

The Governing Body Endorsement has to be given to a player signing from outside the UK before he can play in the country and the big six might see their transfer dealings get frustrated by rejections.

This is one way the Premier League can frustrate the efforts of the big six to destroy the beautiful game.

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  1. Lets hope the Government of this country can do their bit in foiling these pirates and stop this phoney league.

    1. the gov are pressured due to tv companies, uefa and FA

      its all about the money

      the Euro super league gives fans top level football competition with euro top clubs

      its the future

      1. Stop talking like an absolute idiot. If i actually thought you talked sense i would discuss with you but you aren’t.

    2. Getting the government involved to try and ban sport and sports people is ludicrous.

      You openly complain about power and how the SL corrupts football but then you want to turn around and hope that the FA can convince government to refuse work permits to players that want to play football because you don’t like the situation? Hypocrisy on the highest level Reggie

      I’m not thrilled about the league at all but government involvement is idiotic.

      1. Absolutely.
        These clubs have spent 2 years preparing for this, so no matter what any of us think or feel about it you can bet that they’ve worked out all the legal angles and options.
        If the UK government tries to intervene in some way like that then don’t be surprised if those clubs then move their operations to another country or react in some other way that people aren’t expecting, they will have thought of all these scenarios and planned for them.
        Quite frankly, they’ve caught everyone cold, and once the fury has died down things will go on.
        As for UEFA and FIFA, I’ve never understood why clubs are so beholden to them grabbing their assets for free to use them to produce what is essentially a rival product (specifically international matches).
        Imagine in business some “organisation” taking over all the workers and factories in an industry worldwide to produce their own product to sell for their own gain.
        Does that sound bizarre?
        Well, that’s what FIFA and UEFA actually do, so it’s unsurprising that some clubs are looking for an alternative.
        Yes, everyone is upset, and that’s driven by organisations who are worried about losing their golden goose(s) as well.
        It’s interesting that FIFA are being very careful about what they’re saying.
        This is going to go ahead and the noise will die down before too long.

        1. Well said Mike

          It’s quite amusing how so many fans are all of a sudden supporting Uefa and FIFA when they are extremely corrupt. As long as it’s suits the narrative this week then fans are now die hard loyal to them all of a sudden.

          The forming of the EPL in 1992, although different, is not entirely dissimilar to this in certain aspects and look how that turned out.

  2. Possibility that Roma v Villareal will be the EL final going to be decided the end of this week apparently.

  3. Govt should stay out of this, its against free market policy. I am sure there will be some workaround, but govt should not get their hands dirty. Its not just about local fans, but global fans. Outside the 3 countries that are losing teams to this league possibly, other fans will move on.
    National FAs will protest losing players too, they dont care which club their players play for or retire.

    1. You assume that global fans should take precedence over us local fans then.? That our league should be diminished just to satisfy global demand?
      As a lifelong Arsenal supporter why would I want some ghastly certainty that we’d be playing the same teams week after week, year after year? It’s almost like Groundhog Day.

      1. SueP, can I ask for your opinion/choice to chose between say a Arsenal/ Burnley or a Arsenal / Real/Atletico match? I know my choice.

      2. I do agree with Sue in some aspects. There was a mention of 3-5 guest teams that may rotate every year, is this true?

        No fans should take precedent over other fans, just because you happened to be born in a certain area? The fact is global fans are a massive part of where the EPL(& Arsenal) are today whether “local” fans will admit it or not.

        So let’s not separate fans by location and say one is more deserving than the other.

  4. They have enough money, fan support and marketing money to have their way with the government(s)

  5. This is very pathetic and dangerous. Government should not get involved and/or try hinder these kind of developments.

    It’s a very fine line that shouldn’t be crossed at all unless you’d like to be living in North Korea, China or Venezuela in the near future.

    1. Absolutely correct Martinelli. I am alarmed by the number of fans wanting the Government to get into this.

    2. With so many club’s Kroenke breaks the conflict of interest law every day. It would be FREEDOM to get rid of Kroenke, not you deluded idea of comparing us to North Korea

  6. Kroenke is a Parasite. It Blood Money he looks for. He is hated in America by everybody. He will sell Arsenal’s soul to the God of Money and Fk all supporters. Boycott him and starve him of money. He will sell as as things are he is losing money.

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