Graham Potter praises the work of manager Mikel Arteta

Brighton boss Graham Potter has praised the work being done by Mikel Arteta, claiming Arsenal are progressing under his guise.

The Gunners haven’t been wholly consistent this season, with a painful spell before Christmas leaving us closer to the bottom of the table than the top.

In the last 23 matches however, Arsenal have the second-best form in the division, and Potter can see the progress being made by the Spaniard.

“You could see that they’re disappointed because a club of that size is always competing in the top competitions, but sometimes in football that happens, but they have performed really well in games and should have won and scored more,” Potter said in his pre-match conference(via SussexLive).

“They have missed some opportunities. They can still attack you from any area on the pitch, they’re making progress as a team, Mikel is making progress there.

“They’re going to be strong, fighting for the points to get into Europe. From being written off a few months ago, they’re still in the fight and that’s a credit to them. They’re going to be a tough team.”

Arsenal’s form definitely shouldn’t be discounted despite the odd silly result or two, and I struggle to believe that we will not be completely up for this weekend’s clash.

Brighton deserve praise for their level of performance and consistency this term also, but this match should be ours for the taking, and I firmly expect a fighting performance on the pitch.

Is anyone expecting Brighton to make things difficult for us this weekend? Am I alone in thinking our team will be on point?


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  1. foreverinourshadows says:

    What progress, still went out in the semi final due to bad tactics and team selection. Negative football still being played, let’s see what happens next season when the fans are allowed back in and we are still watching the paint drying style of football

  2. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

    typical pre-matchday lip service…his misguided assessment should make anyone who thinks Potter is a viable replacement seriously question this possibility…for me, he’s nothing more than a poor man’s Eddie Howe

    1. Grandad says:

      Absolute nonsence.He is doing an excellent job at Brighton, and deserves respect for what he has achieved with a very limited budget.As for his comments on Arteta, he is merely being diplomatic and respectful to a fellow Manager.

      1. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

        Howe had higher highs at an even smaller outfit in Bournemouth, with far more expansive tactics, so although you felt it was insulting, it was more of a commentary on how neither would have been a wise choice for Arsenal…that said, little did I know that when I voiced my displeasure about Howe’s potential candidacy, our club would actually pursue someone with literally no experience whatsoever

        furthermore, if you read my comment, I likewise acknowledged the presumed nature of the banter as little more than the customary pre-game lip service, but if I was a manager who had higher aspirations, which I figure Potter has, and I was facing someone who has clearly struggled and didn’t achieve his position through the normal means, I would make sure I used this occasion to devise a crafty little dig of some sort…nothing obvious of course, but something that showed intent and/or maybe even ingratiated you with the disgruntled members of the opposing fanbase, especially if you could envision yourself having a future at a “bigger” club…instead he chose to just regurgitate the typical managerial blather

        1. Grandad says:

          Perhaps, just perhaps, Graham Potter is a hard working Manager , with no agendas, who genuinely feels a measure of respect for a fellow Manager.From your numerous offerings on this site, I know you are an intelligent, articulate individual , but with the utmost respect you are going over the top with your campaign to disrespect not only our Manager but others.

          1. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

            I’m simply making observations about what I believe are the presented facts in any given situation…I certainly don’t hold it against you for expressing your beliefs, nor do I feel the overwhelming need to convince you if you feel otherwise…of course, I have no personal axe to grind with the Brighton manager, unlike our own, who made his bed due to his own short-sighted actions, but I guess I was just disappointed that Potter chose to use the all-too-familiar “making progress” narrative that we’ve been bombarded with since the failure of Arteta’s misguided and exceedingly selfish “retool” plan

  3. muafrika says:

    Potter playing mind-game

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