Granit Xhaka commits his long-term future to Arsenal

Arsenal have agreed a new deal with midfielder Granit Xhaka which will tie him to the club until the summer of 2025.

The midfielder was strongly linked with a move to Serie A side Roma in recent months, with manager Jose Mourinho claimed to be keen on his signature, but a fee could not be met between the two sides.

The Giallorossi clearly didn’t value the midfielder as strongly as reported, especially after they just came up with the funds to buy Tammy Abraham from Chelsea for a reported £34 Million, as cited by TheAthletic, while they haggled over the asking price of Xhaka.

The 28 year-old now looks set to play a key role in our side once again this season, and has agreed a new contract with us keeping him until he turns 32 Football.London reports, which should see him play through his prime at the Emirates, unless a new club comes forward in the coming transfer windows of course.

We have been linked with a number of central midfielders this summer, but that will likely slow down with the confirmation that Granit will no longer be leaving us, although I’m not fully convinced that will be a good thing for the season ahead.


Is our CM role one of our weakest at present?


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  1. Well that’s the next 4 seasons with us not competing then .
    Odegaard next just to add to the misery .

  2. This is Arteta’s decision, of this there can be no doubt, I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes Xhaka permanent captain again and if that was to pass I can only see one inevitable conclusion. P.s Arteta will do well to get past October

  3. That’s good, if Roma can splash 34M on Abraham, why can’t they give 20M for Xhaka

        1. It’s like me telling you to pay double for something you not even sure you want, simple to understand.

  4. Am an ‘Arteta fanboy’ (as some call us who support the manager), and this is the height of all his decisions, what else does Xhaka has to offer that we are yet to see, last season was his best performance since joining arsenal IMO, and with good euro, Roma could only value him at £13m despite those aforementioned.
    So what else, by 2025 he will be 32yo

  5. Just curious about something… how exactly does this make us a better team? I simply don’t get the logic behind this move. I have nothing against Xhaka i think he is a very good player. BUT his main fault is lack of speed… and i don’t think that is going to improve.
    He isn’t dynamic enough and him signing for 4 more years means we arent getting anyone better in our squad. The upside of this… he is probably the only player in our squad (other than Saka, Martineli and Tierny) that actually has a pair of balls and doesnt let anyone bully him

    1. No player in arsenal around 28/30 worth contract renewals including Partey Laccazet only the young players deserve it. Immediately they sign mega deal they start misbehaving. Ozil, and now Auba

  6. Just because Xhaka’s contract has been extended does not mean he will be here next season? Eventually the market will bounce back and Xhakas value like all players will improve significantly.
    So Xhaka could be sold this time next season for 20m.

    1. It’s unlikely he’ll ever be valued higher than after the Euros.

      He’s terrible for Arsenal + he’s only going to get cheaper at his age. Should’ve taken the 12 mil.

      He also takes the spot of a better player and slow the development of our academy youngsters like Azeez.

      1. So we right off this season so we can make 20 million next year ,how about competing for the top4 and CL instead of worrying about 20 million .

    2. And you think Roma will pay £20m just because he now has 4yrs.
      Except it’s loan with options to buy

    3. Since he’s been here, he’s been the first name on the teamsheet for all 4 managers. Having been talked out of leaving [twice?] by MA, can you honestly see him being sold next season?? And for 20m?? Really? No chance!!

  7. What are we doing the team isn’t improving why let our best keeper go?why spend £50m on a defender no better than what we have already when it’s the left centre backs that are weak.then sign up xhaka again who has been the main culprit in so many games.we needs sence in charge.

  8. Terrible decision. No one will offer higher than what Roma did. He’ll be 30 next year and probably even got a goddamn payraise!!!!

  9. Having been with us for 5 years, I was hoping we’d part ways and bring in new blood.
    How on earth the situation can go from he’s up for sale/off to Italy to he’s staying/signed a new deal is beyond me! Only happens at Arsenal!!


  10. This is Arteta’s decision, ever since he came to arsenal, Xhaka has been the most selected player, other players rest but not xhaka, he will play him at Lb if need be. Putting the terrible results aside, Arteta and Edu’s decision making is why i want both of them gone. The willian sigining was when i knew these guys aren’t the ones to change Arsenal.

  11. Xhaka is a special player. I am also an Arsenal fan and lover. I believe he is a vital engine room of the team and we need to get players to complement him. Partey is an ok player but does not possess the vision of xhaka. We need a skill full and very mobile partner and quick wingers to harness his talent.

  12. plain and simple, unless we have a prearranged deal with another club, regarding our Swiss sloth, which required a multi-year re-up, at an agreed upon wage, we’re a f”ing JOKE of an organization

  13. Well the new team and new direction is really taking shape, the team needs xhaka to be our captain and lead by example. Xhaka deserves a payrise, deserves to be captain, deserves the manager support and the manager deserves the boot for being so useless.

  14. Wow this is just amazing & just what we need!!!
    Said no Arsenal fan ever!!!
    Taxi for Edu & Arteta

  15. Told you this human figure is arrogant and stubborn. He does as he pleases and no fan or Arsenal fc legend can tell or dispute his decision/s.

    I’m sorry to say this but I’d be ecstatic to see the back of this guy, if not this month then sometime in September 2021.

    1. But he wants to leave and is willing to take a pay cut, according to Ornstein.
      I saw they want Nelson to sign a new deal also, Kev 🤯

      1. They want the whole team to sign new deals haha. I would sell Nelson too I’ve never got the hype. Oh Sue I think the stress of watching the first team is bad enough 😜

        1. Wise to avoid, Kev, we’re 3-0 down.. but they have got Yarmalenko, Lanzini and Masuaku playing! 😳

          1. So the u23’s are as bad as the seniors ? 😂 I will see it once I set my new TV box up Sue I’ll be in a world of entertainment soon 😜

          2. Finished 6-1.. Azeez with a late penalty.
            Bloody hell, shocking defending, midfield poor.. just like the first team! And just to rub it in; Okoflex, who we let go back in June scored a hat trick!! SMH

  16. Reasons for this new deal is to keep the team, dressing room in union….
    Unsettled players affects team morals.

    1. true but a club of arsenal status doesnt need a player like xhaka anymore. even if you had a xhaka , he could be used as a second player and buy rueben neves, that either ups his game or finds him another club, thats simple logic

  17. This club has dementia. Xhaka for 4 more years. Arteta knows he is going to be sacked and is getting his own back. Sabotage.

  18. Xhaka for 4 more years.
    Arsenal is the best comedy gig in town. I am sure plenty of outsiders would love to see this.

    Just a shame our fans are emotionally and mentally inter-twined with this club.

  19. Arsenal and Arteta are setting up Xhaka to have another run in with the fans. The minute he has one of his well documented “brain freezes” and directly causes the team a match the fans will turn on him…again. One cannot blame Xhaka in this instances as he does not give himself extensions and pay increases, the blame is squarely on Arteta and Edu. Xhaka’s lack of mobility and inability to be able to dribble is a deficiency that has be conspicuously proven year after year in the EPL. How in the good Lord’s name can any sane manager and technical director then see it fit to offer the man a contract extension especially when he kept flirting with Roma and Mourinho all summer? Fans in the UK need to riot/protest and this has to be sustained until something gives!!!!!

  20. Is it that most fans reading this news finds it difficult to understand the contract signed by Xhaka.
    Granite Xhaka had a contract with Arsenal till 2023, of which he just signed an extension of 1 year agreement till 2024, but fans here are shouting he signed a 4 years deal like he was a free agent?
    Please the writer should sometimes explain these little things so we all can understand.
    I find it appalling that most fans are just here to complain without even reading or understanding the headline news.

  21. that just signifies no champions league football till 2025. bcos xhaka is the weakest cm in the top 6

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