Granit Xhaka deserves respect and is 100 percent professional claims former Gunner

Stephan Lichtsteiner comes out in support of Granit Xhaka and opines on what went wrong with Unai Emery.

Lichtsteiner claims that Emery struggled with Arsenal’s big stars and insists that Xhaka deserves respect

Former Arsenal manager, Emery may have retained his job beyond last week if the Spaniard was able to deal with the big-name stars at Arsenal, according to Stephan Lichtsteiner.

Emery was fired after a poor run of form, but he fell out with most of his players and some reports even claimed that he lost the dressing room before he was fired.

“I’d say [he is] a good trainer, a good coach, but maybe he struggled with the top players,” Lichtsteiner told iNews as cited by

“With the big players, he hasn’t maybe the relationship to bring more out [of them] and get the top performances.

“Maybe that point I can say [something] negative, but the rest was almost everything positive.”

The current Augsburg defender left the Emirates stadium after just a season but he was one of the most underperforming players during his stint at the Emirates.

He also weighed in on Xhaka’s meltdown and is convinced that the former Arsenal captain deserves more respect.

“I understand both sides, you know? I understand the fans, because there is an ambition and they want to win,” he said. “They are not happy, of course, but I understand Granit also because this [reaction] is just human. He deserves more respect, because he gives everything for Arsenal. I see how he works, he is 100 per cent professional.

“On the other side, the bigger the club is the bigger the pressure. As a football player, you need to manage that pressure because it’s part of the game.

“It’s normal in football, especially when you are at a big club, this pressure, so it’s completely human what has happened with Granit but I hope for him, and for Arsenal, that they are going to find a good solution. It’s important for the team and for him also.”

Lichtsteiner opinion may fall on deaf ears

I am not sure that Lichtsteiner has the respect or gravitas for the Arsenal fans to listen to him. He was utterly dreadful in an Arsenal shirt and did not exactly put his body on the line.

I also suspect that many will disagree with him about respecting Xhaka, not after he swore at the fans.


  1. Lichtensteiner was an utter disgrace for Arsenal just like his comments. He has no right to judge anyone or for anyone to listen to him about Arsenal. Idiot.

        1. If you call someone an idiot then I will remove it. I have no doubts that you are capable of getting your viewpoint across without resorting to rudeness.

  2. Xhaka gives his all in all games – he is popular with the players- hence the captaincy. Yes he makes mistakes but so do other players who don’t get such grief from the fans. He became a scapegoat and Emery played on that by publicly humiliating him by substituting him 10 mins in to the second half in the match against Palace.It’s strange how some fans take to some players and vilify others – why in Ceballos such a hero ? He hasn’t shown consistency at all. If Xhaka can’t be captain I’d rather it be Hector Bellerin rather than Aubameyang .

    1. anonymous, if every player who has been substituted was humiliated because of it, we would have nearly every player in the world feeling down!!

      What he should have done, was to take a leaf out of Ozil’s book, when UE tried to make him a scapegoat – he kept quite, kept fit, kept training and just waited for UE to realise that he had to call him back into the squad and play him.

      Xhaka’s behaviour when being substituted should have been aimed at UE, not the supporters, that’s why Ozil’s name was being chanted incessantly by the crowd, they knew he was right when he told UE he was no coach…and waited for the inevitable to happen.

      1. In reply I think Ozil is another player who gets fans’ support – not sure why . He has talent and that goes without saying but he gives so little effort / enthusiasm / spirit in games . Ramsey , in my mind , is a much superior team player who gives his all throughout a game.
        As for Xhaka it was the supporters baiting him !! – – the point I agree with is that Emery was at fault as well.

    2. I don’t think anyone on here has been loud about Ceballos, and like Pepe, I’m he’ll be able to find his form very soon. I’m not of the opinion that fans should boo their own players, but Xhaka’s performances aren’t awe-inspiring, and that’s a litote. I understand Lichsteiner showing support for his teammate, but then he should know his opinion won’t be popular among Arsenal fans, so he didn’t do Xhaka much help, with regards to soliciting for support from the fans. Only Xhaka can help himself, either up or out….. it’ll most likely be the latter.

        1. I think you make some very good points. There are a lot of comments that I find strange coming from Arsenal supporters.
          A typical example is how some keep saying that Ozil has been “scapegoated”. For a long time there were many complaints about his desire and application. Does anyone remember a notorious rant by Keown?
          Then when he was out there was a clamour to bring him back. Now he has been back how effective has he been?
          Xhaka has rarely put in a top level or consistent performance over the course of a game so claiming that he too is being “scapegoated”
          because he is substituted does not make sense to me.
          Regarding Pepe and Ceballos, it is not unusual to give people time to adjust to a new league. A recent example is Fabinho at Liverpool who is now one their best midfielders.
          My view remains that Emery has been unfairly judged. The fans want great football from what is really not a great squad. This is unrealistic. The team needs significant changes to meet the expectations of fans.

        2. Do You remember What Ozil did and Per Mertasacker warned him?
          They’re human being too football players. So Granit Xhaka was wrong yes, but fans couldn’t understand his frustrations.

  3. I agree with him totally..classless fans deserve no respect.when fans starts to abuse players and their families zwhat should players do? clap for them?… kroenke is the problem….

    1. Simon, kronkie hasn’t abused any player or his family as far as I am aware.

      Agree that those fans who abuse players and their families are classless, so what should we do when a player abuses the fans?

      1. if a players abuses a fan.,he should be purnished with fines or suspension,but I am yet to see any purnisment for fans abusing players and their families..have you?

        1. Yes I have on many occasions – lifelong bans by clubs – charges for causing affray taken our by the police – naming and shaming…but you haven’t answered the claim you made about kronkie.

          He is many things, but not what you, apparently, seemed to insinuate.

          1. Ken , On the narrow and dictionary definition of “abuse” I would have to agree with you. However on a wider and more general interpretation of “abuse” I suggest to you and to others that abusing the Arsenal fans and supporters is PRECISELY what Kroenke does every day of his ownership. When you own , lock, stock and barrel, the club that is loved by countless millions world wide and yet starve the club of funds to properly compete in the football arena it lives in and which is the whole point of the clubs very existence, then ABUSE is the morally correct word to use. It may not be legally correct but if football is not about love, passion and morality , what is the point of it at all?

            KROENKE KNOWS LOVE ONLY FOR MONEY, POWER AND OWNERSHIP AND NOTHING, NOTHING AT ALL, FOR MORALITY . In my book he is a gross abuser and the clubs and fans mortal enemy. THAT IS THE REALITY! I rarely use the word “hate” but I HATE Kroenke and all he stands for with every fibre of my being and will do so as long as I live . I WILL NOT WRITE THAT I WISH HIM DEAD BUT YOU MAY DRAW YOUR OWN CONCLUSION!

          2. Jon, if you followed the debate that I am having with Simon, then you would now it is about abusing players and their families .

            So, I will ask you a direct question that only requires a yes or no answer:
            Have you ever heard or seen Stan Kronkie, the owner of The Arsenal, ever abuse one of said players or any of their families?

            As for the rest of your reply, it has nothing to do with the subject of Simon and my conversation, but once I receive your answer yes or no, perhaps this new avenue regarding the relationship between you and stan as an abusive could be reviewed further?

  4. When you are paid 100k for knocking a ball around
    a couple of hours a week there is no excuse for bad behavior.

    1. Agu Emen, so is being paid the minimum wage an excuse for bad behaviour then?

      Or what about being on the dole, does that qualify for bad behaviour?

      There is no excuse, no matter what the circumstances, for bad behaviour is there?

  5. Just looking at our scoring charts its a disgrace Luis 3rd top with 2 and Pepe joint 4 with 1 Laca 4 and Abua top.

    1. When are the highly paid “professional” footballers at Arsenal FC going to knuckle down and apply their supposed professional skill, commitment and experience to the benefit of the team and the club. Our next head coach needs to bring some discipline and steel to these overpaid prima donnas.

  6. what a revelation, Lich unequivocally supports his fellow compatriot…thanks Captain Obvious…I guess that issue is resolved…why didn’t we just ask him in the first place, it could have saved us a lot of time and grief…what’s next, an in-depth interview with several members of Xhaka’s immediate family to see where they stand on the whole Xhaka debate…let’s face it, when Xhaka came here originally I’m sure we all thought that he was going to primarily play in the offensive zone and provide another way to unlock defences, especially when opposing teams attempted to deny Ozil service…I’m sure we all envisioned long-range goals, both from set pieces and open play…I’m sure we thought he would be the sort of industrious, stick your foot in, nose up, chest out player we’ve seen at the International level…but much like Ramsey, we rarely got that version…instead we got the deep-lying, slow-footed, give the ball away cheaply, telegraph passing,, rarely scoring, yellow card King, who can’t seem to find his way in a League that doesn’t give you time on the ball… rarely has he provided an offensive spark, but at least once a game he provides a spark for the opposition…so unless your legally blind, the Xhaka experiment has failed miserably, which is exactly why things happened the way they did on what should have been a fateful day in his Arsenal career and his last…that said, it wasn’t all his fault, to find the root of the blame just look squarely at the person or persons whom were in charge of courting him in the first place…any professional talent evaluator should have known that his specific skill-sets might not be best served in the EPL…just another classic square peg in a round hole scenario for a team that can ill-afford such an obvious oversight…no wonder were so screwed up

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