Granit Xhaka gives a special thank you to the Arsenal fans in emotional farewell message

Granit Xhaka has bid an emotional farewell to Arsenal fans as his move to Bayer Leverkusen was officially announced. After a stellar 2022/23 season, where he contributed seven goals and seven assists in the Premier League, the Swiss international expressed his desire for a new adventure, returning to the Bundesliga after seven years in North London.

In his heartfelt message to the Gunners faithful, Xhaka reflected on his seven-year journey at the Emirates Stadium, acknowledging the significant role the club played in his life.

GRANIT XHAKA – Gunners, it’s been some journey – and all that’s left is for me to say thank you.

I’ve spent seven years at Arsenal. The club has become such an important part of my life – and it’s not easy to leave. But now is the right time for a new adventure.

There are so many people I need to thank – the managers I played for, all my team-mates and the staff behind the scenes.

And I especially want to thank all of you. Everyone knows we’ve been through some tough times. But we came through them together – and I’ll never ever forget the feeling I had each time we won the FA Cup or whenever I heard you singing my name. Pure goosebumps!

I will always carry Arsenal in my heart. Once a Gunner, always a Gunner.

Thank you ❤️

He expressed his gratitude to the managers he played under, his teammates, and the behind-the-scenes staff who supported him throughout his time at North London.

However, it was the fans who held a special place in Xhaka’s heart. Recognizing the ups and downs they experienced together, he expressed his deep appreciation for their unwavering support during challenging times.

The former Arsenal captain reminisced about the joy he felt each time they celebrated victories, particularly when they lifted the FA Cup, and the unforgettable moments when they chanted his name, which gave him “pure goosebumps.”

While bidding farewell, Xhaka assured the Arsenal faithful that the club would forever hold a special place within him. He emphasized the strong bond he developed with the Gunners, by stating, “Once a Gunner, always a Gunner.” His heartfelt words encapsulated the emotional connection he formed with the club and its supporters over the years.

As the midfielder embarks on a new chapter in his career, he leaves behind a lasting legacy at Arsenal. With 297 appearances, 23 goals, and 29 assists, he played a significant role in the team’s success, winning two FA Cups.

The impact he made both on and off the pitch will always be remembered by the fans who have red in their heart.

In closing, Xhaka expressed his heartfelt gratitude, leaving a lasting impression with his final words: “Thank you. I will always carry Arsenal in my heart.”

The Gunners’ faithful will undoubtedly cherish the memories created during Xhaka’s time at the club, as they bid farewell to a player who will forever remain an integral part of their history.

Many will hope that it’s not a goodbye, but rather a ‘see you soon.’

Writer – Yash Bisht

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  1. One of the biggest mistakes a man could make is giving another man the opportunity to make your woman happy, want to wish you and your family well Xhaka.

  2. If Wenger played Xhaka in the left AM position, we could’ve won EPL or EL. Because we still had Giroud to convert Xhaka’s crosses into goals

    Unfortunately, Arsenal were stuck with the CAM tactics. We can’t cry over spilt milk, but I think Xhaka could return to the Emirates as a manager in the future

    Good luck to the Man of Steel

  3. Well,I ‘m here crying like a baby as one of my favorites of all time had left.I How I wish he could stay and play in the upcoming Champions League as he emersely contributed to qualifyo us . Well,if that’s the wish of parties ,who I’m to question.Goodbye and I you all the very best.Goodbye

  4. It’s a pity he was played out of position for so many years. He had a great season to sign off, all the best to him!

  5. A special player I must confess. Only few players will go through what he went through with fans and buckle up to post such an impressive performance last season. It’s painful to let you go just as I felt when Patrick Viera left for Juventus. I will miss your bravity and fear factor you brought to our midfield. But you must go for new adventures. Good luck to you in your new club. You are indeed, a fearless Gunner.

  6. Thank you and good luck bro
    Last year’s stats, were better than someone on 350k/week.
    Apologize that the managers made a mockery of your ability until Mikel the magician realised your potential.

  7. Thank you very much Xhaka for all that you have done for Arsenal FC. Your presence on and off the pitch was always motivating and encouraging given the effort and passion you showed while playing for this great club. You will be always remembered for your commitment and injury free seasons and the fighting spirit you showed whilst wearing this great shirt. Best of luck to you in your future professional and personal career.

  8. I convey my best regards to Granit Xhaka who is one of the few players in the current period to spend seven years at our club. Granit divided opinions but he was on balance a good player for us. The fact that his fitness levels were high made him a great asset for Arsenal which always has a number of injuries. Thus he will be missed by all the objective gooners. I can only wish him good luck at his new club.

  9. The mountain that couldn’t be moved by mere wind. All the best superman. Those who made your time miserable here certainly have a miserable existence.

    You gave your all and you knew to forgive.

  10. Next season is gonna be a season everyone will know the impact of Granit in that team. I love you Granit

  11. GX: Always gave his best. The way he came back after the abuse he received is not something many players can do. It needs a special character. Going to miss you. All the best in your new adventure.

  12. I still think he should have left a few seasons ago (to open a position for someone new, and he might have enjoyed better prime years), but I’m glad he was able to have his redemption season, prove doubters like me wrong (he was always a very good midfielder, just not played to his strengths) and ultimately leave on good terms. All the best

  13. Leaving after his greatest season may turn out to be the best decision for all even though he will be missed.
    I suspect most fans never expected him to reach the heights of last season. He and the manager both deserve huge credit for his transformation.
    That he has been part of Arsenal’s evolution is amazing and he will leave with the best wishes of most fans.

  14. All the best granit. You thought me giving up is no option no matter what you are going through.

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