Granit Xhaka hints he will be saying a fond farewell to Arsenal fans on Sunday

The anticipated transfer of Granit Xhaka to Bayer Leverkusen, a German club, seems to be progressing rapidly, indicating that the Swiss captain may be playing his final game with Arsenal this weekend.

In recent updates, it has become evident that Xhaka is on the brink of joining forces with Xabi Alonso’s side and the development surrounding this potential move has been given significant attention.

It certainly appears that Xhaka is indeed contemplating the offer but it is crucial to note that this is far from a finalized agreement. It was reported last week that the Switzerland captain has requested additional time to carefully consider this proposition, but he says now that he will be making his final decision before this coming weekend, and he will make it clear to the Arsenal fans after this weekend’s game against Wolves.

Granit explained to TalkSport after the Forest defeat: “You will know the latest next week, for sure. I think they (the fans) deserve that and I do myself as well.

“We have one more week of this Premier League season, the first thing is I want to enjoy [it] and, for sure, you guys will know next week what happens with my future.

“This is what I said when I speak about special. I mean, how I say it, where I have been three years ago and how I came back and my turnaround, maybe. It makes me proud, makes me happy as well. But this is my story, this is my path.

“Of course, if next week we know much more what happen with my future, I will be thankful for the fans because how they treat me after this, I didn’t expect that if I am honest.

“I am thankful for that and I want to give them something back [for] maybe my last game on Sunday. I wanted to do something special this season, maybe with a title, but it’s not the time. Let’s see what the future speaks about it.

“Where I have been three years ago and where I am today, I think I grew up like a person, like a player and I got the respect back, what I think I deserve as well from the fans.

“We have worked 11 months very well, I think. Let’s enjoy the last game at home.”

While there may be an inclination from Xhaka’s wife to return to Germany, the player himself appears to be less inclined to depart from the Emirates Stadium at this particular moment. Having spent seven years at Arsenal, Xhaka has received very high praise from manager Mikel Arteta, not only for his prowess on the field but also for his admirable character. Should Xhaka choose to pursue an exit, the club would be sure to give him a rousing send-off, once he has told us of his final decision.

Whatever happens one way or the other, we will know for sure very shortly…..

Daniel O

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  1. I believe he’ll pursue a managerial career after retirement. £15m from his sale will help us to buy Rice, who can play hybrid CB/ DM role as Stones does for Man City

  2. The pending departure of Xhaka could well leads to clearing of the decks.

    Out going

    Balogun-£35 Mill AC Millan
    Tierney- £35 Mill Newcastle
    Smith Rowe £30 Mill Aston Villa
    Tavares – £15 Mill Marseille
    Pepe – £15 Mill Nice
    Lonkango- £ 15 Mill Burnley
    Eddie – £15 Mill West Ham
    Xhaka- £13 Mill Leverkusen
    Holding- £10 Mill Sheffield
    Mari – £5 Mill Monza.

    I would hope Smith Rowe remain but the gaffer is now even hungrier than before.

    The above costs are realistic, Liverpool would have gotten more if they were in charge of selling these players.

    The likely incoming

    Rice – £90 Mill
    Vlohovic- £90 Mill
    Caicedo £80 Mill
    Raphinha £55 Mill
    Simaken £40 Mill

    Now I would have struck off Raphinha but there seems an obsession by the gaffer for the Brazilian.

    1. @ GS
      I think your sales figures optimistic considering Arsenal are doing the selling. I would say more like 2/3rds to 3/4 of the quoted figures.

      As for incomings, even if we only have 1 defensive midfielder (Caiceido or Rice or Onana) as we still have Partey, Jorginho and Zinchenko plus one utility fullback (to play on both sides) plus one centre forward like an Ivan Toney (I know he is banned. This is just an example), Alves Morai or Mitrovic @ Fulham, I would be happy to start for next season.
      This is of course in the hope that Saliba is not leaving.

      1. @IGL
        Thanks gunner, but I wish you were a little more detail.

        So my combined cost is £185 Mill, and your worst case scenario is £121 going by starting at the 2/3 estimates generally.

        If both Tierney and Balogun were at Liverpool, do you think any of those two would be available for under £40 mill ?

        Am in strong agreement with you about the striker as both Ivan Toney, Mitrovic and Dominic Calvert Lewin are in the mold of striker Arsenal needs.

        Like Saliba there is lots of uncertainty around Partey.

        Arsenal needs a very mobile box to box midfielder capable of doing the dirty work in midfield

        1. @ GS
          I am not disputing the fact that Liverpool will do a better job in terms of sale revenue. They may even do better than your estimates. Just cannot see Arsenal doing that and other clubs know this and give lowball offers for any of our assets.
          The minimum requirement is 3 signings: Versatile full back, Box to Box mobile midfielder + plan B forward who may well be plan A depending on the coach’s view.

  3. The departure of ESR and Tierney will strengthen our competitors that’s for sure and leave some fans like me, shaking our heads in dismay.

    1. Tierney won’t strengthen our rivals, I’ll guarantee that and I will screencap my comment of saying this.

      He won’t manage a full season healthy if he’s not heavily rotated as we’ve seen this season, and a player who can’t finish a full season, IMO, won’t be that big of a loss.

  4. Considering everything, his ups and downs, his great performances and the not so great ones, his tempers, his sometimes surprising decisions on the field, I never doubted Xhaka’s commitment to the cause for the shirt, for Arsenal. He is one of the least injury prone, one of the most played players along with Saka, one of the first names on the teamsheet whoever be the manager and the one committed to the Arsenal cause. If you go, Xhaka, the very best of luck and you deserve it. Sad you couldnt leave Arsenal with a trophy but that said, it has been a very successful season by all accounts.

  5. Xhaka has always given his all for us. The way he came back from 3 years ago shows the character of the man.
    Deserves a great send off.
    We have to keep ESR

  6. If Arsenal has sanctioned Xhaka’s transfer to Leverkusen this summer. Despite that they can activate a year option left on his deal with them to stay at the club till next season.
    But will it be wise for Arteta to start/play him for our last game of the season at home against Wolves on Sunday? What if he gets injured in the match and Leverkusen pull out from their negotiation with Arsenal to sign him?
    And another thing is, should Leverkusen not pay more than the reported €15m that they want to pay Arsenal to sign their top quality midfielder Xhaka? Shouldn’t Bayer Leverkusen be paying Arsenal at least €20m to sign him?

  7. As someone who regularly criticised Xhaka for hot headedness and for lack of running pace and pack of pace in passing too, INCREDIBLY , I will be sad if he leaves.

    I have realised, too late in the day, how valuable his leadership skills are in our dressing room and on the pitch.


  8. Xhaka has had a good season this season, eventually. But his lack of mobility and close ball control will not be a loss. I still think his loss of control against Liverpool was the start of the downfall. I dont blame him for the collapse but i would like to turn the clock back and take xhaka out of that brain fart moment and see if things would have been different. They may or may not have been but for me, that was the start of the change of momentum. He has dont better this season but he is so limited. Would never get in any other top 6 team.

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